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  1. Hi Came across a couple of old putters. Not sure what they are? Checked online and can't seem to find anything. Just wondering if anybody could help? The first one looks like a "Jim Noble " #9.PGA custom made.Wooden ferrule , leather wrapped grip. The second one doesn't have much info Just has a pic of a dog on back and the letters D E(?) M underneath. The handle is made of wood. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Newman
  2. Ping guy for a while. Here is one of my bags
  3. I am interested too. I have the copper in a stiff and itching to get the G400 max in a 10.5. Thanks
  4. Yarn!!!!! Easy to remove if needed.
  5. Hi Have the K15 12 deg with Diamana D+ Stiff 72. at 44 inches. Best shaft I have tried with that head. ( blueboard,stock,ADDI,Bimatrix) I got a G400 SFT 12 deg with Blueboard S+ stiff and the K15 keeps up and is more accurate for me!!!! Newman
  6. Exactly what I'm doing with 72gr stiff D+ Whiteboard. Long and straight. Has the G400 Sf knocked out of bag for now. Newman
  7. I added 6 grams of yarn to get SW up and way better sound for me. Newman
  8. Short game has always been my problem. Just got a Cleveland smart sole 2 C (chipper) and great improvement. Took a while to get distances down but I use It 125 yard to fringe !! Good contact 100% of time. Newman
  9. Hi I have a BB Fusion RH driver head 13.5 deg. Very nice shape with light scratches on sole. Straightest,longest driver I have ever hit even better than G30. Sticking with 10.5 deg head. Head only, Paypaled and shipped from Great White North. SOLD!!!!!!! Thanks Newman
  10. With nothing on scale slide weight all the way to right and line it up with last mark usually 0. Scale should balance perfect. Newman
  11. hi Same situation here. I hit the G30 farther and straighter. Didn't care for M2. Both 12deg (HL). Trying Big Bertha Fusion 13.5 now. Further than G30 but now I have a tendency to hook sometimes (????) Prob just me. Doing a little more tuning. Newman
  12. Thanks. I seen the Epic EZ weights there. Not sure they fit fusion. Callaway sure has a lot of different weights !
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