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  1. Nice, just grabbed a brand new CBX 119 from eBay (through RBG) for a little bit more than $120... I think $135 or so. Hitting it today after work against the CB4 and CB5 fairways..
  2. I am looking at CBX 119 hybrids as well. I love my CB4 but if the CBX 119 3W outperforms I’ll likely be relaxing then 19° with a 20° CBX 119 as well. And I’ve never loved the feel of their drivers, but I have heard good things about the C721 and wondering if the hype is legit enough to replace last years SIM
  3. Now you’re making me want to buy a Southern Home just to justify the 3-5 bags of clubs I have in the garage... haha! I hate lugging clubs through the airport hoping some guy isn’t haven’t a bad day and runs over my clubs breaking every wood in there.
  4. I usually clean the clubs after each shot with a wet towel and scrub brush anyways, but everyone seems to be going bonkers for the CBX119 so I’ve decided to give that one a shot and grabbed it. I really liked the look of the F2 and probably hit 5-6 shots with it once at a PGA SuperStore in Orlando but never on a range or course. For turf interaction did you like the SlipStream in the F2 better than the CBX119 “curved rails”... the heads look similar in shape but hoping the newer tech in the CBX119 outperforms everything. I’ve been gaming 2 CB4s for a decade or so... so I
  5. Just grabbed a brand new CBX 119 in 16.5° (EvenFlow 6.0) for about $140 on the Bay... I believe it was RBG selling it. Used in a Reg shaft could have saved me a few bucks but I’d be reshafting it to something stiffer anyways. About 10 minutes after ordering I found there’s a Demo Day in about 3 weeks near me... here’s to hoping I don’t hit anything better than the new CBX 119! Haha
  6. Definitely leaning towards the CBX...
  7. Is the CBX as good as advertised?
  8. Where’s all the Tour Edge fairway Ho’s who have tried everything under the sun?
  9. So I am still gaming a CB4 15° FW (Fuji Rombax 7V05) and tried building a CB5 with a Fubuki AX75 but eventually went back to the CB4... it’s just a MONSTER! I’ve been out of the loop with the 3rd kid and my father in law (who I usually played with) having back issues. Now that my 6yo wants to begin playing more I can justify getting out to play so that my wife doesn’t disappear me for the Life Insurance... Does anyone have much experience with the CB Pro and Pro F2 with the slipstream sole tech? And how does it compare to their newer offerings CBX/EXS/C721? I always lov
  10. Tour Edge Exotics in all things Fairways... even their Hybrids are insane. Still have the CB4 15° FW and 19° hybrids... I grabbed a CB5 but ended up going back to the CB4. I’m now debating on a new(er) TEE 3/4W and looking at the CB Pro F2 or the CBX 119
  11. Tour Edge CB4 19* with a Matrix Studio 94... I’d probably run back into a house fire to get it.
  12. I’ve been playing a Fubuki K60 in my Nike VR-S... it’s been that combo where you feel confident when you have to pipe one down the FW... just popped it in an M1 207... taking it for a test drive tomorrow... also an F6M2 has been solid in it
  13. Dude, that’s ‘Merica in the form of an Iron right there... you uncultured swine!
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