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  1. Do you know which version of the KBS tours' these are, as far as weight? Standard L/L? Thanks :)
  2. If you're confident enough, I would honestly try to make a few options yourself, as opposed to the marketed driving irons. ie. Easy to hit hybrid iron w/ well-suited aftermarket shaft (even take the loft down a degree or two if possible.. cause if you're going to be mostly driving with the club off a low tee, losing that degree or two of bounce won't really make a difference). I know a couple guys who have two custom 'driving irons'. One essentially being a SGI 4-iron, lofted down, w/ a premium higher launch shaft. The other is lower lofted w/ a heavier/more stable shaft and more piercin
  3. Trying to fit a friend and need some advice. His swing-speed isn't through the roof, but that is in large part due to swing dynamics. He's an extremely strong and fit guy with an aggressive tempo, and I'm noticing the best option would be something tailored to shaft stability, not a lightweight offering to increase swing-speed.
  4. We still don't have validation on this brutal name but.. What I wonder is, how does this go through all the various levels it needs to go through, without somebody taking objection and saying how bad it sounds. I never understand that when it comes to terrible marketing, whatever the company/product.
  5. [quote name='cxissi' timestamp='1382407819' post='8037937'] If you want to stay with TM go Rocketbladez and save your money on the Speedblades , Basically Rbladez with a new paint. [/quote] This is not a very well-informed post. They're quite different. Every OEM's iron "upgrade" from one to the next is going to be similar (within the same line, ie. GI, SGI, players, etc.), but I'm pretty confident in saying a lot more changes have been made in this upgrade than most OEMs make each cycle. Especially compared to say Ping.. the G15's, G20's, G25's are more or less identical.. and that's
  6. I haven't played either of them. But just based on the overall buzz on here (which is one of the better indicators we've got), the S56's far surpass the S55's. I mean, I haven't really seen a ton of negative things on the 55's or anything.. but the 56's were lauded for quite awhile. Legendary is a big word, but at the least, the 56's are going to go down as one of the better players irons of the last decade.
  7. Full 57* and I'll be a touch past.
  8. There's a ton of tech in the Speedbladez, even in those stock flighted shafts. 8i up they'll play fairly similar, but the Speedbladez will really shine in those low irons.. they get the ball up much, much better. TM's should be at least 5 yards longer as well. And just check my posts, I'm pretty close to a TM hater haha.. but the Speedbladez are getting a lot of positive press for a reason. Really nice sticks. What makes the AP1's any different this year? Titleist really needs to work on their R&D. Companies like TM and Cleveland, even Callaway, are impressing with their new tech i
  9. Demo'ed the whole Ping line-up last year and the Anser's were my favorite irons I hit. I like the look of the G-series better.. just so confidence-inspiring. But these felt really good, and in the limited swings I got (just 7i and 9i I believe), they performed just as well as the G's for me.
  10. drew4008

    11 $

    Enh, $11 is a deal but.. there's lots of better stuff out there.
  11. What grind is this? And also, can someone outline this grind's advantages/disadvantages as far as playability and shot-making? Thanks!
  12. Wow, I really wasn't expecting this to be an in-store price, and at a huge retailer like GolfTown no less. I'm used to seeing crazy online prices, but this is pretty wild. I'm assuming it's moreso a "conversation tool" for the store than anything else. Something also makes me think they added an extra 9 by accident, and this will be fixed in the very near future lol
  13. What's the general consensus on these shafts? Stiff to flex? Soft to flex? Or true?
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