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  1. I used to work in standardisation and while you do start with good intentions every party involved has their own goals and in the end you end up with a one-legged Frankenstein when the brief was to design the perfect specimen
  2. That is correct for the US but unfortunately not for the UK as they don’t use the CR-par adjustment.
  3. But how do you explain to someone that when they play a competition where everyone is playing off the yellows they are playing of 11 but if some are playing off the whites then they would have to adjust their handicap to 9? If there would have been a simple course handicap table for the different tees that would have taken care of the CR-par (as is done in the rest of the world) then there wouldn't be a confusion. The table would have shown Course Handicap for a 10.7 HI is 11 for the white tees and 9 for the yellow tees. Now the table shows both 11 for the white and the yellow tees.
  4. Sorry made a mistake in my numbers. The white are at 70.7 and the yellow of 69.2. So a difference of 1.5 strokes.
  5. But things do have changed. We might not have had competitions from different tee boxes before but wasn't that something that was considered for the new system? Was the whole 'Tee it forward' approach from the US simply rejected in the UK? Coming back to my example from earlier: And how are multi-tee box competitions supposed to work? They can have different slope ratings and different course ratings but your calculation only takes the slope rating into account! E.g. of the whites we have a slope of 129 and a CR of 70.9, of the yellow we have a slope of 125 and a CR
  6. So if the math isn't the problem, why did they remove the CR-par then? There was a chance to make it better and more logical but I guess that was shot down with the killer argument of 'We've never a done it that way' or the other favourite one 'We've always done it that way'.
  7. This comes back to the original post that in the UK the adjustment of CR-par is not taken into account when calculating the Course Handicap while in the rest of the world it is. The UK only uses the slope which is only half of the story.
  8. I am rating it against the Stableford score! 36 points should mean you've played to your handicap but here in the UK it doesn't. That is my point! If the course handicap calculation would take the difference of par and Course rating into account you would not have that problem. Yes you might get some adjustments for the day depending how good the field was but in most cases you would know that if you got 36 points you've played to your handicap. Whether that was on the 2010 course at Celtic Manor or an easy course around the corner. And how are multi-tee box competitions supposed
  9. So basically the main difference is that in the UK you might have to get e.g. get 37 Stableford points (when CR is 71 on a par 72) or 35 points (CR 73 on par 72) to play to your handicap while in the rest of the world when you get 36 points then you've played to your handicap. I guess it would have made it too easy to compare your rounds on difference courses ...
  10. He turned around the course from having some shocking greens to having the best greens around. The course has improved so much since he took over! The course is making money and it has a very solid membership. i reckon that makes him a good GM.
  11. I must say England golf has not been very good in communicating the difference. Our committee didn’t know anything about the difference between the UK and the rest of the world until I’ve pointed it out. Even our General manager was adamant that the calculation was the same everywhere. With respect to rating the ladies tees for men. I’ve asked out General Manager why the red tees haven’t been rated for men and he looked at me like I was sind kind of lunatic. He could not see a point of e.g. some seniors playing off the red tees. He is a very good GM but he plays of scratch and probab
  12. Quick update on this one: Go get a lesson! i had my lesson yesterday with my pro in his putting studio. my feet and shoulder alignment was good but my hip was closed leading to a tendency to take it too far to the inside. On top of that my left hand low grip was fairly weak which meant when the arm returns to its more natural position it will open the club face. while the gate drill is a very good training aid - without a good lesson it could lead to making up one error with another one. So go and get a lesson when you struggle!
  13. I am not sure about this approach. The new system is already so different to the old one. So you have to learn something new anyway. Why not go all the way? Now we have to learn some new feature every few years? Better to get it over and done with.
  14. I’ve never played a mixed tee competition for one gender. We have Mixed comps where the men play off the white tees (back tees) and the ladies from the red tees but you would not see some men play off white and others off yellow. the red tees weren’t even rated for men, only the women.
  15. I still don't understand how this is supposed to work. Currently under the old rules we have to get 37 Stableford points to play to our handicap as the course is rates at 71 while it is a par 72 course. I am playing of 11, so as we have to shoot one shot better than normal net par it is like playing of a 10 handicap. But with the new handicap system I suddenly have a playing handicap of 12 on this course. So while before I had to shoot an 82 to play to my handicap (71+11), what would I have to shoot now? I understand that my handicap will probably change on November
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