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  1. I just received this back from my club builder and thought I'd share. The background story is that I bought this used 9/10 GoLo Mid-S off the bay last summer as an experiment. I tried it in its original form as a 45" belly and didn't like it. I really liked the GoLo head so I cut the original shaft down to 37" and played around with various homemade counter balancing and that didn't do it for me either. So that brings us to the current phase: I had an Aldila RIP Alpha 105 Stiff Hybrid Shaft with a .370 tip installed Shaft tipped as much as possible (about 3") Butt trimmed to play at 34
  2. I'm curious about this as well. Mainly the driver shaft in a hybrid aspect. I recently broke my driver shaft off right at the hosel and was thinking about cutting it down and experimenting with it as a lightweight hybrid shaft. (It's a RIP'd NV 65TX)
  3. I want to win because .... aww crap I'm Canadian. Good luck you guys this is a sweet deal! I have cut down and counter balanced my GOLO and it feels great. I would love to try this out in a blade.
  4. I play this exact shaft in an R9 3W and it is tipped about an inch and for me it plays just like posted above. Stiff and low launching.
  5. All I know about these shoes is that the people that wear them at my gym need to wash them more often. They all smell really bad!!
  6. [quote name='pbass6811' timestamp='1365643973' post='6806651'] I have both. The XPS-1 BOAs are a bit more functional(easy to get on and off, super stable), the Adipures are more comfortable. My advice would be to get the Adipures... [/quote] +1 I have both as well and prefer the Adipure
  7. [quote name='G-Bone' timestamp='1364850323' post='6739121'] I feel Adipure from the last couple of years is the best golf shoe ever made. I'm very disappointed by this years offerings... This looks like the only shoe that may peak my interest this year, but I've already started stocking up on last years shoe. [/quote] 100% agree with everything you said, even the stocking up part.
  8. [quote name='scottvw13' timestamp='1364093746' post='6675711'] I had my first range session with the LSP and LS, and played for the first time with the LSP. My LS is 15 degree with Fuji Fuel. LSP is 16 degree with VTS Silver. Actual loft is the same on both. Also, both tour issue. I will write a far more detailed review after I return from my trip, but here is the quick version. My biggest complain with the LS was the HORRIBLE sound it makes at impact. It is a sound that I have never heard, and really don't like. The LSP has a completely different sound. Much more pleasing. Also
  9. [quote name='topekareal' timestamp='1364090320' post='6675353'] Look at close out models from last year....Adizero's are great.... [/quote] Listen to this guy, good advice. You can get original Adipure for a good price right now if you look around.
  10. [quote name='Snufles' timestamp='1364091341' post='6675429'] [quote name='backpulse' timestamp='1364007894' post='6669247'] With this and the super 9031, Adams has my attention. My pro a12 should be nervous right now... [/quote] As long as Adams keeps pumping out these little gems all will be well. [/quote] Well said!! We just need to get rid of this snow up here Canada.....
  11. I currently game a RIP'd NV 65TX that I got from Will. Anyone know how the new green compares? I'm looking to bring my launch down a little.
  12. With this and the super 9031, Adams has my attention. My pro a12 should be nervous right now...
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