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  1. I set up a sim in my brother's basement with 9' ceilings. We are both 5'8" and can swing driver with no issues. When finishing the basement we did maximize the height though. We actually sunk the mat into the concrete floor so we didn't lose anything there and the ceiling is 1/2" plywood covered in carpet.
  2. Man you guys are brutal. The guy is looking for a nice bag for his 79 year old dad. No reason to cheap out just because it doesn't make sense to you to splurge on a bag. I just got the vessel players 3 bag with the 14 way top and it looks great. I thought it might be tight getting clubs in and out but after getting out with it I can tell you it was fine. One difference between the new players 3 bag and the old version is that the new one has full length dividers and the older ones only went down 3/4 of the way. If you can wait for it to ship I definitely recommend it. Unfortunately I don't kno
  3. So quick update. I got out for 9 holes yesterday and I'm happy to say I had no issues with clubs snagging coming in and out of the bag. Even though it was only 9 holes I used almost every club so I got a good feel for it. The putter slot and driver slots are nice and big so there was no issue whatsoever there. I rode in a cart and the bag sat nicely without moving around. So far so good.
  4. Yeah I doubt they're going to change the top but you never know. The issue is that the top is physically smaller than the sun mountain so it's tough to squeeze 14 roomy slots in there. It still could be good, I just need to get out and use it a few times to know for sure. I've had experience with the Callaway bags also and they are not very good. They do own Ogio now so maybe they're getting better, but I wouldn't buy one without seeing it first. I probably would've just got another sun mountain bag but I haven't been spending anything on golf all year thanks to this covid crap so I decided to
  5. I had the sun mountain hybrid bag which is probably the equivalent of the C130S bag. The putter spot on the Vessel is pretty big and so is the other spot right under it where I'm putting my driver. I use regular size grips and my putter grip is a 104cc golf pride tour snsr, so not too oversized. The clubs I notice sticking a little are on the sides. Might be hard to see in this side by side but the top and slots are much smaller than the sun mountain. I'll get a better idea how it works out after using it for a few rounds.
  6. I finally got this bad boy after preordering it in November. It's the vessel 3 bag with the 14 way top. I'm coming from a sun mountain hybrid bag I've had since 2014. Functionally I can already tell this bag isn't going to be as good. The top is smaller and the clubs stick a little coming in and out. I haven't played a round with it yet so I can't give it a full review. The up side is that it looks awesome and has a real solid feel to it. I like the magnetic pocket for my rangefinder and I like that it has a double strap for carrying. The hybrid bag only had a single strap. I don't carry often
  7. I'd recommend the BenQ TH671st. I used a slightly older BenQ in my first setup but the throw ratio was the same. If you can go with a 12'x9' screen then you can project a 4:3 image at that size having the projector anywhere from 11' to about 13'. That's the nice thing about the BenQ, there is a zoom on it so you don't have to be as precise with the placement. There is also very little vertical offset, so the top of the image starts just 3" below the height of the lens. The Optoma projectors are good on paper, but there is a 16" vertical offset, meaning you have to tilt the projector up and use
  8. I think the Uneekor is still an option if you're willing to make some sacrifices. When I first set up, I got a used mat from a local driving range for $20 and cut out a spot for the Fiberbuilt flight deck ($53 on Amazon at the moment). I'm sure you can find a preowned PC with decent specs on FB marketplace or piece together one yourself. You can also go with a net and display on the side to save, or get a cheap projector and lower quality impact screen. Like I said, you can make it happen but it would be tight. If you go with a Mevo+ you can build up a nicer space for sure. The tra
  9. I would invest in the best launch monitor that's within your budget and do everything else as cheap as possible. You can always piece together a nicer room over time, but the launch monitor itself is the biggest chunk of the budget and really the heart of any sim setup. I started with a Skytrak and ended up selling it and getting a GC2. I wish I would've gone GC2 to begin with.
  10. If left/right play is a a must, you can get a new Uneekor QED with the base software for $6000. The best sim software out there in my opinion is this new one in development called GSPro. It's been in beta for a while now so it is free. The only cost associated is $30 every 6 months to join the simulatorgolftour.com website, which is fully integrated into the sim software. They have weekly tournaments and a growing user base. You can get all the details about in on their Discord channel. It's currently integrated with Uneekor (QED and Eye XO) and the Foresight GC2 and Quad. Depending on tax if
  11. If you want something that is going to help you improve I would shoot for either a skytrak or mevo+. The other lower cost options don't show spin axis or shot shape so all you can realistically get out of them is ball speed and distance. Hitting into a net without any feedback on shot shape is a good way to ingrain some bad habits. Unfortunately now isn't a great time to buy anything because of the increased demand and inflated prices. If you're only using an ipad for display, both the mevo+ and skytrak have apps you can use, but the mevo+ also has a few sim golf courses included. With the mev
  12. FYI, Skytrak doesn't actually measure club head speed. It takes the ball speed and estimates club data from there so I wouldn't pay much attention to it. I started with a Skytrak and have since upgraded to GC2. Used Skytrak prices are pretty high right now so you can definitely close the gap in price with the GC2 if you sell the Skytrak. For me it is a huge difference, the main points being very few of any missed shots, no delay, and a larger hitting area. If you have high ball speed the GC2 is way more accurate.
  13. I also love my sun mountain hybrid bag but there are a few things about it that could be better. I don't carry too often but my bag only has a single strap so when I do it's kind of cumbersome. It also doesn't feel as premium and durable as my original nike hybrid bag from years ago. Just out of curiosity, which vessel bag did you own and what about it did you find wasn't user friendly?
  14. So I messaged Vessel customer service and they did confirm that the new bag has 14 full length dividers. Here was their response: "Yes, the Player III 14-way have 14 full length fully enclosed dividers. The 2.0 14-way has 14 3/4 length dividers that are not fully enclosed." I'd still settle for the Nike Hybrid if I can find it, but if I'm going all out it'll be the Vessel.
  15. Wow, thanks for that info. I never would've known based on the description on their site. It looks like they are back in stock and they actually now have a new bag coming out. It sounds like the new bag does have 14 full length dividers. Here is what the site describes: 14-way with 14 full-length, fully enclosed dividers After doing a little more research, I think the black Nike Hybrid bag would be great, but it's completely sold out everywhere and the ebay prices are ridiculous. I had the original Nike hybrid bag around 8 years ago and it was great except the top was
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