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  1. Question regarding the quarantine in Scotland prior to lockdown and please have mercy on any ignorance...I believe it was 5 days with a negative test and negative retest. If you landed on a Sunday morning, are you free to go on the following Thursday or Friday?
  2. Curious if you cancelled the flight or if it was cancelled by the airline? If it was the airline, do you mind sharing which one?
  3. I'm rescheduled for the end of April and losing hope that I will make it over. At this point I have no desire to reschedule as I'm sure the rest of the year is booked and 2022 is unpredictable with the Open at SA. I started emailing clubs yesterday to get an idea of cancellation T's & C's on my rebookings from last year. All have been very kind and understanding in their replies as they were last year. Makes cancelling even more difficult when everyone is so nice! Muirfield is meeting today to discuss how they will handle cancellations due to travel/quarantine restrictions. Carnoustie has
  4. @philsRHman I feel like I could have typed the exact same response! Same scenario with the flights, I got bailed out by AA. I'm looking at a United flight that would be just under $800. I think I'm going to commit to it because my fear is the price going over $1,000. I'm experiencing the same increases with the rental car. I keep checking every day but not much movement. Regarding lodging, I rebooked the VRBO I had planned for 2020. Obviously can't attest to the unit since I didn't go but the owners have been wonderful to work with throughout this whole process.
  5. I've been following along with your thread as I too rescheduled an April 2020 trip for the last week of April 2021 (wish I was going in May tbh). Loving the pictures in this thread as they are of all the courses I'm trying to decide between for my afternoon rounds. Doesn't make it any easier to decide! I'm curious if you've purchased your airline tickets yet for 2021? I've been checking everyday and can't convince myself to pull the trigger.
  6. In the same boat as you. Slowing dismantling a Scotland trip I had planned for 4/25-5/4 so I feel your pain. I'm hoping to hear the same from American regarding flights. Currently the voucher has to be used this year. I've accepted the fact the trip isn't going to happen and would prefer to just move it to April of next year and not try to cram it in. Did you call United or contact them via social media?I received the following this morning from Carnoustie: "Thank you for your patience at this time. Carnoustie Golf Links are (currently) continuing to operate our business as usual where possibl
  7. Looking to play in Whistler next Friday. Appears the options are Whistler Golf Club, Nicklaus North and Fairmont. Anyone have input on recent conditions? Is one course typically preferred over the others? First time visiting the area so my knowledge is limited. Thanks in advance for the help!
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