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  1. Out of curiosity, what town are you referring to?
  2. Top one is Gibson Island: https://gibsonisland.com/web/pages/home. Tom Coyne had a great write up on the course in the last Golfer's Journal. Unfortunately no idea on the bottom one!
  3. Played Preserve on our arrival day back in March. We teed of at 5:10 and putted out in the dark on 13 with a 7:30 sunset. Caught up with a 6-some around 9 but weren't in any rush. More time to enjoy the views and a couple beers. Probably would have finished closer to 7 if we passed them. Here is picture of #9 around 6:50 for reference:
  4. Looking forward to your review. I'm heading there this weekend. Any dining tips/recommendations given the current situation? Did you head into town at all? Also, I'm flying with my clubs for the first time in a while, specifically on Southwest. Their website states you can pack balls, shoes and clubs. Anyone ever have issues packing rain gear in the bag as well? I'm sure this is a case by case situation but curious what the general consensus is. Thanks!
  5. Sorry to hear about the injury. Hope for a quick recovery! I was scheduled to fly United 4/22 & 4/30. Received my cancellation email yesterday. 4/1 was supposed to be the first day of Newark to Edinburgh flights so it looks like they’re starting the rolling cancellations for April.
  6. Making my maiden voyage to Bandon in a couple weeks. Any tips or must haves for using their push/pull carts? When I was planning a Scotland trip there were a lot of recs for bringing a bungee cord due to the condition of some of the carts. Is this necessary at Bandon? Also, anyone ever use ski socks with their golf shoes when walking Bandon? I'm a native Floridian so not much experience with cold weather golf. I have a few pairs of Smartwool ski socks that keep my feet warm and blister free when skiing. Thinking they might provide the same benefit walking?
  7. In the process of cancelling my Carnoustie booking for April that was rescheduled from last year. I purchased the tee time in January of 2020. Carnoustie is offering 50% or rescheduling. I have no plans of going in the near future so I would prefer a full refund. Do you think I have any recourse with Chase at this point? Did you file your claim online?
  8. I can't imagine Scotland will do away with the quarantine hotels too soon given all the logistics and commitments that were probably made arranging them. I had the go ahead for a 5 day quarantine but no way I can make 10 work with two toddlers at home or stomach the extra $$$. If you can make the time away work then flying through England and quarantining at much lower rate would be the way to go. I saw some reasonable AirBNB/VRBO around Edinburgh that included outdoor gardens/patios that would make the 10 days much more manageable than being locked away in a hotel room. Also, at this point I could care less about pubs/restaurants, just want to play some golf! I'd be content playing 36 a day and eating cereal and water in my car.
  9. Scheduled for 4/29, they are giving a 30 day window. Unfortunately I think I’ll be sending out the cancellation email tomorrow.
  10. @philsRHman Any new developments on you end? I have to let Muirfield know if I'm cancelling or rescheduling by 3/1 and I'm struggling to commit to anything at this point. Part of me thinks I should take the money and run since that isn't what I did last time around. The other part is hopeful I'm going to wake up to a miracle. My wife is over being my sounding board so figured I'd try to find some solace here!
  11. I emailed St. Andrews to inquire about mats prior to the Open and they directed me to this link: https://www.standrews.com/play/busy-dates/the-open-2022-course-info-and-closures Unfortunately it isn't very helpful as it only states "in the months leading up to championship." Given that they are typically off mats during the winter I could see this carrying over all the way until the Open. I have no experience nor authority to speak to this, just hazarding a guess!
  12. Question regarding the quarantine in Scotland prior to lockdown and please have mercy on any ignorance...I believe it was 5 days with a negative test and negative retest. If you landed on a Sunday morning, are you free to go on the following Thursday or Friday?
  13. Curious if you cancelled the flight or if it was cancelled by the airline? If it was the airline, do you mind sharing which one?
  14. I'm rescheduled for the end of April and losing hope that I will make it over. At this point I have no desire to reschedule as I'm sure the rest of the year is booked and 2022 is unpredictable with the Open at SA. I started emailing clubs yesterday to get an idea of cancellation T's & C's on my rebookings from last year. All have been very kind and understanding in their replies as they were last year. Makes cancelling even more difficult when everyone is so nice! Muirfield is meeting today to discuss how they will handle cancellations due to travel/quarantine restrictions. Carnoustie has offered 50% refund or they will hold until March 31, 2024 and honor original rate paid. Everyone else (Kingsbarns, Elie, Royal Aberdeen, Cruden Bay and North Berwick) is abiding by their usual cancellation windows. Stupidly purchased my flight with United in early December due to a good rate. May audible this whole thing to Bandon and eat the difference in flight cost. Decisions, decisions. Rant over!
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