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  1. My biggest issue when my game goes south. It's a tough one, but for me it starts with going back to a short game area, and starting with fixing tempo on pitch/chip shots. For me ... tempo is consistent with all strokes. Tempo on a putt is also the same. I got a garmin truswing that can measure my tempo for a sanity check that I am going in the correct direction.
  2. Not exactly on topic, but I still think college players should be in the olympics. It should have stayed an amateur event. if I wanted to watch pros, I’d watch the pga, nba, etc…
  3. Group #1 or #2 for me, depending on weather. On windy days, I'll opt for the stock 3 iron over the hybrid 3 iron.
  4. Second the Club Glove. I travel with a set up clubs at least 20 times/yr. (Bring them on work trips). Combined with a stiff arm its a great combination. The outer shell material is very durable, and other than dirt from travel, it is still in great shape. Hard shell cases are great for protecting your clubs, but a real drag to travel with and fit into rental cars.
  5. First to the op. Congrats on getting into one of the best irons out there. I've been playing the Z745's for a number of years and am pining for the new ZX7's, but it's hard to switch from something you already love. As for holding up. I'll admit it... I use iron covers. My clubs bounce around in my truck, and I've just gotten used to using them on the course. My 745's are soft. I believe the 1020 steel is a little softer than some of the other forgings out there. After about 4 years of playing, my scoring clubs are starting to show the familiar browning/wear in the center of the fa
  6. Waiting on the iron cover hate... I still use them, because they bang around in my trunk, and I just like them too look nice. But barring using covers, the towel idea is the a good method. I have a few friends with forged irons that do that. After 4 years... the worst of my irons.
  7. That's crazy talk for this forum..... although my Scotty putters sit in the closet while I putt with a 10+ years old Tour Rossie.
  8. City and State? Plymouth, MIchigan 2. Where do you practice (outdoors or indoors?) Outdoors 3. Have you used a personal launch monitor before? No. 4. How could a Rapsodo MLM help your game? Better understanding of the effects on distance, launch, etc. when shaping shots, hitting knockdowns, etc. 5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes.
  9. Well… they say the better you are and the more you practice the “luckier” you are.
  10. can we just petition to get rid of Azinger. He is so irritating.
  11. Can't find any 3 wood to kick the R9 (2008) out of my bag.
  12. I’m still playing a Taylormade R9 from 2009. I have hit one of my friends Callaway Speed 3 wood. I can hit it a little longer and it is a nice club… but my R9 really works and right in the gap I need. Great off the fairway and tee. Doesn’t seem to be too much advantage to upgrade if you have a head and shaft that fits you well.
  13. Lie angle on the JPX are probably flatter as well.
  14. For Sale: Brand New (Never used) Project X IM10 Mid 60 Stiff Shaft w/ Golf Pride Tour Wrap grip - $125 OBO Great shaft but just not for me. Plays to Cally standard 45.75"
  15. What do you guys say we make a tee time somewhere... open it up for first come first serve for a GolfWRX foursome somewhere? I'm in the Plymouth area.
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