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  1. Interesting thread. Our group constantly has this discussion, but we play simultaneous money games. Net Score, Closest to pin, skins. Depending on the size of the group, I'm a contributor or collector. In large groups, it's tough for the low handicap to win in the closet to the pin or skins game, as any one of the other higher caps can squeak out a good closet to the pin or a lucky hole. I've had eagles pushed by a high handicapper when he gets a par. With a large group this seems to be the norm. Doesn't happen so much in a smaller groups as odds drop. I've also seen a legit (I play with him all the time) 18 handicap shoot a net 65 or better. Hard to beat when you are giving up 16-17 strokes. When our betting group gets larger, some of the low HC's tend to drop out of the betting pool. But no one really cares. We play together because we like each other, not because we want to take each others money....
  2. Average about 105 on my driver swing speed... not much more anymore. Currently playing to a ~2 HC. Switched from DGS300 to Steelfiber i95. No issues for me at all. I stayed with DG400's in my wedges. Initially I thought I had issues with dispersion, but after a couple of rounds, it was no longer a concern.
  3. I've had my 745s for a few years. They are soft forged irons... part of the beauty of the silky smooth feel. They ding and dent... unlike my old cast Ping irons.
  4. If you are looking for a toe hang mallet, the new White Hot OG Rossie S has a reasonable toe hang. I played with this a little when I was re-evaluated my preference for face balanced putter. You can putt them side by side, the Rossie S (toe hang) and the Rossie Std (Face Balanced) for a comparison. Same head, different balance.
  5. When I switched from a blade to a mallet it was for a change in the balance of the putter. I went to a face balanced putter, which is primarily mallet style. So for me, toe hang was changed on purpose. I have also found that my aim is much better with the mallet, but that could just be how the alignment aids look.
  6. Yes it was!! Especially since I was fortunate enough to pocket a good chunk of the cash...
  7. Played about 16-some on an executive par three during a golf trip to Orange County National. Late in the day, played a quick closest to the pin money game with closest to the pin having to verify with birdie or par to collect the win. Played about 9 holes in 1.5 hours, with significant drinking. Course had no issues, as we were pretty much waiting on the group in front of use most of the time... and course was not crowded.
  8. Thanks for the video. Being at novice at this kind of thing, it was nice to see how easy it actually is.
  9. For you builder/repair experts out there. I got a 3 wood head from a friend (glued hosel) with a broken off shaft right at the hosel. What are my options? Do I have to drill out the hosel? Is this a repair best left to the pros? I'm pretty handy with tools. Thanks for you thoughts.
  10. Not sure about the Titliest Hybrid 14, but I've had my wife's cobra stand bag in my collegiate bag without issues.
  11. I saw someone post earlier today that he got a couple of shirts from a new startup call FN3P in a trade for a club. One of the comments was that the shirts were long... good for tucking in, but too long for untucked. Might be worth a try.
  12. My curse with getting better... the expectation that it continues, that you will always play at your best level. For me this turned into too much focus on scoring and forgetting why I play and how to enjoy the game. Less than expected rounds were miserable. When I got my focus back, my scores were consistently better. Back to enjoying the company of the people I'm with, the opportunity to spend time in the outdoors (I love to walk when I play), and just the enjoyment of striking the ball. Like Ferguson... I don't tinker too much. It's rare I change a club that is working (Still playing a R9 3 wood). I've made some big swing changes in the past to remove flaws, and now it's just preventing falling back into bad habits.
  13. Spectacular building for building a man cave... Great room.
  14. Depending on whom I am playing with in my group of regulars, I play a course either from the Blue 69.9/131/72 (6105 yds) or the Gold 72.5/139/72 (6686 yds) tees. We have a wide range of player handicaps in our group, which drives the different tees. The Gold tees have some forced carries that some in the group can't make. I am not long by WRX standards, but typically drive in the 270 range. I find that my scores when playing either tee are not all that different (Maybe a stroke). With the par 5's on the course, all are reachable in two (3 wood/long iron from the Gold tees, usually a long/mid iron from the Blue) except one, which is a 3 shot par 5 unless you are WRX long (570 yds with a marsh in front of the green). My long iron game is decent, so I don't struggle too badly from longer approach shots. GIR's are pretty close, but proximity to the hole is a little worse putting pressure on my putting. The handicapped money game is much tougher for me on the short tees, as mentioned above, length definitely favors the lower handicap players.
  15. Congrats. Hopefully many more to come.
  16. I struggle with the chocking down on the club. Not sure why.... I'm open to any suggestions, but I find I can control distance better with just reducing swing speed and length of swing.
  17. Great discussion DR: 270 ish PW: 125 (stock) I can hit the PW further, but found exactly what this thread is discussing. It's so much more consistent and accurate at 125 yards. Same holds true for longs irons as well. I can bash my 3 iron longer than I do now, but strike is less consistent and less accurate.
  18. I am looking to build a 3 wood for my travel bag and am looking for the raw shaft length for a Callaway XR16 15deg 3 wood. I have the head, and am looking to put in a new shaft. With all the adapter out there, I can find little information on this glued on head. Thanks for any help.
  19. 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel Done 2. Search for your local Club Champion location Done 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Detroit,MI 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? Driver only. 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Irons and Iron shafts.
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