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  1. Good luck with the sale! Those interested in the arm lock putter should be aware 80* is the max on lie angle last I looked. Here’s a relevant excerpt from this article. As with all clubs, the angle of a putter’s shaft relative to the ground cannot exceed 80 degrees when the club is in the address position.
  2. It seems dicey, if not unsafe, to allow BST ads to link to other websites for their photos. Especially if the link is ambiguous about where you are headed if you click on the link. I would suggest requiring photos be dropped into the ad, attached to the ad, or a link that clearly states where you are going (i.e. hovering over the link, or long pressing on mobile devices, shows the domain to which you would be routed). Essentially, disallow links using a shortener or something else that disguises the destination.
  3. > @mBiden2 said: > Anyone know if PGA SS has these in yet to demo? I apologize in advance if that was sarcasm. Hogan uses a direct-to-consumer business model. No retailers, just online purchases made directly by you. They do have a demo program, although I didn't the driver or fairway listed yesterday morning.
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