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  1. The buyer backed out of the head after making me an offer and accepting it. grrrrrr 170$ for the head shipped and paypaled 130$ for the shaft shipped and paypaled 300$ together thank you guys for all the interest so far!
  2. Here are the photos of the shaft many of you requested. I want 130$ shipped and paypaled for the shaft. thanks!
  3. I have a pm where the guy wants the head. Does anybody want the shaft?
  4. Hello, for sale is my M6 10.5 with the orange DI 6 in stiff. There is a small scratch in the paint of the shaft near the ferrule. I showed it as best as I could. I bought it on here like that and does not affect the shaft. Looks like they may have replaced the ferrule with a shorter one when switching tips. The head is in great condition and the driver plays 45" I would like $325 shipped and paypaled. Pm with offers if you think I am too high. I wasn't sure what to price it at, but I marked it 50$ below the last 2 I seen sold because of the slight scr
  5. interested in trading towards a taylormade tipped shaft possibly plus cash on my end. thanks
  6. 2017 M1 Head 10.5 Driver head is in great condition with a little dirt on the sole. Played 2 seasons and topline is new condition. Pictures pretty much tell the story. Would like $125 OBO shipped and paypaled Thanks!
  7. If you decide to split I would be interested in the head. Thanks
  8. I agree with you guys! I was just telling a guy at work how much I still wear my 13's. Always searching ebay for a pair of 10's, but not much luck ever.
  9. I would be interested in the 3 wood head if you would find a buyer for the shaft and willing to seperate. Thanks
  10. Hello, do you guys know if the bronze finish on the taylormade wedges can be removed with the same process as the vokeys? Thanks!
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