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  1. Toulon San Diego Garage 35” Silver finish with Topline KBS CT Tour Putter Shaft Winn Midsize Excel grip Includes Cover Price: $350 obo No trades!
  2. Looking for a 35" Toulon Will look at almost all New Models, Austin, San Diego, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Chicago, Azalea Bonus if it's a garage model Must be relatively clean
  3. I heard in the NLU podcast that Callaway is signing Tyler McCumber...highly doubt that is the reference though.
  4. Open to set composition and shafts, Prefer X in the 120-125g range, but will listen to offers with stiff shafts. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  5. Looking for a Spider FCG 35” Will listen to all necks, but preference in order is L, single bend than slant
  6. LAB Golf Blad B.2 35” Lie 70 Loft 3 Press 1.5 Grip Putter is like new and includes cover! Price: $285 obo
  7. U510 2 Iron Graphite Shaft Prefer X-Stiff Shaft Please let me know what you have. Thanks!
  8. Callaway X-Forged CB 21’ 5-P Dynamic Gold Tour Issue 120 X100 +.25” Golf Pride Z Chord Grips Clubs are in great shape and the pictures tell the story. $900 obo
  9. Wedges will not be updated until MD6 in Late fall 2021
  10. LS= Big head with a deep face, triangular shape, very low spin and fade bias. The new Sub Zero. Think Triple Diamond shape Speed= The new standard Head. Smaller profile than either the Max or Max LS Max= Big head very forgiving with slight draw bias. Also has a slightly triangular shape
  11. Yeah it’s definitely different, but it’s confirmed they will not be adjustable once again. The Mavrik FWs were great last year, and I’m sure they will follow suit this year.
  12. They unfortunately will not, I've heard that they will be a glued hosel.
  13. If they follow their normal release cycles, we won't see a refreshed Apex or Apex Pro until next fall/Spring 2022. They normally release that line a year after they update their players line of irons.
  14. Now you said that there is an X Forged CB and an Apex CB. Do know if the Apex CB will be smaller (less offset) or what type of iron series that will fill?
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