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  1. Funny that Fabb is posting about a DI. I started playing a 4i again when I got the AP3s last year. Tried it with skepticism and loved it pretty much at first hit. I think it was the shaft change that really helped... The AMT Black S are a good fit with both weight and stiffness for my deteriorating swing speed. Made me think I should try a 3i or DI with the right shaft. I've got a 3hyb that is good for 200 yard approaches, but that's pretty much all carry... No options to hit a mid-flight runner.
  2. I no longer have the Swing Jacket Fabbo. Sad. Would make for an amazing IG vid at the upcoming 7s tourney. Skilz Gold Ball thingy is my only current training aid. Last used during the shutdown. I might have an arm band device somewhere, but I never even took it out of the plastic. Bought an online video on driving, watched 5 minutes and then never finished. Had a putter swingpath one, sold it. I've got a terrible track record with training aids, but every time I see one I think maybe I should at least try it out.
  3. Anyone else just google "The Hanger" and "Tour Striker Smart Ball"? Just me? Ok then.
  4. Random musings: Glad to hear Fabbo is back on the track to more sub-par rounds. Jerk. Really need to hear from Sneek about how disappointed he was with the NLU Bandon podcasts. Like DC, I don't listen to them either. Sneek's takes crack me up. Re-read the Bandon recaps. Yes. And, thank you for posting. Playing Norbeck tomorrow with @top.hand two other Hivers in a charity scramble. Working out the side bets with other group(s). Should be a good time in spite of the predicted forecast. Figure we need to be around (-14) to win, depending on
  5. I first starting posting on this website in 2011. Ten years later, I'll be going to Bandon with a group compromised of guys I've met on here. Really an amazing thing when I stop and think about it. Here's how it felt in the beginning:
  6. Almost forgot this. 6. Health. No serious pain or alignment issues, knock on every piece of wood I have. Likely still reaping the benefits of the daily yoga routine I did with my boy during the shutdown and sporadically since. Cosmic Kids Yoga on Amazon Prime. It's terrible, but he liked it. Haven't done much of it recently with his online 4th grade classes. He's been asking so we'll get a routine started again here soon.
  7. Biggest reasons for my recent hcp trend: 1. Driving. Figured out a few things with the big stick. Played multiple rounds with a single ball. Eliminating almost all penalties off the tee was a huge piece. The other part: hitting it longer. 2. Playing more. Exactly like DC said, you can figure out so many things about your game on the course, vs. on the range. I've been pounding way fewer balls, but still practice short game and putting as often as I can. 3. Being able to hit ~200 yard shots with semi-reliability. These come up 3-4x per round, whether on
  8. I have a very similar downward trend. Hard to imagine as there were times earlier this year when it felt like breaking 80 was impossible.
  9. sully getting a haircut is the worst thing i've read today. just terrible.
  10. seltzers are great on a hot day. i've been enjoying drinking them this summer - alot. fall weather means more flask drinking.
  11. seltzers affect decision-making, including buying more seltzers... it's a downward spiral.
  12. @Ocgolfrick has got to be kicking himself for turning down another pot rake by refusing my bet. at least @SullGolf won the "best hair of the day" award. flow was flowin.
  13. In spite of the pandemic, 2020 has been a really good year for so many in the thread in terms of golf improvement/achievements. DC, Fabb and City shot under par or even. Lots of negative differentials from everyone. Guys playing well overall and in winning at their home club tourneys. Plenty dropping their caps to record-low levels. Great to see. Probably my best scoring stretch in over a decade.
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