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  1. With great regret, I am posting today to inform you all that our friend GMen has passed away. His death was unexpected. I have no details and am awaiting info on funeral services and how best to send condolences. PM me if you'd like that info when it becomes available. GMen was a poster in one of the MD/VA/DC threads from way back and an original Member of The Hive GC from Year One. He was quick to laugh, generous in nature, and fun to have in your foursome. Loved his NY Giants, Marlboros, Yuengling and being on the water in his boat. He had stories. A hard-working, salt-of-the-earth man who was a machinist by trade. And, at the same time, a gentle giant. We only played a handful of times together over the years, but I count him as a friend, and I'll miss him. RIP Tom.
  2. Best Round: score-wise, 72 @ Me's Nest. Had to birdie 18 to do it too. Life-wise, so many great rounds with Hivers. Too many to count, too difficult to choose. Very lucky to be part of such an awesome group. Especially meaningful during the pandemic. Best Course: Lakewood CC Best Hole: #4 at PB Dye. Bomb diggity drive, then made a me by holing out from 78 with a SW I purchased the week prior. Best Golf Shot: during the Capitol Cup, THDC and I were 1DWN on #18. Alternate shot. He striped it into the fairway, I flagged it, we win the hole. Best Purchase: TP5x High Vis Yellow
  3. On Saturday at WoMan, bunch in our group of 24 tried to "skip" it across the water on #6. Some got 2 skips. Some got 3. Some got this. Worthington is in awesome shape. Beautiful fall day, everyone was shedding layers as the day progressed. Great company, some decent golf, some poor golf. Giggles all around. Masters afterwards. A perfect day.
  4. I predict Fabb goes back to the ProV1s within a month. 785s are good looking, but never really took on the same cult classic status as the 745s.
  5. Top to Bottom (added funny from phone) #5 green Japanese Redwood that our course is known for #10 approach #9 looking back from the path above the green #16 green with #13 behind it (double green) #17 green The light was decent, slight cloud cover kept me from seeing the really interesting shadows I saw a couple days prior.
  6. Was playing a few holes yesterday into the early evening gloaming. Was the only one out there, besides a father-daughter twosome that was on a separate 9. Really regretted not having my phone on me, just fantastic views and great golden hour lighting. Due to the terrain, the setting sun creates a soft line of demarcation and the shadows and foilage are quite the sight. I'll post a few pics this evening if I get the chance.
  7. Small Domination continues. Captain Dan comes thru in the clutch.
  8. People on ebay bought my used golf shoes during the shutdown, I know this to be true.
  9. @Ocgolfrick Can't delete that^^ on mobile for some reason. We certainly have come far since the first 7s. City giving up playing ProV1s has been the biggest change.
  10. Also, I hear thru the grapevine (IG Bro Chat Thread) that Fabbo joined a club. I think that makes 5 Hivers there? JB, Tumor, PQ, City and now Fabb. Pretty strong group, no index above 2. Would love to get in those weeklys.
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