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  1. > @son_of_keto said: > Love Ping putters, but that cut out - insert? I don’t think so - looks like the edges could shoot the ball off on an angle. Optical illusion? How bad do you miss the center? ?
  2. > @rkristopheranderson said: > > @benjamin9114 said: > > I was actually a member of Deep Springs just a couple of years ago and my brother in law is still a member there, but I recently moved to the Charlotte area. Greatest membership value in NC possibly. One of the reasons I fell in love with Ellis Maples designs. > > > > I will have to move Grandfather up on the list. I don't play a lot of mountain golf, but would like to. Thanks for the response! > > Grandfather is tough one to get on, but I think it usually hosts a CGA one-day event once a year--so
  3. Can’t believe I left off Boone Golf Club after living there for 24 years. Definitely worth a trip up the mountain.
  4. His best in my opinion is Grandfather Golf & CC. However it’s like CCNC in that it’s tough to get on. My under the radar favorite is Deep Springs CC 20 mins north of Greensboro. It used to be really special but the downturn in the textile industry has taken a toll on it. Not the gem it once was but still good and worth a visit. Cedar Rock in Lenoir is another Ellis work that once was great but has struggled since all the furniture jobs left the area.
  5. > @Socrates said: > Based on that, I must have a lifetime ban from golf coming to me. > It’s in the mail.
  6. > @"Big Ben" said: > Cleveland VAS irons should go down in history as the ugliest sticks ever produced. These irons out uglied the Jerry Barber shank proofs.
  7. That seems quite likely on a Southern Tide Polo ?
  8. Forecasts are worthless when we still don’t know it’s path but it looks like all of the east coast may be spared a direct hit. If it stays offshore then Pinehurst may skate by with little impact.
  9. Been away from the High Country for a year now and didn’t know they were searching. I know one young man that would do a great job and Sam knows him very well.
  10. Ok, back to topic. East Lake dictated accuracy and length off the tee. So, for this week it was important. Didn’t watch a lot of it but of what I saw, Rory was the longest and most accurate.
  11. In just to say that might be the best thread title I’ve ever seen. In a battle between the 2 my money is on Snick.
  12. Haven’t played Arcadian lately but heard it’s made a bit of a comeback. Used to be a top tier course.
  13. Are you sure you aren’t thinking of Arcadian Shores?
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