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  1. 2 hours ago, m_w said:

    Nothing major has changed really. One thing that has solidified is that they are approximately 500 rpm less spin than the i59's for me - something that I need to keep an eye on as a lower spin player. Besides that, I really like them - for me, the MP223's are really among the top-top non-blade players irons out there, with the forgiveness of the i210. Turf interaction is good for me, not quite as "perfect" as the T100's but good, very similar to the i59's really.  Forgiveness is confirmed to be above both T100 and i59. 


    Happy to answer specific questions

    -Curious about the difference between the 7 and 8 with the micro slot, can you tell a difference with feel and or forgiveness?

    -Same question with the difference between the 6 and 7 with the six having the bigger slot area? 

    - I am playing a 46* T22 and curious if you think it would blend well with the nine, or should i get the 223 pitching wedge ?

    -Is the PW and 9 iron head size close in size to the T22.

    - over last 3 years i have gradually worked my way down to a 9.5 hdcp from a 14-15, I am used to playing the JPX forged line and wanted something smaller,  concerned i might be getting over my head with the 223, any thoughts to the forgiveness for a 9-10 hdcp?

    -Really appreciate your help, I think you’re the only English speaking person that has gamed these…

  2. On 11/13/2021 at 5:36 PM, m_w said:

    General notes and first impression from hitting ~50ish balls



    Obviously always subjective but these irons have a classical Mizuno "hand feel" with a different sound that I have not heard from the MP20's or others. I think the closest in sound is the i59 and i210 - which for me, is a good thing. Its a very satisfying combination. The feel is softer and not as "solid" as i.e. Miura irons (i wouldnt describe Miura as soft, for reference).



    50 balls is likely not enough to tell but so far, I'm impressed. Very tight groupings in terms of speed and spin, haven't had one that over or underperformed significantly



    Very high for this class of iron. I think thats the most surprising to me. These are more forgiving than the T100 and i59's for certain. They retain spin and speed better than the MP20 MMC's. I would say they feel at least on the same level as the i210's but with a smaller footprint and better ballspeed retention. What really stood out to me is that they seem to retain speed pretty much all over the face, regardless if low, high, heel or toe strike (please keep in mind, I'm not talking about hoseling it and retaining 120mph, I'm talking off-center strikes). Very impressed by the forgiveness. In this class of irons (coz I know it'll be asked) I'd rank them as follows from most to least "forgiving": 223 > i210 > T100 >= MP20 MMC = i59 > TR20V = CB301 > TC201


    Progression in set

    Very nice to see the set is tuned correctly to enable similar ballflights. My 5 iron shots had the same height as my 7 iron shots and the 9 iron was just a few feet higher. The progressive tech application seems to work well in this set.


    Turf Interaction

    I'll play a round tomorrow and update this. I dont think its possible to judge this off of mats, even thou I'm hitting of a high quality Fiberbuilt.



    My initial impression is that these will be a highly successful model for Mizuno and I think they are the first big step that I've seen them take in years. Highly likely that if you are 0 - 15 hcp, these should be on your fitting list for 2022 to try out.



    M_W, curious if you have any additional time with the 223’s, either on the course or range/sim? Anything that has changed or solidified your original thoughts? I think we are all dying to hear more about the club and you are the only one that has really played them. Thanks for any additional info/thoughts!

  3. After 2 rounds and 4 range sessions I continue to be impressed with these wedges and am very happy with the purchase. I mentioned previously that these are noticeably smaller than SM8, MG3 etc, while this made me nervous at first, it has for the most part been a non-issue. My biggest issue is the badging, not from a visual like/dis-like POV but from a practical standpoint. I have a 46/50/54/58 at it is difficult to tell the difference in the wedges and I have done several 2nd takes to make sure i grabbed the correct wedge as the font kind of makes the numbers  jumble together. It’s to the point I’m thinking about stamping PW,GW,SW,LW on the toe of the clubs. I never thought this to be an issue but it is for me…

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  4. I received my T22’s yesterday, just in time for a quick range session and 18 holes today. I ordered the 46,50,54 in S grind and 58 in C grind. Mizuno sent a X grind without asking instead…


    Initial thoughts: These are noticeably smaller than the S18 that i have played for 3 years and my brothers SM8 side by side. I actually liked the size and it didn’t bother me at all but considering the high number of tour pros playing SM8, it is odd that I (9.5 HDCP) am playing wedges that are smaller than the pro’s play. The feel is noticeably better than the S18, mine were custom fitted so the lie angles, gapping and swing weights were perfect.

    The X grind is designed for better players, which i am not, and i found it very playable from all areas. I don’t change equipment often, still playing 900 Forged, but just wanted to upgrade from the S18’s that I’ve been playing for 3-4 seasons, I can honestly say that i am very happy with the purchase and hopefully they’ll be in the bag for 3-4 years as well.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Carolina Golfer 2 said:

    Just saw the full new lineup, 223's on order!   Giddy Up!! 


    What did you like/love that made you preorder?

  6. Screenshot from Japanese review. They definitely look like a wider sole than the mmc and I honestly think they have a wider sole than 921F.


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