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  1. Proto is staying in. Recently have been playing with tee height. I have a neg AOA, so I've gone to a lower height. My drives are a ton better, finding the center more, and are more accurate and longer. The rest of the bag........ It's up in the air.
  2. Wish you guys the best in your ventures. I decided to go a different route from the Gen4. Can't wait to hear how they perform for you guys. I'll be lurking, haha.
  3. Everyone is still waiting on their Gen 4 woods & hybrids for fittings.
  4. That, Gen 3 package, includes the forged wedges. Yes shaft upgrades, grips, etc are an additional cost on top of the package price.
  5. Lightweight Carry bag. https://www.pxg.com/en-us/accessories/golf-bags/stand-bags/2020-carry-stand-bag
  6. Any of the stock offerings. I just paid the difference for the upgraded shafts in my irons and wedges. Same can be done with the woods. You can also upgrade the bag if you want, and pay the difference. You pick any hat they have. I'm just waiting for the Gen 4 woods to come in so I can get fit for them.
  7. I was surprised on how well the Gen 4 irons behaved during my fitting. My ball speed also went up by a lot over my Gen 2 and slightly over Gen 3. They are straight. I normally draw the ball and I was hitting a consistent cut with them. I was set on getting the Gen 3 full bag as it's a good deal but all day I've been thinking about it and may just do the Gen 4 full bag. Sell the putter, and whichever driver loses. Haha
  8. I'm doing the Gen 3 full bag. Going to sell the driver and putter. I was going to do the Gen 4 irons but this deal is too good to pass up.
  9. It's hard to explain, but the eye, the Gen 4 T was slight smaller and shorter board length, than the P. The Gen 4 P compared to the Gen 3 T looked about the same, more offset in the P. My Gen 2 P looked bigger than the Gen 4 P. At least to my eye. That's what I'm thinking. I go back and forth. Heroes price is $179 for Gen 3 right now. I may do the full bag Gen 3 special. You get Gen 3 irons, Proto driver, woods, forged wedges, battle ready putter, bag, and a hat. Then I could sell the Proto driver and battle ready putter. Not sure. Haha
  10. I just got back from my fitting. I didn't do the woods as they didn't have their Gen 4 yet, but I did hit the Proto woods. They are very nice looking and set up well. I will wait until later to compare the Proto/Gen 4 against my current Gen 2 woods, but it looks promising. So, I went in with the intention to compare the 0211ST vs Gen 3 0311T vs Gen 4 0311T. I am not sure what voodoo PXG is using, but they have something in the Gen 4 irons. They are good. Quickly about myself, I am a decent iron striker and miss is usually fat due to my neg AOA or a hook. My strikes will lean
  11. There is an upgrade program for the Gen 4 stuff. As long as you ordered Gen 3 irons or Gen 2 or Proto woods, you'll be eligible. You'll receive a price discount. That's all I know so far.
  12. Mine is 6X, but this is my first Ventus. It's a great shaft. Also, there will be an upgrade program for the Gen 4 stuff. Got an email from PXG about it. It depends on your previous purchases, and will give you a special price.
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