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  1. Driver Head is in fantastic condition. Headcover included. Shipping included, only to the US. I'll ship to Canada if you pay the shipping. No trades. Feel free to make offers. SOLD Shaft option: Project X HZRDUS Smoke BLUE - 6.0, 60G Mitsubishi Tensei AV White - Stiff, 65G
  2. Thanks Osprey for the encouragement. First round with the Gen4 & Black combo today. Looking forward to it!
  3. And putters...... I bought a full kit with my last putter, so it made it easy to tinker between all of the clubs.
  4. The sound is definitely different compared to the Gen 2. More muted. Both are every bit as good as the Gen 2. Easy to hit from the tee or the deck. I am a huge fan of the hybrid. I need to play with the weights on the 3W and adjust the hosel as well. More testing this week. So far, glad I picked them up.
  5. Ventured away from PXG this year to try other stuff. Honestly don't think their fairway and hybrids can be beat. So full circle I go. I bought a Gen 4 3W & 4H that I'm gaming this week. Driver fitting this week as well to see if it can beat my TSi. Yes PXG makes good equipment. Don't let all of the hate stop you from trying them.
  6. I'm using 52/56/60 with my T100S. The gapping works perfect for me as I don't want to swing hard with the wedges and focus on distance control. It's worked great so far.
  7. ALL CLUBS SOLD, ONLY A FEW SHAFTS LEFT. All prices include shipping in the US. All clubs in great condition and show normal use wear and tear. TSi2 hybrid is missing paint in one of the grooves. Not sure when it happened....... Not looking for trades at the moment. I'm open to switching the shafts around as well. First come first serve! Some shafts: Project X Smoke BLUE RDX 70 6.0 (S) with Titleist adapter. $100 - Measures 44" Project X Smoke Black RDX 70 6.0 (S) with Titleist adapter. $50 - Measures 42 5/8 Mitsubishi Tensei White 75 X with Titleist adapter $70 - Measures 41 7/8 TSi2 4/21° Hybrid SOLD - Headcover included - Project X Smoke Black RDX 80HY 6.0 (S) - Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord TSi3 15° Fairway SOLD - No headcover - Mitsubishi Tensei White 75 X - Golf Pride ND TSi3 3/20° Hybrid SOLD - Headcover included - Mitsubishi Tensei White 90HY X - Golf Pride ND TSi2 15° Fairway SOLD - Headcover included - Project X Smoke Black RDX 70 6.0 (S) - Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord
  8. Yes the Ping 14, Vessel, & Nike (listed above). It came down to what could see in person and get a feel for it. The Vessel was always sold out. I liked the Titleist a little more than the Ping, in person.
  9. Titleist Hybrid 14. Aside from the looks, the putter well is what sold me on it, compared to my SM 4.5 14way. I use it on a cart and mostly on my push cart. Works great!
  10. Just sole wear and scratches. Nothing significant honestly. Pictures should show you what I mean. I think the light is making it look worse than it is. Looking at it now, you have to look real close to see that area. Not sure what it's from, never hit the top line with a ball. This was purchased direct from Titleist.
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