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  1. Lightly used set (has about 3 rounds on them) of Taylormade P7MC 4-PW. Shafted with Recoil 95 F4 and Golf Pride Tour 360 White midsize grips. Standard L/L/L. Grips are blown on so can replace with stock Taylormade Z-Grips if needed. Not interested in any trades and final price includes shipping to lower 48 US States. Please IM with any questions or reasonable offers. Price - Sold
  2. For anybody else who may be interested in the future: 3 - 3.9mm 4 - 3.6mm 5 - 3.3mm 6 - 3.0mm 7 - 2.7mm 8 - 2.4mm 9 - 2.1mm P - 1.8mm A - 1.5mm
  3. Does anybody have address pics or can comment on these irons, especially the short irons? No offset specs on the company website and given I don’t have access to look at them in person I’m trying to figure out what they best compare to in terms of blade length and offset?
  4. Looking for hybrid models that around 65g weight. Newer models preferred but not critical....
  5. Good point - I actually tested both lightweight steel (Nippon Zelos 7,8) and graphite (Recoil ESX 460, Recoil 780 SmacWrap and Tour AD 75) to see if there was a major difference. Pain or lack thereof was the same across steel and graphite at similar weights. What I did find though was performance was actually better in the lightweight graphite than the steel and I suspect that is down to the shaft stiffness and profile. It seems (from a feel perspective and results) that the lightweight graphite is more stable than the lightweight steel. I think that this would absolutely back up your thoughts around stiffness profile.
  6. Thought I would provide a quick update on progress - I tried a bunch of combinations starting with heavyish total weight + light SW (KBS Tour stiff at C7) through to ultralight total weight + normal SW (Recoil ES 460 stiff at D1) to see what the outcomes would be in terms of performance, feel and pain management. The findings were actually a little surprising (or maybe not so much): - Heavy TW + light SW = loss of distance, loss of consistency and no change in pain situation - mid TW + light SW or normal SW = normal distance, normal consistency but no change in pain situation - light TW + light, normal SW = normal distance, loss of consistency and improved pain situation - ulralight TW + normal SW = improved distance, normal consistency and significantly improved pain situation What I seemed to have found is that the shoulder and elbows have a shaft weight (assuming similar head weights) "tolerance" of around 70g uncut before I start to see some level of pain. Pain is manageable up to about 85g and thereafter it doesn't change and is somewhat unserviceable. What surprised me was that at the ultralight shaft weight (67g) with a decent D1 swingweight I actually hit the ball solidly without pain so that is what I am going with for now.
  7. When you order "special order" taper tip (0.355) shafts from UST - specifically the lighter weight Recoil models. I assume they just take the normal 0.370 shafts and sand them to 0.355? Looking for input. A
  8. Stuart_G spot on! Pain is worst at the top of the swing and well after impact. Which is why started me thinking it was weight related. The physics of the swing and how a heavy weight (the clubhead) swings around essentially a fixed point (hands/arms/shoulders) leads me to believe that is swingweight that is the biggest culprit because of the leverage the extra headweight puts on the forearms wrist and shoulders.... Swingweight though as we all know is a combination of head and shaft weights and balance points hence the risk and error to find something that works it isn’t the finding the number C8/D2 per se but a combination of head weight and shaft weight that works for me. Looking at a different grip is a great option too!
  9. Guys thanks for the fantastic responses, insights and support. The pain is definitely associated to arthritis that is made worse by the diabetes. I will try your various suggestions and let you know what works!
  10. Going in to my third winter since being diagnosed with diabetes and the consequences in joint pain etc that have come with the disease leaves me still trying to solve the conundrum of finding an iron set up that allows me to play somewhat pain free, supports the loss of strength as well as still lets me be consistent. I am a plus index golfer that used to hit the ball a long way using heavy shafts in everything. Given my swing mechanics I was one of those that did not benefit from lighter shafts but with everything my body has endured over the last few years I have faced the problem of “heavy hurts”. if I play heavy shafts at “normal swing weights i.e. D2” distance is still ok and consistency of strike is good but it hurts like hell. If I go light shafts built to any swingweight I lose distance and consistency goes out the window but it doesn’t hurt. The one setup I haven’t yet been able to really try is heavy shafts at much lighter swingweight (C8 or so) mostly because achieving that without some form of counterbalancing in the butt of the shaft is tough and frankly when I have tried with counterweights it has been a crap shoot. I want to try this out because I suspect that it is the swingweight and not total weight that causes the joint pain but the total weight that gives me better consistency and ball speed. I finally may have a set of heads though which will allow me to try this out. My P7MC came with the new KBS Tour 2020 shafts at D2 but on inspection each had at least an 8g bullet weight in the head. So based on this I think I can probably rebuild them to C8. My question to all out there is who else has tried something similar and found success or am I just chasing a pipe dream.
  11. Last of my Callaway sell off: Excellent condition Mavrik Pro 4-AW with TGI 90S shafts (stock L/L/L) - SOLD Excellent condition JAWS MD5 Platinum Chrome 52/10S and 58/12W with TGI 100S (8 iron shaft soft stepped at standard L/L/L) - SOLD IM me with any reasonable offers. Final sales price includes shipping to lower 48 US states and I only accept PayPal.
  12. The bad news is that the Mavrik range does not work for me (across the board), the good news is that somebody is going to get an awesome deal on these clubs/heads: Mavrik Sub Zero (SZ) 9*head in mint condition Mavrik Sub Zero (SZ) 15* 3 wood head in mint condition - Mavrik Sub Zero (SZ) 18* 5 wood with Rogue 130 MSI 70S in mint condition - Mavrik Super Hybrid 20* with stock CK Pro Orange 80S in mint condition - Mavrik Super Hybrid 23* with stock CK Pro Orange 80S in mint condition - Mavrik Pro Hybrid 20* head only in mint condition - All headcovers will be included and final sale price incudes shipping via USPS to lower 48 US states. Will also look to do a deal on multiple items purchased. Thanks Andre
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