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  1. I’m looking for a Speedzone Tour 5 wood in great shape, preferably head only but will consider complete clubs too.
  2. When you order "special order" taper tip (0.355) shafts from UST - specifically the lighter weight Recoil models. I assume they just take the normal 0.370 shafts and sand them to 0.355? Looking for input. A
  3. Stuart_G spot on! Pain is worst at the top of the swing and well after impact. Which is why started me thinking it was weight related. The physics of the swing and how a heavy weight (the clubhead) swings around essentially a fixed point (hands/arms/shoulders) leads me to believe that is swingweight that is the biggest culprit because of the leverage the extra headweight puts on the forearms wrist and shoulders.... Swingweight though as we all know is a combination of head and shaft weights and balance points hence the risk and error to find something that works it isn’t the fin
  4. Guys thanks for the fantastic responses, insights and support. The pain is definitely associated to arthritis that is made worse by the diabetes. I will try your various suggestions and let you know what works!
  5. Going in to my third winter since being diagnosed with diabetes and the consequences in joint pain etc that have come with the disease leaves me still trying to solve the conundrum of finding an iron set up that allows me to play somewhat pain free, supports the loss of strength as well as still lets me be consistent. I am a plus index golfer that used to hit the ball a long way using heavy shafts in everything. Given my swing mechanics I was one of those that did not benefit from lighter shafts but with everything my body has endured over the last few years I have faced the p
  6. Last of my Callaway sell off: Excellent condition Mavrik Pro 4-AW with TGI 90S shafts (stock L/L/L) - SOLD Excellent condition JAWS MD5 Platinum Chrome 52/10S and 58/12W with TGI 100S (8 iron shaft soft stepped at standard L/L/L) - SOLD IM me with any reasonable offers. Final sales price includes shipping to lower 48 US states and I only accept PayPal.
  7. The bad news is that the Mavrik range does not work for me (across the board), the good news is that somebody is going to get an awesome deal on these clubs/heads: Mavrik Sub Zero (SZ) 9*head in mint condition Mavrik Sub Zero (SZ) 15* 3 wood head in mint condition - Mavrik Sub Zero (SZ) 18* 5 wood with Rogue 130 MSI 70S in mint condition - Mavrik Super Hybrid 20* with stock CK Pro Orange 80S in mint condition - Mavrik Super Hybrid 23* with stock CK Pro Orange 80S in mint condition - Mavrik Pro Hybrid 20* head only in mint condition - All he
  8. Interesting I just pulled the shaft from my Mavrik SZ 3 wood and it also measures .350” and I am 100% it is a legit club. Interesting to see this.....
  9. Anybody know the hosel diameter for the Mavrik SZ fairway wood. I bought a 4W head and it seems it has a 0.350” hosel......trying to figure-it if the head is fake or real. Update - I went out and bought an SZ 3W and pulled the shaft. It also measure 0.350” and don’t have a shim so guessing Callaway are using a similar “universal hosel .335/.350” like they do with their irons to allow different shaft as customs.
  10. Gently used set of PXG irons (Gen2 0311X 4i, Gen3 0311T 5-GW) that are in great condition. Shafted with Matrix Program F15 95 stiff shafts and Lamkin Limited Edition Red/White/Blue crossline grips. Standard L/L/L SOLD All reasonable offers will be considered by low-balls offer will be ignored.
  11. Looking for thoughts or opinions from those who have hit both - they seem to target the same type of player and I am intrigued as to the real world distance/ball speed comparisons between these two.
  12. Does anybody have the trimming instructions or details for the Project X LZ 95 shafts?
  13. I agree with all you have both said, in reality until the is a "standard" against which to measure balance point it will be like flex. Each manufacturer will have its own marketing spin indicating relative "balance point" compared to its own offerings....
  14. Apart from the Riptide CB, Hzrdus Yellow and Yellow Smoke, which of the rest of the current PX line are counterbalanced or have a high balance point. The Evenflow Blue is included in some lists of Counterbalanced shafts but I can’t find anything “official” that confirms this.
  15. Question on wedges - what are everybody's thoughts on the original 0311 Forged wedges compared to the new version? Also how do the originals compare to the first Sugar Daddy milled ones?
  16. Does anybody have a recommendation for a Wide fit, sneaker type golf shoe. Thinking something like the Adidas CodeChaos or Nike's. But neither come in wide and my experience of both is that the standard last runs narrow for my feet. Thanks
  17. Sweet! Hopefully they will offer similar pricing for us bog standard righties soon otherwise I may have to go all Notah Begay with my short game :)
  18. Well I have my first round with my new Gen3 T's in the books. All I can say is WOW!!!!! I stated earlier I was highly skeptical of the PXG marketing spiel, but I will eat crow and go on record as saying that they live up to the hype. Only issue is my Honma TW-4 wedges (which up until today were honestly the best feeling wedges I have ever played) now feel a little like cast iron. Guess I need to start thinking about PXG wedges (open to advice on this from this group please).....
  19. Really interested to see your feedback and experiences. Please let us know after your trackman fitting....
  20. Here is a quick update on the ongoing fitting situation with my Gen3 T's. Swapped out the Aerotech i95R for Modus 105S in the 5i and 7i. Saw an immediate reduction in spin as well as increase in ball speed in the 5 iron: 7i spin is down to about 6,300 RPM with ball speed and launch angle remaining the same resulting in about a half a club increase in distance and almost back to where I would expect yardages to be. 5i spin is down to 5,300 RPM (still a little higher than historically) but launch angle is a little lower and ball speed has jumped by about 4 miles per hour resulting in a full cl
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