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  1. Anybody got feedback on these irons? The specs look fantastic but interested to hear from people who may have seen or hit them.
  2. The new Honma TR20 driver and irons have just been released and are available on the US Honma site. Two driver models (440 and 460) and two iron models (TR20P and TR20V). When looking at the irons the TR20P and V seem to be additions to the range rather than direct replacements of the TW747V, TW747Vx and TW747P. The TR20V has lofts between the TW747V and Vx, with offset numbers that are more than the Vx in the long irons, and only marginally smaller in the 10/11 irons (0.004"). The TR20P seems to fit between the TW747P and the TW747Vx in terms of lofts/offset but it is forged. I have to admit to preferring the cosmetics of the TW747 range of irons to be honest but love the looks of the new drivers.......
  3. Please can somebody PM or post a few at address pics of the TW747VX and/or the TW747V. I intend ordering one or other but have to order blind so would like to get an idea of what both look like at address. Thanks Andre
  4. Please can somebody PM or post a few at address pics of the TW747VX and/or the TW747V. I intend ordering one or other but have to order blind so would like to get an idea of what both look like at address. Thanks Andre
  5. Please can somebody PM or post a few at address pics of the TW747VX and/or the TW747V. I intend ordering one or other but have to order blind so would like to get an idea of what both look like at address. Thanks Andre
  6. I don't really want (or need) to sell these but I am not playing enough golf to warrant keeping them around. This set of 4-PW Titleist 620CB irons are shafted with Mitsubishi 105S shafts and are built off a 38.25" 5 iron (i.e. 0.25" longer than standard) to D3 with standard loft and lie. They are gripped with Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Black/White grips (blown on). They only have a handful of rounds on them and are in fantastic condition. My preference is to sell them as is but I will consider splitting shafts from heads and so I have included prices for all options:Heads only - SOLDShafts only - SOLD Prices include shipping to lower 48 US States. I am not interested in any trades and only accept Paypal. Please PM me with any questions or offers.
  7. I bought these desperately hoping to find that I could make them work and get a set of players distance irons to work for me. Unfortunately that just isn’t the case. These heads have about 36 holes on them and a little range time and are in excellent condition. 4-PW are currently shafted with Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue AM2 stiff shafts swingweighted to D3 and I have the GW shaft on its way. I also have the original KBS $ Taper Lite stiff shafts as well. Listing then as heads only but if you want them shafted PM and we can work out a deal. I’m also open to trades on current model Players irons (e.g. Titleist T100, Callaway Apex Pro 19, Wilson Staff Model blades, Mizuno MP20 MB, etc)Price for heads only - SOLD Final sales price includes shipping to lower 48 US States.
  8. Yes I am available.Titleist TS4 with Tensei CK Pro White 50s at 45.25”I love the idea that geometry and physics are being used to help make the game more fun by providing the potential to increase swing speed and this distance. The new SIM excites me as a believer that physics is at the core of golf innovation. The new SIM metal woods and driver also just look cool!Absolutely. I would love to be able to showcase this though a Blog and a GolfWRX thread or article as well as Videos on YouTube etc. Move over Rick Shiels and Mark Crossfield, here comes a new golf internet sensation and I have a cool accent too!
  9. No problem. I really like and believe in MOI but I don’t have the volume of requests to build with MOI to warrant the time and costs of doing it. I will still offer it in a simplified fashion using progressive swingweighting as a guide for those who want to try MOI.
  10. This unit is fully functional and has only been used a handful of times. I am no longer offering MOI Matching as a service so this needs a new home. It includes everything listed in the "blurb" below including the CD with the MOI Speed Match Software. Final sales price includes insure shipping to lower 48 US States.Price - $430 This is the "blurb" on the device: OverviewThe Auditor 3Gen Golf Club MOI Speed Match System is the clubmakers go to instrument for measuring assembled golf club MOI. This third revision features several new refinements designed to improve accuracy and consistency while providing a better user experience overall! The Auditor MOI Speed Match System's software enables clubmakers to calculate the MOI and swingweight of pre-assembled golf clubs and also club components being prepared for assembly using either length or weight adjustments based on preference. Set up and MOI match calculations are documented using the built in report generator. Extensive 55 page instruction manual teaches you all you need to know about MOI matching techniquesThe 3Gen System now includes: Beam trigger with amplitude limiterStiffer beam assemblyCumulative averaging functionAutomatic calibration (Calibration Standard included)External laser timing adjusterMOI Speed Match SoftwareUniversal power supply
  11. There were a few posts about these in comparison to the Tensei AV Blue or White AM(2) but nobody seemed to have tried the MMT in the 105 or 85 gram range. Would love to hear any feedback on the 105g or 85g versions and specifically in relation the Tensei AV irons shafts...
  12. A question for the Scotty experts. Going all the way back to the first range of Newport’s in the mid 1990s through the current range, which one of his retail Newport or Newport 2 designs has the shortest blade from heel to toe?
  13. Does anybody know any online dealers who can source these? I can’t seem to find them listed at any of my regular suppliers.
  14. Has anybody hit these in anything other than the stock graphite shaft (e.g. The stock FST steel shaft)? I'm interested to see if the difference in shaft changes the sound which is a little "tingy" with the graphite. The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo sounded and felt way more solid....
  15. I'm a decent ball striker where my woods and short game allow me to keep my low index even when I'm not able to practice. I'm not the best iron player to be honest, and have tinkered and tried almost everything over the last few years but to no avail. I finally bit the bullet and spent the money on a set of Edel SL-01 irons. Compact blade length and no offset are critical int he looks department, and the Edel's tick both boxes, the feel is also fantastic. However, I was totally blown away by the performance, especially as it relates to ball flight and gapping. I actually hit the SL 4 iron higher wit a little more spin than my traditional length irons, with no loss of distance. I have ended up putting 4-SW into the bag together with a 35.5" Edel 60* wedge. I chip with the GW/SW and everything else around the green gets the 60*. I have a few rounds under the belt with them now and I am VERY happy with the results. Simplifying the iron swing is going to be a big aid to playing to my handicap without being able to play often.
  16. I am going in a totally different direction with my golf and so I am looking to find a good home for these Titleist T200 irons. The GW was added to the set and so has a different serial number. Some of these irons remain unhit, and I do not have a single round on them, just a couple of balls hit off good grass. They are stock Loft/Length and Lie, and come with AMT Black S300 shafts and stock Golf Pride 360 Tour Velvet White/Black grips. I am not interested in any trades and will accept Paypal only. Final sales price includes shipping to lower 48 US States. If you have any questions or need more pics please IM me. I am open to reasonable offers but the asking price is very reasonable given list price and other similar sets on the BST. **SOLD **
  17. PM Sent on the Edel irons. Also do you know the swingweight on them
  18. Selling off my set of gently used (mint condition) Ping G410 driver and fairway woods. This is for heads only, and will include headcovers. Only trades I would be interested in are a Titleist TS4 9.5* driver, a TS2 15* fairway wood and a TS2 18* fairway wood. Please IM me with offers and questions. Final sales price includes shipping to lower 48 US States. **Asking Price: G410 10.5 LST - SOLD G410 14.5 LST 3 wood - SOLD G410 17.5 5 wood - SOLD G410 23.5 9 wood - SOLD**
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