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  1. P760 are now up on Taylormade website....
  2. Saw these in hand In Tokyo this week. Stunning finish and small compact head in both the CB and the Blended set. BUT lots of offset in both models. Also saw the new Srixon Z785 irons.....
  3. No ballooning at all for me....
  4. I use one and love it. I interchange between using it as a 5 wood at 18.5* at about 42" when I carry the 3 wood and a 4 wood at 16.5* at 42.5" when I don't. Easy to elevate as well as shape. Really small compact head.
  5. I believe they were a limited run from KBS. Can be bought off eBay or from a KBS distributor at www.Theclubnut.com
  6. What do you think of these going into a set of raw Apex MB heads?
  7. Up for sale is the first set of i500s I bought (I have 2 sets). Black dot, 5-PW with Retro Spec lofts. Clubs are custom fit at D1, Standard length with Matrix Program 130 HD 6.0 shafts. They are easily 8.5 out of 10 and have only seen a few rounds. I am also open to selling just the heads. I'm not interested in any trades and accept Paypal only. Sold
  8. I have two set of heads for sale. First up is a set of Miura 1957 Small Blades (Baby Blades) 4-PW in great condition 8.5/10. They are standard loft and lie. Sold Next is a set of Ping i500 Retro Spec Black dot 5-PW heads. Only the 5i and 9i have been hit. Sold I'm not interested in any trades and will accept Paypal only. Given the realtive scarcity of the Miura's and the newness of the i500s I'm not certain if these prices are reasonable, so please message me with any questions or offers.
  9. I have seen both 36.5" and 36.75" inches advertised as the stock raw length for the AMT Black PW shaft. Can anybody confirm which it is?
  10. Got mine on 7/31 and pulled the AWT 2,0 shafts after one range session (they sounded and felt horrible with the AWT in them. Reshafted them with the new Mitsubishi OT Tour 90-X shafts. Sound and feel are now like I got from the demo iron with the Nippon 105's in them. Shaft selection clearly impacts the sound and fell of these quite dramatically. A couple of things I learned during the reshafting:\ 1. The hosel is plugged with a rubbery black substance at normal bore depth. Pretty tough and resistant to a drilling as I found out when cleaning out the old epoxy. 2. Normal Ping ferrules that fit the i20s etc, do not fit the i500s. The OD is too small. Instead I had to use the Ping Glide ferrules which have an OD that is a little too big but can easily be turned to fit. EXPENSIVE to reshaft at about $2 a ferrule. Hopefully properly fitting ferrules will be available soon. 3. Getting a great fit for the ferrule is horrible. When you insert the shaft with ferrule with no epoxy, it creates a nice snug fit, BUT when you then come to expoy them, the shaft backs out about 1/32 of an inch. After multiple (and very frustrating with lots of cursing) attempts, I finally figured out why. When you push the shaft dry into the head to set the ferrule, it pushes into the rubber plug but doesn't seem to move back. Once epoxy is introduce, the shaft doesn't push into the rubber plug and you are left with a small gap. No impact on playability, but really irritating for any OCD builder!.
  11. I have searched GolfWRX and the web, and can't seem to find much on these. I am eager to hear from anybody using them that could provide insight into launch and spin in comparison to either other graphite shafts (Recoils etc.) and/or similarly weighted steel shafts (e.g. Nippon, DG XP, KBS 90). This si the shaft (compared to the one available in the US) http://www.mitsubishichemicalgolf.jp/product.php?cmd=ot_tour_iron&lang=jp Thanks
  12. Does anybody who pre-ordered have confirmed shipping/delivery dates?
  13. Set of nice (at least 8.5/10) Taylormade P730 4-PW. Shafted with KBS Tour FLT R+. They are .25" inch over standard with standard loft and lie. Sold
  14. Anybody have an idea on where the offset will be for these? Similar to iBlades or i200?
  15. Decided to move in a different direction mid season, so these have to go to a good home. Please make reasonable offers. No real trade interest and all prices include shipping to 48 continental US States. Can't guarantee headcovers but will ship with one if available. Accept Paypal only. M3 440 10* driver head (9/10) SOLD M3 3HL 17* fairway head (9/10) SOLD M3 4 21* Rescue head (8.5/10) SOLD M4 Tour 5W 18* fairway head (8/10) SOLD M4 5HL 21* fairway head (9.5/10) SOLD
  16. Can anybody provide a comparison of the head size of the new Equalizer wedges compared to Vokey or Milled Grinds as well as the TK wedges?
  17. I'm sure this has been discussed previously but couldn't find anything recent. I'm looking for a set of wedges to pair up with my Miura Small Blades. Currently have a set of Custom ground Scratch 8620 wedges, but really would like something true JDM. Key is that they have to be smaller than the likes of Vokeys, TM or Callaway Wedges (and I don't like the Mizuno T7's either).
  18. I have my first round with my 1957 Small Blades tomorrow :). Feel a bit like a kid on Christmas Eve....... I have been wanting a set of Baby Blades for years but have never really spent the time to find a decent deal. Stumbled upon one last week and took a chance. Have put Tour Issue Dynalite Gold XP X100’s in them and they are absolutely pure. I have been on a smaller head is better for me campaign and so have the irons in the bag with a M3 440, M3 3HL and SLDR 5HL (all nice small headed woods). Then took my Scratch 8620s and ground them to a straight leading edge (53* and 58*) and finally a John Byron Dale Head 9 putter! Can’t wait for tomorrow......
  19. Apart from Nippon and Paderson who makes discrete length .370 iron shafts?
  20. My experiment with "Players distance irons" lasted 2 rounds! This set of M3 irons is in 9/10 condition. Specs are .25" over standard (i.e. 38.25" 5 iron), standard loft and lie. Shafted with Nippon Modus Tour 130 Regular flex shafts and gripped with Taylormade Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Black/Gray grips. I will consider reasonable offers. Only trade interests would be 2018 Callaway MB Irons in similar condition, or JDM blades e.g. Kyoei MB, Miura Blades (preferably Baby Blades) or similar in good condition. No longer available Sales price will include shipping to lower 48 US States. I only accept Paypal as form of cash payment.
  21. Thanks everybody, ended up going with a few options to try in my 5hl (NV 85, Aerotech SS85 and a TX-90)
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