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  1. I posted in another thread about how I got to my lowest handicap ever (scratch), completely by accident, during covid when practice was almost non existent. You need to keep it simple, and I mean hyper simple. One shot shape (that matches your swing tendencies, not what you’d ideally like to hit), one style chipping, solid bunker fundamentals, then work on 5-10 footers. Forget working the ball, no time to groove that. Hit to the middle of every green. Definitely no swing changes, keep clubs the same (I know, WRX blasphemy), anything that can reduce variables. You’re going for minimum effective dosage to get better. Then something really cool happens, once your game is simplified (physically and mentally) you start paying more attention to the course, your feels get better, and it gets clear on what you need to do for a decent score. Hopefully that helps.
  2. If the players think there won't be strings attached or stipulations with taking that amount of money, they are *out of their minds*
  3. The other reason why that statement doesn't apply to swing instructors, often great players are TERRIBLE at explaining what they're doing in their golf swing. The best guy in college said he thought of just "swinging around himself"...another top player in my area said he thinks of one word, like "tempo" or "turn". Um...what? Literally, his swing philosophy is a single word. Cool...well I'm 10* down with my 6 iron, time to go find a Youtube video on shallowing.
  4. Ha, so from this logic if I start my hands 25* behind vertical and return to only 10* behind, my flip release swing now has tour level shaft lean!
  5. Kenny Perry / Rocco / Lehman draw. Moves a good bit right to left. For the life of me I can't figure out how to hit a fade, when I set up to hit one and try to start it at the left rough, it starts at the left rough...then draws. The double cross to a pull draw going 50 yards left of the fairway makes me want to walk off the course.
  6. Honestly, it's a waste of everyone's time if you're not using that technology, even for your own understanding. The tech is so good now you'll be severely at a disadvantage if you don't use it. Personally, I won't go to an instructor that doesn't at least have a launch monitor...that doesn't mean I expect them to just spout off numbers the entire lesson to me, but I'd rather they know what's going on versus guessing. The real trick of teaching is then how you communicate it to the student.
  7. I played the Arias zero offset irons for a while, pretty decent irons for the price. The interesting part was I launched them significantly higher than my other sets.
  8. Mark Crossfield had a great video comparing some Top Flite blades from the 80s to Mavrik irons...spoiler, the Top Flite irons had better stats and dispersion.
  9. Yea, different person here, I am just trying to have a healthy discussion. Would I take Max Homa's swing tomorrow? Absolutely. I'm trying to do that in my own swing. Bryson's clubface looks almost identical to Snead. Matt Wolf certainly doesn't have the face turned down. Maybe the answer is just they're freaks and time it well, but those clubfaces are almost 90* different. Maybe I'm just asking what those guys do to get it back on the ball.
  10. I wrestle with this concept and specifically the path-to-face relationship, a lot. I do think it is an answer for the vast majority of golfers, and if you're searching out tips, this is one of the better ones. But there sure are a lot of good players that didn't square it to the path that early.
  11. Came here to say everyone that doesn't play for a living should adopt Matt's preshot routine. Walk up and go. It is marvelous.
  12. Has there been any detail published around the differences from the MP20 MBs and the 221s? I've seen slightly smaller scoring clubs and a note they launch a bit lower, really curious if they've done anything with CG or sole grinds.
  13. It's really hard to give a solid answer here other than you have to get fit. If you tweak anything in the ball-club-shaft relationship it will impact the results, you just need data to say which direction is the right way to go. Ballooning into the wind likely means you've got too much spin in general, even when you say the flight is ok, and that might be adjusted from a lower spinning ball like Pro V1, Bridgestone BX, Chromesoft LS etc. I've tried a bunch of shafts that all are pretty close on paper, but produced very different spin numbers. I landed on KBS $ Taper which I never would've thought about prior to the fitting (previously couldn't stand the C-Tapers). Short answer: Fittings are worth it and will save dollars, and headaches, in the long run.
  14. Just coincidence on timing, but in a few month span I, my brother, my dad, and a friend all got fitted. We're to low single digits, friend regularly competes in mid-am events. We went in fairly brand agnostic, ended up that all four of us had Mizuno in the top 3, and only my dad opted to get Pings, the rest pulled the trigger on Mizuno. Mizuno really, really, really know what they're doing with irons. Their woods and wedges are also quickly gaining on the big boys.
  15. I was 3-6 handicap since college depending on the work schedules (played in HS and college so yes there is an underlying ability), but I did hit my lowest handicap in 2020 and early 2021. Getting to scratch is a different question...maintaining it was what I was answering.
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