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  1. When did CC and MOTO Monday releases stop offering a size small in the polo’s? They offered it in earlier releases this year, then stopped. It’s a bummer too, because I was interested in some of the shirts. Also wish they’d do more mallet cover offerings like they did for the pga release
  2. At this point, donthe Z765’s qualify? If so, I am more than happy with my current irons. Better distance, shot dispersion and feel than my previous set.
  3. I was told when I booked my time that April 9th is last day, but that doesn’t mean it will be an empty tee sheet prior to that. What does it hurt to try?
  4. Yeah, before the round we would have been thrilled if we got around in 5.5, so to finish in 5 was a pleasant surprise. When I sent a text to my fiancé letting her know we were on 16 (she was shopping somewhere) she was shocked we were that close to finishing. Couldn’t have asked for a better day weather wise either. Sunny 80’s and a decent breeze.
  5. Ok. It’s sunday morning and I will try to give my report on yesterday’s round, while trying to nurse the results of a fun evening. It was my first real visit to the TPC so I arrived early. Had breakfast on the back patio with the sun coming up over 18. The production of setting up all the grandstands is in full effect. So on certain holes, you get a little bit of the feeling like the pros experience. The golf course was in superb shape I thought for February. As the Sunbelt mentioned, the rough still had a little of dormant spots, it was starting to come in nicely and had some gnarly s
  6. Another one of my favorites.... May River Golf Club in Bluffton,SC.
  7. Local course here in Pinehurst. Country Club of North Carolina. Both Photos are on the Dogwood course. Amazing facility !!
  8. Well done good sir!! I know it’s not the longest shot but it seems intimidating enough. Thank you again for your time to report back for us inquiring minds. I’ll post my experience as soon as I can
  9. That’s helps quite a bit. I was told they overseeded the greens. Oversees fairways as well, and rough left dormant? I guess even for Florida I am a little surprised to hear greens were as firm as you stated. Not overly fast....... fair speed, but not intimidating type speed, or had to muscle putts to get them to the hole? Do you think the slow round would have been better had you walked? Which tees did you play? Most importantly, did you hit the green on 17? I know that’s a lot of extra questions, I apologize. Glad to hear you enjoyed your rounds. My dad and I are looking fo
  10. I will offer my feedback by Monday. Hope the weather is cooperating for you and you’re having a great time. Look forward to your report card on the stadium course
  11. That would be awesome. Taking my father as an early birthday present, and just want to know what to expect
  12. I know there are many on here that have played Sawgrass and enjoyed it, and others that believe there is a little more hype than the price warrants. I have an opportunity to play the stadium course in the coming weeks and was curious what course conditions would be like? I know the greens will not be arified, but interested in the course conditioning late Feb- March. Any information you guys can share would be awesome. Thank you Tony
  13. To anyone and to the Continental guys that has had their Scotty done in Continental’s new black finish that Justin and the guys have said is thinner but just as durable: How has the feel been affected on the deep milled face? That’s my only concern. I was thinking of sending them my Del Mar and doing that finish and translucent blue on the weights and dots on the back
  14. That’s a sick looking shaft Yeah, I have an Even Flow Blue to test, but would love more info on that Red!!! Looks sick! Also, are those a new Srixon iron offering in Rod Pamplings bag?
  15. Yeah, it’s been a hard stick to replace. Considered a spider tour, but this one is still in play. Thinking of a better headcover for her. My dad lost the OG when I let him borrow my clubs while I was working and my uncle was in town. Was in Hilton Head and convinced a cart guy to sell me the go lo cover out of the lost and found for $5
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