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  1. Maybe five hour energy helped feherty focus.
  2. Not picking dustin in my masters pool. Dead giveaway. Maybe he has advanced copies of golf digest?
  3. I'm a huge golf nerd but have never gotten into any of the work behind it. If I'm going to take a sturdy bench or table and initiate a golf workshop, assuming I will be only regripping and re shafting to start, what are the key "must-have" things? Obviously I have a vice, and I need stuff like grips and ferrules... But I really have no clue where the newbie starts. If there is a link, I couldn't find it. Thanks Andrew
  4. Last year for one reason. It was my first time attending in person.
  5. Selling infrequenty used ping anser irons. 5-wp shafted with KBS tour 90 stiff shafts with lamkin 3gen cross line ace grips. 3-4 iron heads are not shafted and I don't have the KBS shafts for them. No trades please, open to reasonable offers. $500.
  6. Pat Perez to Callaway, saw him at the tpc stadium range then putting a callaway staff bag in a white GTR and driving off.
  7. [quote name='jokerusn' timestamp='1381371804' post='7979053'] [quote name='bjackson' timestamp='1381370883' post='7978983'] [quote name='Marks23' timestamp='1381366374' post='7978545'] From Wednesday pictures, Pat Perez sure has a bag full of callaway clubs. Is he leaving taylormade? [/quote] I believe he is a driver, bag, and hat guy for TM. [/quote] And his camo glove headcover is awesome! I would game one of those in a heartbeat! [/quote] I saw Perez at TPC stadium range Monday with Callaway staff bag, hat etc. He was working hard, hopped in a white sweet sounding Nissan GT
  8. You can't call in when you're watching an nfl game and you're sure they got it wrong. You can't share your fan-expert rules knowledge (non-league employee) to counter a field level call in any other major sport. Golf, stop letting people think they can contribute from their sofas.
  9. I have a divot tool from every course I've played. I have a large collection, which sits in a cupboard in the basement. I don't focus or prefer one type, but I normally buy the better ones rather than collect the free ones... I could take a Couple pics and upload to you if you'd like.
  10. GolfWRX has saved my marriage... Because I'm defiantly proficient and an expert liar- mostly regarding new golf gear, but the skills transfer surprisingly well!
  11. Golf course damage: Kananaskis 1 tee box towards 18 fairway, Kidd course: [attachment=1753534:image.jpg] 16, Kidd course [attachment=1753536:image.jpg] 10 tee box, down 10 fairway Kidd course [attachment=1753538:image.jpg] Aerial [attachment=1753540:image.jpg] Start shack on Lorette course, hole 1 tee right of shack, 9 green left and 10 tee further left [attachment=1753542:image.jpg] Looking back towards Kidd [attachment=1753544:image.jpg] Decimated.
  12. More Calgary golf-related news... Which I don't mean to ignore the impact on people and their lives, homes, businesses... Just because this is a golf topic. Here's a youtube from cottonwood golf course on the outside of Calgary: http://youtu.be/AN_KjgHOaN0 And a story from the herald: Region golf courses closing for season due to flooding: It may be awhile before the full extent of the damages to area golf courses is fully known. But it isn’t pretty. And some tracks will not open again this summer. Kananaskis Country golf courses will not reopen this season after taking on large
  13. Couple more golf related pics [attachment=1746244:image.jpg] [attachment=1746248:image.jpg]
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