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  1. Hello friends. Two great shafts, both with Taylormade adapters. Cash only this time. Continental US and PayPal. Message me with any questions or offers. Thanks! HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX. Played at 43.75” in my 300 mini. Could be used as a shorter driver shaft or regular fairway shaft. Stiff 6.0. 3.4 torque. 64g. Mid to lower launch and spin for moderate tempos. Stock Z grip. $89 shipped. Aldila Rogue 110 MSI. Plays right around 45.5” installed in driver. Again mid to low launch and spin. Stiff flex. 63g. 3.5 torque. Small Jumbomax grip. SOLD.
  2. One full round with mine so far. Hit it from the tee 11x. Super happy with the results. High and long and pretty darn straight (if anything I left a few out to the right a bit). I had the Original One and this looks better and sounds better. Overall results are similar, though with the stock shaft, the 300 seems to launch higher. I do have an Evenflow Black on the way (picked up on the BST) to see if I can lower the flight some (I don't really want to mess with the loft, but will if I have to). I can usually get along okay with stiff, stock shafts (driver SS is around 95ish now), but th
  3. Pristine. Willing to trade for another hybrid in the 21*/22* range. PM me with any questions or offers. Thanks! Taylormade SIM2 Max hybrid. 4H (22*). Stock,stiff Ventus blue. Head cover. $214 shipped.
  4. Sold! Heading out today to Zach in Connecticut.
  5. No trades this time around. Fantastic condition - beast off the peg or turf. I ship quickly and have perfect feedback. Message me with any questions. Thanks! Taylormade Original One. 13.5* adjustable. Plays right around 43.75”. Tensei White stiff. Bomber head cover included. Wrench if you need one. Priced well at $269 shipped.
  6. Great shape. Project X Riptide CB 50 6.0. Taylormade adapter. 43” from end of adapter to end of grip. New Winn grip. Open to pretty much all trades, but especially Taylormade driver, fairway wood, or hybrid stiff or regular shafts. $88 shipped.
  7. I've recently been playing the King Vintage Torino putter. It has my Ping 2021 DS 72 sitting in the corner. The grip is fantastic (mine must have been put on straight!). The feel is definitely firmer than the Ping (I agree with someone above that it's similar to the Mizuno putters and comparable to the Betti I had), but not harsh or clicky. Alignment is super simple. Very solid putter for the price.
  8. 2021 Ping DS 72 putter. 35”. Upgraded Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour grip. Black stock shaft. Magnetic stock head cover. Save some bucks. $199 shipped.
  9. I’m bored. Not looking for any trades, unless you have a Taylormade Original One you’re looking to move on from…. Or heck…. Maybe other drivers. Message me with any questions or offers. Thanks. Mizuno ST Z bomber. 10.5. 44.5”. EvenFlow Riptide CB stiff 50S. Head cover. Wrench if needed. $369 shipped.
  10. I still have the SIM2 ti (5W set @ 19*), but I've spent some time on the range and the course with my friend's TSi2. Both are great sticks. I think the SIM2 ti looks better at address (sits perfectly behind the ball), sounds/feels significantly better than the Titleist, and is more explosive off the face. If I were picking one over the other based on forgiveness and maybe ease-of-launch, though, I guess I'd give the nod to the TSi2. I found both equally playable off the tee or deck. I do find the SIM2 ti easier to flight down, hit punch shots if needed.
  11. Traded to mojomover and heading to Los Altos.
  12. Love to trade for another putter, but will certainly take straight cash. Fine with straight up trades or money going either way. Let me know. Message me with any questions or offers. Thanks. Ping 2021 Tyne 4. 35”. Magnetic head cover. Grip Master Signature Series grip. $219 shipped.
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