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  1. Trade interests include driver, mini-driver, Hybrid 19* or 5W, maybe wedges. Continental US and PayPal. Message me with any questions or offers. Thanks! Looking for a forgiving, nasty-long strong-lofted iron? Look no further. Callaway Apex CF 19 Forged 3 iron. 19*. Recoil 110 F4. Came with my set, but I just don’t need it. Brand new. $175 shipped. Throwing this out as a feeler. Not sure I want to part with it yet. My gamer. Taylormade SIM Max. 9* adjustable. HZRDUS Smoke Yellow. Head cover. All stock. TRADED. Sunfish driver head cover. $29 shipped.
  2. Fantastic condition (dare I say “minty”) on all 3 sticks. Just not loving them. Trade interests? Sure. Taylormade Spider S (the irony). Cleveland Frontline ISO. Maybe other putters. Maybe a TM Original One. Hybrids in the 20*-21* range. Odyssey Stroke Lab #10. 34”. Golf Pride Players Wrap. Head cover (magnetic). Heck... let’s say $179 shipped. ADDED - Cobra Speedzone Hybrids. Not a mark on them. 19* & 24*. Stock stiff Recoil. Arccos grips. Head covers. $280 for both. $155 each.
  3. Best - Callaway FT Tour Worst - Ping G400 Max (great performer though)
  4. Lots of love for the Huntington Beach line, which is great, but for some reason I just like the Cleveland Frontline series better.
  5. Great putter in fantastic used condition. Trade interests would be TM Spider S, Odyssey Stroke Lab Black 10 or even a Cleveland Frontline ISO. Message me with any questions or offers. Thanks! PXG Gunboat. RH. 35” from end of grip to address. Black factory shaft. PXG SuperStroke grip. Due to my OCD, like a big dummy I bought a $40 brand new PXG magnetic head cover. $214 shipped.
  6. Nothing at this time.... I just have commitment issues.
  7. Great set of irons, in great shape. Mizuno MP-20 HMB. Standard length, loft, and lie. 5 iron through pitching wedge. Recoil 95 F4 shaft. Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G grips. $875 shipped. Message me with any questions or offers. Thanks.
  8. (1) City, State? Lebanon, OH (2) Handicap? 5 (3) Current Putter? PXG Gunboat (4) Biggest struggle when putting? not missing 3'-6' putts (5) What model Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putter would you like to test? That big ol' #14 (6) Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Yes! (7) Do you agree to write a review of the putter on Cleveland's website? Yes!
  9. I particularly like being able to hover over a post in the classified section and get a glimpse of the body of the ad. Enjoying the update! Thanks GolfWRX for the investment!
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