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  1. I have CBX2 in 50* and 58*. Zero complaints - love everything about them. I did try their full face, but did not like it as well and quickly went back to my CBX2 58*. My buddy (he's probably around a 12) loves his full face though.
  2. Hey all! No trades this time around. Both clubs are in super-duper shape. I ship quickly. As Manolo says, with these sticks, you just need to Waggle Dat Sh#t and Smack Dat Sh#t. Message me with any questions or offers. Unicorn/cult classic Taylormade Original One. 13.5* (adjustable from 11.5*-15.5*). Killer shaft - Fujikura Atmos TS Black 6S. Just a hair under 44”. New GP MCC Plus 4 grip. Head cover. SOLD. Mizuno 2020 CLK hybrid. 22* adjustable. Tensei CK Blue stiff shaft. 40”. Head cover. All stock minus the grip which is a GP MCC Plus 4 grip. $179 shipped obo
  3. Trading interests include drivers (with me throwing in some $). Maybe other stuff I don’t need. GD Tour VR 6S. Taylormade adapter. Overall length is 42.25”. Total playing length would be 43” in a fairway wood or 43.5” in a Taylormade driver or mini driver. Tour Velvet 360 standard size grip. $145 shipped.
  4. Any experience with Seamus? I'm looking at picking up a fairway / hybrid combo and they seem to have a ton of great choices....
  5. I too tried the TSi2, Sim2, and Sim2 Ti (and a bunch of others!). Sim2 Ti ended up winning the spot in my bag. I originally bought the Callaway Epic Speed (over the Cobra Radspeed Big Tour) because I didn't want to pay that much for a fairway wood (the Sim2 Ti is pricey), but the Sim2 Ti was always in my head. Glad I sold the Cally and got the Sim2 Ti.
  6. 1. City, State? Lebanon, OH 2. Handicap? 4.7 3. Current putter? Mizuno M Craft V 4. What Bettinardi Studio Stock putter do you want to test? Studio Stock 17 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes.
  7. Two for me - the CBX2 wedges and the Original One. The Cleveland’s spin a ton, feel awesome, and offer some nice, additional forgiveness. I’ve always ran hot & cold with the big dog. The OO has narrowed down those misses big time with little (to no) loss in distance.
  8. Mods - This is different from the 35” model I moved on from a month ago. Primarily want to sell, but will consider other putters. Fantastic shape with little usage. PayPal and continental US. Quick shipment. Message me with any questions or offers. Thanks. Mizuno M Craft White Satin. V Model. 34”. Silver/gray camo Super Stroke Pistol GT 2.0 with 25g weight (blue weight matches head cover). Plays at D5 with 3g weigh installed, D8 with 8g weight installed, and around E0 with 13g weight installed. Weight kit. Head cover. $219 shipped obo.
  9. Fantastic shape and a SHARP stick, but it’s been like 3-4 weeks so time for me to move on. Only trades would be hybrids around 21*, especially TSi2 or PXG. PayPal and Continental US. Message me with any questions or offers. Thanks! Taylormade SIM2 Rescue. 22* adjustable. Tensei AV Raw stiff. All stock. Head cover. $239 shipped.
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