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  1. I did the iron fitting recently. This is my 3rd fitting at cc. The fitter I requested was not the one that did my fitting which was frustrating. Not the end of the world though because I basically intended the session to be a demo day trying as many different iron set ups as possible. I had a list of heads and shafts that I sent in on my pre fit questionnaire. It was obvious that those requests were not looked at prior to me waking in. Again not end of the world. Once we got going the fitter said well I got my work cut out for me trying to improve your numbers. I look back and there is anothe
  2. 1. Illini Golf Headquarters 2. Peoria IL 5. Handicap? 6 4. Current Driver Setup? Ping 410 9 deg Ventus blue 6x 5. Where you fit for your current driver? Yes 6. What TSi head do you want to test? Tsi3 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  3. 902 has better ball speeds than the others your inquiring about.
  4. I will be using the lagp tour axs blue shaft very soon.
  5. I use the blue 6x and 7x in driver and fw wood. Feel for me is superb.
  6. I will make this short and sweet. New Level.
  7. my feeling is you get a fitting and explain your looking for graphite iron shafts and why. If your going to spend that kind of money on shafts no need to guess what’s right.
  8. I have done a couple fittings over the years. I talked to the fitter beforehand and explained what I was looking for performance wise and even discussed misses. I even expressed what my budget was and understood the perfect fit may not be in the budget so I needed the best fit within the budget. He was very accommodating and did exactly as I requested. Sales are what the fitters rely on to make at least part of their wages but in the long run a good fitter will provide you with the numbers for you to make the decision on and their honestly will lead to more sales. major iss
  9. The 902 are similar to the legendary Bridgestone j15cb. The 902 knocked the j15cb out of my bag. The pics of the 902 on their website is a good representation of the offset top line etc. as far as shot window etc that is dependent on shaft choice type of ball etc.
  10. 1031 are discontinued. I am able I use their website and see top line pics etc for order purposes. I use 902 and previously was using the legendary Bridgestone j15cb
  11. mws82

    Elbow pain

    Thanks for the info. I use lamkin sonar midsize grips and rarely hit off mats. I will look into the inserts.
  12. I’m playing the project x lz iron shafts for the third season this year. I have got to play more this year than last 3 years combined. I have developed golfers elbow and am wondering if there is a shaft out there that performs similar to the lz but may be easier on elbow?
  13. How tall is he and how much did you cut down? I’m so worried of cutting a shaft and making it to stiff
  14. That’s the exact info I wanted. Thank you
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