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  1. Shafts in new set s400 as well? Sorry I’m a bit slow and could t find it on the spec sheet
  2. My local shop has zx7 kbs tour 130x flex sitting on the shelf anyone looking I would be glad to help
  3. This putter plays 34.5 inches with 68deg lie and 2deg loft. It has a fluted shaft installed in it to enhance feel. This putter is numbered 010 and has an awesome face mill pattern and some cool polished circles dancing on the heel. Also included is the proto headcover Asking $525 I have no real trade interest but will listen to any types of offers.
  4. Are you looking for stiff or x flex?
  5. How do the tcb’s compare to miura tc201 in size and offset?
  6. They could be yours slide into my dm
  7. Miura tc201 5-pw used 10 rounds and 3 range sessions. They are shafted with lagp tour axs blu 105x shafts. The specs are: 5 38.5 lie 60.5 6 38.0 lie 61.0 7 37.5 lie 61.5 8 37.0 lie 62.0 9 36.5 lie 62.5 P 36.0 lie 63.0 asking $1700 There is a head only option but it will create a shipping delay as I will have them professionally pulled and that service is not local to me.
  8. This putter plays 34.5 inches with 69 deg lie and 2.5 deg loft. It has a fluted shaft and a pure midsize grip. The putter is stamped 010 signifying this is one of the first 10 he did. I have used this putter on rare occasions but it is in excellent shape and will also come with the limited edition headcover asking $550
  9. Indeed it could be a shoe issue but it also can be fixed with various lacing methods. I know it sounds crazy but I always do a heel lock shoe lacing of golf shoes
  10. How do you matte the tsi3? Any pics of one that’s Been done?
  11. https://golfshaftsaustralia.com/products/tour-axs-blue-105-iron-shaft?variant=36742915031208 has some info. Best way I can describe them is stable. I use to fight a big draw from shafts that were soft causing poor deflection. With these I can make same swing as always and they go dead straight.
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