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  1. It sits next to my MP Transformers collection. It's never seen a ball so I don't know! Golf Alchemy are wizards
  2. I was fit recently. My swing speed was around 77mph with my own 7 iron. I was fit in to steel fiber 95 stiff which I was swinging at an average of 80.5.i have a very aggressive transition, but waa as amazed at the increase in swingspeed. I hit the mavrik Pro in the fitting and really enjoyed it. But it didn't gain me much from my i500, but it was more forgiving. For me Epic Forged was a game changer. I don't hit the ball very far but do so with too much height and spin. You can say all you want about stronger lofts but I gained 19nyards on the 7 iron but added a ton of shot consistency and
  3. TaylorMade own yes through the Adams acquisition. Guessing the patent has run out. Goosen won his US Open back in 2001, and they weren't a new brand then.
  4. I'm really surprised how little feed back there is on these so far. I'm really looking forward to trying one in my driver.
  5. I'm happy to ship to US, but would have to add shipping on top. Pm me and we can figure something out I'm sure.
  6. Ping G410 LST 9 tour 65 stiff shaft standard length, headcover and wrench included. £250 shipped Callaway epic flash 3+ mitsubishi c6 70 stiff shaft (blueboard profile) £170 no headcover Adidas codechaos uk10. Worn once but too narrow.. So comfy underfoot. £80 shipped Adidas codechaos boa uk10 new £120 New arccos with years subscription £130. 2 dozen 2020 titleist avx £75 shipped.
  7. Avx is definitely one of the options I was thinking. I'll get on a monitor soon to try and figure it all out.
  8. I definitely seem to be in the minority on this one! I genuinely feel I would gain more from a potential 5-10 yard distance jump, than I would having a little extra spin around the greens. Thanks for everyones input though.
  9. Less spin than 2,900. Get to around 2,4-2,500. There's also wind to deal with. Maybe you're right, but I want to get that ball speed as high as possible as everything else can be fine tuned around it.
  10. Maybe because I'm in the UK, and conditions tend to be soft, I just don't see that is the right way to look at things for my game. I feel i can adapt to less spin, but if you're short, you're short!
  11. I've been playing i500, and in the fitting found these easier to hit. And more solid feeling. And definitely longer.
  12. What is considered the firmest at the moment? I've used TP5 X previously.
  13. Sorry, I felt I gave enough info. I want to maximise my yardage with the driver, while sticking to a Urethane ball. Not overly concerned at soft/vs hard, just what will be fastest off the face while dropping spin from the Chromesoft. My game will benefit more from extra yardage than it would from a spinnier golf ball around the green, but still need some control, but feel any Urethane ball will give me enough at my ability. Also I tend to use putters with grooves or inserts, so don't mind if the ball is firmer, but also not bothered at In theory something like the the Titleist AVX sounds like
  14. Had a fitting this week. Driver swingspeed around 92, launch just under 15, spin around 2900 with a mavrik subzero 9 heavy weight back with a chrome soft. Ball speed was 5mph an hour faster with this set up over mavrik or max. We tried weight forward to get the spin down but just didnt deliver the club head as consistently. Fitter suggested chrome soft x would probably get me where I needed to be. At 92mph it's not like I'm massively compressing the ball, but definitely need every yard I can get. What ball would people suggest? Hope that's enough info.
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