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  1. Played the FTs for a year or so and have hit the MIMs a little and can echo what other have said. The 8-PW on the FTs (to me) felt huge and I never loved them. The 4-7 on the other hand were amazing. Easy to hit and long. The MIMs are smaller and feel more inviting in the 8-PW. A combo set would be ideal but again the gaps would be tough. Not to throw a wrench in you search, but I switched to some Mizzy Hot Metal Pros and they are the best of both worlds in my opinion. No they are not forged, but have that smaller foot print like a forged club. Long irons are a tad larger
  2. So I just bought a SIM2 Max D driver on whim. I have a regular SIM2 Max and really like it, but off the tee for me is typically a fade which I overcorrect into a pull from time to time. Most reviews I've seen on these have been for slower swing speed/higher HC golfers...but would like some feedback from those who have tested it with somewhat similar numbers as myself. SS is around 115ish, HC is around 12. Thanks in advance
  3. Looking for a buddy. Has a G LST but needs an XFlex shaft. OR would be willing to move to a G400 series with an XFlex shaft. TIA
  4. Few items for sale. Prices are tyd 1. Modus 120 Stiff shafts. 5-PW. Like new condition. One round of play. Grips are NDMCs and also like new. These played +1/2” in my Hot Metal Pros. 7-iron tip end of grip is 36.5”. $140 tyd OBO 2. Tour AD DI 7s w/G410/425 adaptor. Measures 42.25” end of adaptor to end of grip. Tested this as a short driver project but would make a great 3-wood shaft as well. No clue on tipping. $95 tyd
  5. Anyone have a side by side pic of the HMP vs the Forged? Mainly The 9-PW. I have some 921 HMP on the way, but found a great deal online and jumped on them without even seeing them. Love Forged clubs, but not playing nearly as much as I used to and thought I could benefit from the extra forgiveness. Biggest concern is the size...visually I cannot get over a large club, especially the 8-9-PW. Mentally I think I am hitting a shovel. Was hoping the HMPs were more compact that the regular HMs I’ve seen.
  6. Prices are TYD. Opens to trades, see below what I am looking for. 1. Titleist T100 5-9 KBS Tour S shafts. Standard LLL. Very good shape, minimal chatter. Bought this set used but heads are a touch to small for my poor game. Beautiful clubs, just needing something else. Will throw in a KBS Tour S matching PW shaft as well. Trades: Irons in LZ 6.0 or 6.5 or C/S-Tapers would be ideal Hot Metal Pros King Tours MIM ?? With LX shafts $sold 2. Fujikura Ventus Blue 6s shaft. TM adapter, plays 45.5”. Excellent shape
  7. Prices are tyd lower 48. No trades. 1. Ping G410 LST 10.5* Head with cover. Good shape, clean crown. $275 2. Srixon Z565 5-PW w/ Tour Issue AMT S400s. 37.5” 5-iron. Good shape, some chatter but noting excessive. Faces are clean, no browning. Willing to separate. $400
  8. Looking to trade my G410 LST head. Used but in very good shape, clean crown. Looking to a SIM Max, Mavrik SZ or Speedzone Xtreme. Headcover will be included. I do have a Tour AD 7s that would move if there is a trade to be made. However it plays short, roughly 43.75”. would sell the head for $300 but prefer to trade.
  9. Heading out to the Baltimore/Linthicum area for travel. Looking for course recommendations in the general area. Don’t mind to drive a little bit. Looking for best bang for my buck
  10. Looking to sell or trade for a less aggressive G410 shaft. Nothing stock please. HZRDUS G410 T1100 6.5 shaft. Very good shape. Got it with my 410LST and I just too much for me. $175 shipped OBO
  11. Long story short, bought this from GlobalGolf a few weeks back, hit it about 10 times into a net and decided to stick with my current driver. Never hit a TM driver well but I keep trying. 10.5* with Tensei CK 6x shaft. Headcover included. Stock length I believe. Can verify. Club is in good shape minus a few tiny chips in the top line. This is how I received it from BG. $320 shipped
  12. Sticking with the G410 for now so selling my G400 Max. 9* with a HZRDUS 6.0 76g shaft. Good shape, clean crown and top line. Typical wear on the face and sold. No headcover. $275 TYD
  13. Like an idiot, I sold my G400 Max with a HZRDUS Yellow 76 6.0 last winter. Went to the G410 and really liked it initially but other than the muted sound, the G400 Max seemed nearly as long and to me, more forgiving. Sold that G410 and went to look for my old setup...dang near impossible. The prices were outrageous. Tried a few others in the mean time, but the Max was always on my radar to repurchase. Came across a killer deal on another 410 so threw that back in the bag....then FINALLY a great deal on my same Max setup came up on eBay. Unfortunately, I am hitting the 410 great right now
  14. > @dk77fo18 said: > How much TP IZ TIPPED? I don't believe it has been tipped, but can try to measure and verify
  15. > @MKappas said: > > @dhayse32 said: > > > @MKappas said: > > > willing to sell just the Epic Flash head? > > Would consider it > > price? > > Shoot me an offer. Might have buyer for the shaft.
  16. > @t3brian said: > Can you post a pic of the spider looking down the shaft from address position? hard to tell shaft and face alignment.
  17. Prices are TYD OBO lower. ONLY trade I am looking for is a G400 Max or G410 Plus/LST with a HZRDUS Yellow shaft. 1. TaylorMade M6 10.5* head. Excellent shape, played 1 round. No headcover, but willing to throw in the CRU headcover for the right deal. ~~$325~~ SOLD ~~2. Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 9*. HZRDUS Smoke 70 6.0 shaft. Butt cut to play around 44". Excellent shape, played 1 round. Headcover and wrench included. $400~~ SOLD 3. Mizuno ST190 9.5*. Elements Chrome 7F4T shaft. Headcover included. Played about 3 rounds with it. Very good shape. ~~$280~~ ~
  18. I have been using a Spider Tour Red since they came out and all in all I love it. My issue is on putts 20' and beyond, which unfortunately for me happens too often, I almost always come up short or I hammer it 8' past. I cannot get a feel for those for some reason. The feel is great but the face seems so soft. When I try other buddies putters, I don't have the issue. So I want the Spider feel, but a hotter face. I have been looking that the X and now the Mini and debating on which way to go. Problem is I don't have a local place that caries all the models (that I am aware of). Thos
  19. Strongly considering one of those but trying to find out if there is a difference between them. I know the Copper was just released, but specs look the same as the Red. Can anyone tell me the differences? Thanks
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