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  1. Looking to reshaft my X20 Tours and was wondering if they are parallel or taper tip. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Wedges, Putters, 5 wood, CPRCleaning out the garage, all prices include shipping. Callaway FT-5 w/ headcover, 9* Neutral, Fuji E-150 Stiff stock shaft. Used for 4 rounds and a couple of range sessions. $270.00 $260.00 OBO Deal Pending Ping Tour Wedges, 54* Brushed/Polished and 58* Black Chrome, both black dot. $130.00 $120.00 for both or $70.00 $65.00 ea Cobra SZ 5 Wood w/ headcover, Stock Aldila HM Tour shaft, regular flex. 1 idiot mark on top from a fat shot, not real obvious from address but included good picture of the mark. $60.00 $55.00OBO Nike CPR 18* Hybrid w/ headcover, Stock Nike Reg flex shaft, well used but no scuffs or idiot marks on top. $35.00 Ping G2 C67 putter, no headcover, 34" Black Dot, Ping Finger Lock grip. $40.00 OBO Ping Ug-Le w/headcover, 34" Black Dot, Win AVS Oversize paddle grip. $85.00 $75.00OBO
  3. Looks like a hijacked account. All of the feedback is for arts and crafts type items.
  4. You don't really need Photoshop to do that. Just use a white seamless and over expose the background a couple of stops. If you really wanted to use Photoshop just expose for the bag with a white background and adjust the levels until the background falls out.
  5. The tour models do not have the alignment aid on the crown. The Tour models also have the Callaway chevron on the face of the club where the regular FT-3s do not. Tour models have half degree lofts ie. 9.5, 10.5 but the regular models come in whole number lofts ie 9, 10, 11. Hope this helps.
  6. Ping i5, regular flex CS Lite shafts, Black Dot, Standard length, White grips 500.00 shipped. Played 10- 15 rounds, no damage. Will trade for stiff flex of same.
  7. I had the i5's with the CS Lite shaft and they were nearly unplayable. I don't know why they felt so good in the store and so bad on the course, but for me the ball flight was very high to balloning and I'm a low speed swinger. I had them reshafted with DG R300 and they were much better but I have since gone back to my Cobra's.
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