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  1. Up for sale are some spares that I don’t need laying around PING G410 Plus, & LST Drivers Plus is 10.5* LST is 9* (neutral hotmelt added) Choice of shafts Factory Alta 55s VA RAIJIN 64 Flex 4 (Stiff) LST has seen more use, but both in good shape with no uglies to speak of from address Either club $230 with Alta or $200 for head only… VA Shaft Sold! PING G 4-crossover blue dot Alta 70r shaft $70 TEE CBX 20* Hybrid PX HZRDUS 5.5 Cover included $70 Scotty Cameron Studio Style 43” Putter was going to pull the head & have restored, but won’t get to it anytime soon Have no problem hanging this in the closet until I feel like working on it The Belly seems to have a longer neck, & has 370g head weight In decent shape for its age, but obviously not perfect, but perfect for a restore! $350 Please add $20 per item for shipping Obviously discounts given if wanting multiple items Not looking for any trades, but if you feel you must… Don't be upset if I politely decline Can take any/all pics requested if someone for whatever reason wants it all I’d ship it all out for $750
  2. I’m looking forward to hitting them Curious to see what NL will release next.. I love my Stealth 2.0’s, so nothing happening there for a while… Would be interested if their toes dipped into the driver pool, especially with how many shaft options they offer at reasonable pricing
  3. I actually ended up picking up a set of the 623m that were on closeout Should be here tomorrow Black heads, with KBS Tour Blacks 4-PW $670 shipped to me Hard to pass that up
  4. A little info… I am currently sitting around 6-7 hdcp Have been 1-3 for the last 10 years.. Recent move kept me off the course for almost a year, & just now getting back in the game Playing many random, new courses, has raised my numbers a bit, but I’m knocking off rust well… Strong iron player, I like to think good short game, putting is my strongest attribute Always been strong with every club in my bag… until we get to the hybrid/5-wood slot Have had dozens over the years, won’t even go into them all Enter New Level Golf….. Heard great things about their products (from the few that actually knew about them) Spoke several times to Eric about irons, but my PINGS haven’t really done me wrong… When I saw the upcoming release on the hybrid line… I was intrigued Well, after a few beers, & a dismal outing with my then gamer, Exotics 20*, don’t even remember the model, I noticed the NLH-01 had been released & available for order… So THE DAY it released, I gave them my money… 20*, Ventus Blue 80s At a hair over $300, and a few days later… There it was on the doorstep… To the course… The NLH-01 is more compact than it portrays on the website… neither good, nor bad IMHO It is definitely a BEAUTIFUL club… Feel upon impact is different than I’m used to… incredibly solid… doesn’t feel “springy” for lack of better term, but flat out goes… Sound is another thing that is much different than I’m used to in a hybrid… A dead “thud” which I loved I was able to hit several shots with it… Easily workable either way.. but liked going straight with ease… I'm hoping this is no honeymoon, and I’ve FINALLY found my long term hybrid since an ancient 19* Bobby Jones so many years ago
  5. Nice Driver Combo!! Have the same set up in my 410 Best shaft I've ever gamed GLWS
  6. Ok guys... Been working in the area for about a month, but living in the 5th wheel... Should get the keys to our new to us “mini mansion” by the end of this week... Moving from about 4 hrs away, so will still be transporting our belongings over the next month or so, but will be looking for a new track to join... A little history... I’ve been on our MC board for many years (MC Tournament Director) & play anywhere between 0-5 hdcp depending on my time to play... so probably closer to 5 currently... We have weekly money games set up Fri-Sun every week that are open to all... Do the clubs in the area have anything similar? Looking at maybe joining up at TimberStone, or maybe Ridgecrest?
  7. Maybe check HWY 97? Only way I know to access is up at Biggs Junction...(east on 84) which is a drive from PDX
  8. Hard to tell from new Nothing really to explain here Can shoot more pics if needed... but nothing to hide... Never used $150 shipped
  9. 2 pieces I won’t be using.... Prices are shipped.... No trades at this time See pics for measurements on shaft Tour Ad-Di.... $SOLD shipped A few small marks, but in great shape 410 Driver tip Got beat out by the VA Cameron X7M 33” Sticking with the trusty Redwood A few small marks on top... but another in great shape HC included $SOLD shipped
  10. Didn’t work for you either eh?? ? Good guy here folks!
  11. Spare bits I won’t be using All 3 are in good used condition G410 3 Wood stock stiff shaft (Tensei Orange) $SOLD G400 Hybrid 19* Fuji R flex shaft $SOLD X7m 33” with 20g weight $225 Buy the putter & 3-Wood & I’ll throw in the Hybrid! OEM Headcovers are of course included, but don’t think I have a spare wrench can take more pics upon request not looking for any trades, but never against it either ?
  12. Years ago, had a TEE CB2 16.5* with Grafalloy Bi-Matrix FW version shaft in it... Ended up with an all PING bag, & can’t remember where I let that thing go to By far longest FW I’ve owned to this day... would love to replicate, but finding that shaft again has been impossible to say the least..!!
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