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  1. Nice Driver Combo!! Have the same set up in my 410 Best shaft I've ever gamed GLWS
  2. Ok guys... Been working in the area for about a month, but living in the 5th wheel... Should get the keys to our new to us “mini mansion” by the end of this week... Moving from about 4 hrs away, so will still be transporting our belongings over the next month or so, but will be looking for a new track to join... A little history... I’ve been on our MC board for many years (MC Tournament Director) & play anywhere between 0-5 hdcp depending on my time to play... so probably closer to 5 currently... We have weekly money games set up Fri-Sun every week that are open t
  3. Maybe check HWY 97? Only way I know to access is up at Biggs Junction...(east on 84) which is a drive from PDX
  4. Hard to tell from new Nothing really to explain here Can shoot more pics if needed... but nothing to hide... Never used $150 shipped
  5. 2 pieces I won’t be using.... Prices are shipped.... No trades at this time See pics for measurements on shaft Tour Ad-Di.... $SOLD shipped A few small marks, but in great shape 410 Driver tip Got beat out by the VA Cameron X7M 33” Sticking with the trusty Redwood A few small marks on top... but another in great shape HC included $SOLD shipped
  6. Didn’t work for you either eh?? ? Good guy here folks!
  7. Spare bits I won’t be using All 3 are in good used condition G410 3 Wood stock stiff shaft (Tensei Orange) $SOLD G400 Hybrid 19* Fuji R flex shaft $SOLD X7m 33” with 20g weight $225 Buy the putter & 3-Wood & I’ll throw in the Hybrid! OEM Headcovers are of course included, but don’t think I have a spare wrench can take more pics upon request not looking for any trades, but never against it either ?
  8. Years ago, had a TEE CB2 16.5* with Grafalloy Bi-Matrix FW version shaft in it... Ended up with an all PING bag, & can’t remember where I let that thing go to By far longest FW I’ve owned to this day... would love to replicate, but finding that shaft again has been impossible to say the least..!!
  9. I'm still using, & loving these balls as well... Haven't a clue as to how many I have left! But I haven't been playing due to a work priority right now (2 more weeks & should merit a $15k bonus) So I'm a little focused on that... I know this goes against most WRX'ers... But from top to bottom... Bag is SET for next year!!
  10. Got this in trade & won’t be using it... Don’t know exactly specs, but a friend ordered it from our club as heavy, hence the Circle H Seems to be about 34” long, 15g weights... so not really sure why it ended up Circle H, unless it was originally 35”? Either way, it’s obviously been gamed, but not near abused... Pics show condition of a few slight marks here & there, but still a very nice piece Not sure where to price this, so let’s start at $235 shipped Would entertain trades, but really not looking for anything?
  11. I haven't been playing much lately, as work has been my main focus... Long story short, I have sales #'s to hit before fiscal year ends (12/27/19) Will be a cool $10k if I can achieve it (should be no problem) BUT... I did play yesterday in an annual fundraiser the course does, & STILL love this ball.. Even my buddy is still playing it, whom I mentioned in my original posts... Great ball for the price, & I will be loyal to it until it's not available! (I will be slowly hoarding)
  12. These are just sitting around... Prices are obro, & trades will be considered... Would like to get my hands on another SC Studio (GSS) Newport, either 340, or 350g Anyway.... Scotty 5.5 at 34” (15g weights) Used but hardly abused $225 TM GAPR High 19* Think I used this MAYBE 3 rounds... Then got my irons in Sig, & stuck with 3i $135 If prices are out of line, make a reasonable offer... I’m easy to deal with Take them both for $300!
  13. ? Why are Mizuno people so sensitive Are they “exactly” the same... No I have yet to hit any 2 irons sets that are... MP32’s were the last set of Mizzy’s I’ve played... Tried the more recent offerings... But didn’t care for any of them... Just as many don’t like the i500’s... Be sure to see sig below... I’m only using the 3-6 in the i500’s And I love them
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