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  1. Haha, I've swapped putters at the turn before.
  2. I have $300 in shop credit I need to burn. That's perfect to grab one of these. I just can't decide between the I, IV or V. I like them all equally.
  3. Do you have any pics of the rust it created?
  4. Does anyone know if it's easily possible to remove any of the finishes from any of the 3 options? I would love a IV in raw carbon all rusty and patinaed up. That would be perfect.
  5. I ordered and played them this season. The red Por Plus. That cover scuffs like shredded cheese off of one wedge shot.
  6. How is the durability? Thats the ONLY thing I do not like about Vice balls.
  7. Man, that last picture is the selling point here.
  8. TM should pull a fast one and totally bamboozle everyone by just NOT releasing a driver in 2022 and acting like nothing is weird about that.
  9. Looking for a radspeed or tsi2. Maybe tsi3. Stiff shaft. Let's see em.
  10. Looking for stiff shaft. Would be OK with either colorway. standard length to perhaps -.75" short. Let me know what you have.
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