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  1. This beauty showed up yesterday. It's the 3rd putter David has built for me. First one in stainless. I can't say enough about how great David is to work with.
  2. I got the revolver head cover with mine and it's magnetic. A really nice head cover.
  3. Here is the latest putter that David just finished for me. Can't wait to have it in hand.
  4. Try Nordberg putters.
  5. Here are my G7 and G8. He is also currently building me a flow neck G6 that is nearly done.
  6. You will love your Goodwood. I have 2 and my 3rd is on the way. David is super easy to work with and does a fantastic job. Can't wait to see your build pics.
  7. Is...... Is that a SIM2?
  8. Yet....here you are. Clicking in to have a look and taking time to comment....
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