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  1. I would start my quest to find out by calling or emailing Wilson....
  2. Jesus, you microwave that thing for 5 mins and then hit it?
  3. Perhaps Taylormade will jump in to the fully milled putter game with the old YES! technology. The Tracy II is one of the best putters of all time. I have to imagine if the say Taylormade on them instead of YES they would sell. Think Toulon/Odyssey.
  4. The putter is gone. Let's move the GAPR.
  5. Taylormade GAPR 3 mid. Not much to say. It hits it high and far. Stiff shaft. Stock everything. $110 shipped. Bettinardi bb1f. 2020 model. In flawless condition. Plays @ 33.25". Stock everything else. SOLD.
  6. Looking for head only.
  7. Î The legacy is awesome. It's top quality. It feels amazing and rolls it nicely. He was awesome to work with too. I asked him if he would adjust the lie angle and it to 33" and he was more than happy to do it. He had it adjusted and shipped the same day.
  8. Picked these two up recently. Goodwood G8 raw carbon with super shallow hand milled face and a bunch of caddy shack quotes on the sole. Legacy goods "Carbon Candy" with welded stainless screw neck.
  9. You can buy the modified ones with a better looking neck for $400 now on the BST all the time. Why would you drop $900 on this?
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