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  1. I can get one for you in a few hours when I am home. It is very similar to a mizuno m craft 1 if you are familiar with that. I'll post a pic in about 3ish hours for you.
  2. Ping Redwood Anser: if you know, you know, amiright? . A cult classic for sure. It's tough to find these in this good of condition and virtually impossible to find with a flow neck outside of having it custom done. This thing is sweet. Plays at 33.5" with new iomic grip. I also have the original head cover that I will include. $250. Get someone(yourself) a one of a kind Xmas gift. Text only please.
  3. Yes, I'm a wide body. I'm not proud. I'm not attractive. This putter is though. At least it has a nice body. Too bad it has that hideous plumbers neck. I love the wide blade but I cannot get used to the plumbers neck so it has to go. I bought it brand new and it's played 3 rounds of 18 holes and since I learned the hard way that I cannot putt with a plumbers neck it's hit about 120 putts in that time. Has the original head cover. 34". Original grip. The pics tell the rest of the story. $299 shipped. The ONLY trades I would consider would be a wide blade/small mallet with a flow or slant neck and no insert. I'll gladly send you more pics if you would like. *dog hair seen in pics is not included* it's a permanent part of my putting green since they have claimed it as their bed.
  4. I understand that but do you grip it all the way at the end of the grip and extend the full length of the grip or do you have an inch or so sticking out above your hands?
  5. If you grip it that low why not shorten the putter by an inch or so and then you can still use a standard grip.
  6. Raw carbon is starting to patina. Or rust I guess but high class people call it patina. Plays at 33.5 inches and has a Goodwood head cover. Has Caddy shack quotes stamped on the sole by David at Goodwood. The paint job was done by me during a time of sheer boredom during quarantine. love the feel of this putter. Its my 3rd Goodwood and the other 2 will never leave my possession but the head shape and I are at odds. Might as well move it to someone that will use it. $210 shipped.
  7. Nothing too unique but I had $300 in shop credit to burn so.......
  8. Haha, I've swapped putters at the turn before.
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