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  1. I expect that Bridgestone Tour BS/BXS are the best balls on the market. I don't care what their test says.
  2. I prefer a lighter putter so it's perfect for me.
  3. Plus, I feel like overall most people would prefer the plumbers neck over the flow neck anyway.
  4. It would if you spent an extra $100 and sent it to Ken Flannigan.
  5. Find yourself a good condition ping redwood and call it a day.
  6. Quite a few years ago I had a Tracy II that I loved and for some reason sold. I saw this on the BST a year or two ago and picked it up super cheap to replace it. I mostly use it indoors on my practice green but it occasionally makes an appearance in the bag.
  7. Interesting. I guess the most fun part of all of it is that the bulk of people snatching them up will have no intention of playing it. They will just be flipping it for twice the MSRP.
  8. Won't they bi in stores in early August? Can't you guys just pick one up at that point? Forgive me if I'm wrong. I don't know how this crap works no do I care that much.
  9. I would get them both and also keep getting more putter as well until I find one that makes 100% from inside 40 feet.
  10. jtj74

    Cobra drivers

    Bio Cell+. That driver is a legend.
  11. jtj74

    Cut blue/gray

    I just didn't like them. That's all I recall. I feel like they were way spinny off the driver. No offense but carrying on about the Ksig balls is not what I'm here for. I'm asking about the Cut balls only. I've never played those so I'm looking for feedback on that ball specifically.
  12. jtj74

    Cut blue/gray

    Yep. I've played them. I just don't care for the feel of them. For some reason I haven't gotten along with that ball.
  13. jtj74

    Cut blue/gray

    Thats what I have read too. Durability issues. At that cost though, for a urethane ball, it seems like its worth a box or two as a test.
  14. jtj74

    Cut blue/gray

    I've been seeing these pop in stores for $20/dozen. Thinking about picking up a box of each to check out. Anybody played these recently and have any opinions on them?
  15. Giant sunflower seeds. I save them up in my mouth and only only spit them on the greens close to the hole so they wont bother people that hit from the long grass.
  16. Goodwood(x3) Carbon Ping Redwood. Thats the rotation.
  17. Game improvement irons DO NOT improve your game.
  18. I have. There is nothing like the beat up edge of a hole tat has had a bunch of putters it in trying to pick the ball out. Just bend down and pull the ball out by hand.
  19. Have you tried bending over and picking it up with your hands?
  20. I use the level app on my phone to make sure the face is vertical then lay my phone on the grip and tweak it until its level.
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