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  1. 16 hours ago, rkelso184 said:



    What other takeaways do you expect to see? What do you think will be the "best ball"? I personally just went back to the ProV1x and think once again they will be the ball to beat.




    I expect that Bridgestone Tour BS/BXS are the best balls on the market. I don't care what their test says. 

  2. 2 minutes ago, timbo08 said:

    Generally most of the time there is a set number released by Titleist and then each shop depending on size is allocated a certain amount to order.  For instance, Titleist might make 2,000 of them and insert name of random golf shop might get allocated up to say 4 to order for their customers.  Larger places like Roger Dunn or Dicks might not know their allocation and take too many orders unfortunately. 

    Interesting. I guess the most fun part of all of it is that the bulk of people snatching them up will have no intention of playing it. They will just be flipping it for twice the MSRP. 

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  3. Won't they bi in stores in early August? Can't you guys just pick one up at that point? Forgive me if I'm wrong. I don't know how this crap works no do I care that much.

  4. 2 minutes ago, wantacigar said:

    What about the feel don't you like?  Reason I'm asking is that I've played almost every ball out there and if you can say what about the feel you don't like I could either direct you to or away from other balls.  I've played every Taylor Made, Titleist, Snell, Vice, etc.

    I just didn't like them. That's all I recall. I feel like they were way spinny off the driver. 


    No offense but carrying on about the Ksig balls is not what I'm here for. I'm asking about the Cut balls only. I've never played those so I'm looking for feedback on that ball specifically. 

  5. 8 minutes ago, wantacigar said:

    The Kirkland Signature V2 or more affectionately known around these parts as the KSig 3.2 are THE BEST VALUED AND QUALITY BALL for the price in the Universe.  $24.99 for TWO dozen 3 pc. urethane balls that are as good as any urethane ball out there.....Just Sayin

    Yep. I've played them. I just don't care for the feel of them. For some reason I haven't gotten along with that ball.

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  6. Just now, hammergolf said:

    I have never tried them. But I do remember posts about the cover not being durable at all. One of the balls also spun an incredible amount, but can't remember which model. 

    Thats what I have read too. Durability issues. At that cost though, for a urethane ball, it seems like its worth a box or two as a test.

  7. I've been seeing these pop in stores for $20/dozen. Thinking about picking up a box of each to check out. Anybody played these recently and have any opinions on them?

  8. 1 minute ago, kmay__ said:

    Have you tried buying a product that is marketed and described by the manufacturer to perform a specific task, and then been happy when said product can not perform that task? 


    From PINGs website... 

    "Fetch [Platinum]

    A distinctive golf-ball-size center hole in this new design allows you to pick up the ball or remove it from the cup with the putter head and not have to bend down. "

    I have. 


    There is nothing like the beat up edge of a hole tat has had a bunch of putters it in trying to pick the ball out. Just bend down and pull the ball out by hand. 

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