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  1. Raw carbon is starting to patina. Or rust I guess but high class people call it patina🤣. Plays at 33.5 inches and has a Goodwood head cover. Has Caddy shack quotes stamped on the sole by David at Goodwood. The paint job was done by me during a time of sheer boredom during quarantine. love the feel of this putter. Its my 3rd Goodwood and the other 2 will never leave my possession but the head shape and I are at odds. Might as well move it to someone that will use it. $210 shipped. 







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  2. 14 minutes ago, DeacLaw05 said:

    I used to swap out putters about once a month.  Put the M Craft 1 in my bag 18 months ago and haven’t even thought about taking it out since.

    Haha, I've swapped putters at the turn before. 

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  3. 19 minutes ago, Boomersooner523 said:


    I have looked into this for awhile because for some reason I think a raw looking putter (like those PING PLD's and NCW putters) are amazing looking. I have the black finish on mine and I tried all the tricks...Salt water, coke, and a lemon juice/vinegar bath overnight. 


    No of these have stripped the finish but I will say I think I did start some rust with the vinegar bath overnight then wrapped it in a salty rag. 


    Truth is if you really want it raw, you will have to find a local powder coater to run it in a acid bath or something like that to strip it. I called my local guy and it's about $100 to strip it no matter the size...kinda pricey. I just tore up a member guest and made some awesome putts so I think I may take the plunge over the winter and strip it. I also want to throw a BB&f Co. ferrule on it.

    Do you have any pics of the rust it created?

  4. 7 minutes ago, rooski said:


    When was the last time you tried one? The new ones (at least Pro Plus) are the most durable ball I've ever played. I've gotten 4-5 rounds out of the ones I've played so far 

    I ordered and played them this season. The red Por Plus. That cover scuffs like shredded cheese off of one wedge shot.

  5. I have two awesome putters for sale. I love the feel and look of both but my eye just can't adjust to these head styles.

    Legacy Goods McClane "Carbon Candy" screw neck. Carbon steel. Not exactly sure on head weight but I would put it at 350 based on feel. 33.5". This thing is a beauty. Feels so pure but I need an anser type blade. TRADED.

    GOODWOOD raw carbon steel G8. Starting to develop a nice patina(OK, some rust). That's the look I wanted when I ordered it so I think it's great because I like rust. Has hand stamped caddy shack quotes  the sole. Paint job is by me experimenting during quarantine boredom. Head weight is about 345 if I remember correctly. I can strip it if you'd like. 33.5". $275. Obro. 















  6. I have a flow neck Holiday that is in my rotation. Its a fantastic putter. I would definitely recommend them. I am actually very strongly considering ordering a ringo to add to my rotation as well. 

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  7. 16 hours ago, rkelso184 said:



    What other takeaways do you expect to see? What do you think will be the "best ball"? I personally just went back to the ProV1x and think once again they will be the ball to beat.




    I expect that Bridgestone Tour BS/BXS are the best balls on the market. I don't care what their test says. 

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