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  1. That dude is playing some kind of future golf. I bet he bags SM11 wedges.
  2. Make me some offers. Surely someone wants these sweet swinging sticks. Lets negotiate.
  3. Well, strangely enough, my lineage DOES go back directly to the Mayflower so.....I guess I'm THIS snob 17. THE ARISTO-GOLFER He can trace his blue-blood lineage directly to the Mayflower, a ship that must have been a barrel of laughs compared to the stuffy, lifeless club where he wiles away his days.
  4. I'm not anti-river. Rivers are great. They are full of nutritious fish and dead bodies. I just don't think adding $5 to ship something to one side or another of a river makes a lick of difference.
  5. I'm not gonna go in to some detailed sales pitch about these irons. If you know, you know. If you don't, you should. One of the best iron sets iron sets of the last few years. These have served me well. 4-GW. They have S300 AMT stiff shafts and play standard L/L/L. The 7 shaft broke and instead of sending it to Wilson I had it reshafted locally with the correct shaft but it does not have the shaft band. Recently installed standard size golf pride tour wrap microsuede grips. They have standard bag chatter for forged clubs because iron covers are for snobs. They have tons of life left and if they don't sell I will more than gladly keep them as my backup set. $385 shipped anywhere in the CONUS. Do not add $5 or $10 for either side of a river because that's just petty. I'll be alright. Message me with questions or inquiries. I will also gladly message or text you more photos.
  6. Major advancements in wood?
  7. Will you post a pic at address with a ball lined up to help get an idea of actual size for those of us that aren't too familiar with a spider putter size? EDIT. I'm an idiot and didn't see that there is already one there. I apologize and you can berate me as you see fit.
  8. Sent my redwood anser to Ken Flanigan to have a welded flow neck put on. He sent me these pics tonight. It looks amazing.
  9. I like the look from the front. The look from address is....EH. the look from the back reminds me of.....
  10. Maybe part of the deal with SIK to let them use their patented face tech was that they couldn't just replicate one of their putters? Just a thought but I bet that there is something there.
  11. New 3D printed putter with SIKs face tech. Interesting..... https://golf.com/gear/putters/cobra-3d-printed-king-supersport-35-putters/
  12. So....if i just put some lead tape on my SZ right behind the face then I have a RAD? Sweet. I can get one for like $3.
  13. Question for the Shaft experts: what modern shafts play the most similar to the old matrix ozik 65M4 black tie? I have struggled off the tee recently with new drivers. I just benched my SIM and went back to my trusty old Cobra Bio Cell+ and the last two rounds I have been in play on every tee shot. I played this shaft in all my old cobra drivers and loved it. It just works for me. I would like to get back in to a new model driver and put the BC back in my backup bag but don't know where to start looking for shafts. I'm thinking maybe a speedzone would be nice. Go ahead and tell me to go get fitted... Yeah, yeah I know. Once we are past that I'm really just looking for shafts that play very much like my beloved black tie. I want to keep the BC in my backup bag for when I travel so I'm leaving that shaft in it. I know I could just go on ebay and buy an old one and drop it in whatever I want but I like new things.
  14. I would start my quest to find out by calling or emailing Wilson....
  15. Jesus, you microwave that thing for 5 mins and then hit it?
  16. Perhaps Taylormade will jump in to the fully milled putter game with the old YES! technology. The Tracy II is one of the best putters of all time. I have to imagine if the say Taylormade on them instead of YES they would sell. Think Toulon/Odyssey.
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