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  1. [quote name='Buzzkill' timestamp='1369111041' post='7074026'] [quote name='alecmadison97' timestamp='1369109794' post='7073942'] I live in the San Diego area and have never played Coronado although I hear it is great and a bargain. If you are willing to drive 30 mins from downtown San Diego, go play The Crossings at Carlsbad it's a great course one of my favorites in the county. [/quote] It's a nice course and 30 bucks is good deal (walking). Unfortunately, getting a tee time for a foursome these days there via the internet/phone is crazy/insane/impossible. [/quote] how about getting on as a twosome? is that as difficult as a foursome?
  2. [quote name='jsgnado' timestamp='1368993160' post='7064532'] [quote name='jtj74' timestamp='1368918103' post='7061000'] so many suggestions.......thanks. just out of curiosity, why is twilight so cheap? is there something i don't know about afternoon golf in SD? where i come from its the same price all day. twilight prices are rare. if we play twilight are we missing something, conditions change, wind picks up, maybe we wont finish? whats the deal?? [/quote] There isn't really a deal. SD golf courses do get alot of traffic, so they make plenty of money and can offer cheap twilight to give back to the regular golfers. Getting out at 2pm for twilight you can easily finish 18 holes on many golf courses. It isn't getting to dark to play until about 7:30 here in SD right now. It's really just a great city for golf! [/quote] good to know. thanks. makes me wish we had twilight rates here. i enjoy some afternoon/late evening golf. i played thursday from 4pm to 815. crazy how early it gets dark in SD. looking at charts on sunset times, we have almost 2 hours more daylight in SLC than they do in SD.
  3. [quote name='jsgnado' timestamp='1368824831' post='7055852'] Admiral Baker north is great if you are looking to play a full 18 holes with a cart and all. If you want to go play 9 holes in the afternoon i would heavily suggest Coronado. I play at Coronado 4 days a week (Home Course) and I can give you a detailed update on course conditions: CORONADO CONDITIONS: Fairway/Rough: Good/great condition, well watered, consistent height. Greens: Punched Month 1/2 ago, small indentations visible, but does not affect putts, rolling around a 6.5/7 on stint. Pace of Play: The most popular municipal track in San Diego, it can get pretty busy, I definently suggest a tee time, even if you are playing twilight. Cost: $15-$35 website: [url="http://golfcoronado.com/"]http://golfcoronado.com/[/url] Enjoy your stay in San Diego, Man! [/quote] i definately want to play coronado. going to try for a friday tee time. too bad you can only book two days out. im fine with twilight but absolutely want to play a full 18.
  4. so many suggestions.......thanks. just out of curiosity, why is twilight so cheap? is there something i don't know about afternoon golf in SD? where i come from its the same price all day. twilight prices are rare. if we play twilight are we missing something, conditions change, wind picks up, maybe we wont finish? whats the deal??
  5. [quote name='TAZBOM' timestamp='1368814341' post='7054794'] One thing I did not mention. I typically hit my irons very high as well as spinning the heck out of the driver. Finding a great ball that would lower that spin would be much appreciated! Keep the information coming, please!!! Thanks!!!!! [/quote] i have the same issues and e6 works well for me. i also love the wilson duo. this year i have givin the nxt tour and tour s both a shot and really like how i hit them. yesterday i played the gamer v2 for the first time and fell in love. i got the leftover callaway made ones at dicks for $12/dozen. they had two boxes left. i could find more i would snatch up every box and make a stash of them.
  6. yep. i can tell you this: i am a 10 in adidas, a 10 in nike, a 10 in vans sneakers, and an 11 in puma sneakers. BUT in my puma faas track golf shoes a 10 fits perfectly.
  7. kips huh? i will have to look in to that one. i am a cihnese food lover....... thanks for all the suggestions guys. i wish i could play them all. since my cousin just bought his house a month ago he is trying to be as frugal as possible so it looks like so far we have times at mission trails, balboa, twilight at riverwalk and gonna try coronado if we can figure out thier reservation system. thats about the stupidest way to book a time that ive ever heard of. good news is that since i have a free place to stay i can make regular trips there and play different courses....looks like my vacations are set for a while!!!
  8. thanks guys, my cousin just moved to SD two months ago and is not too familliar with the courses yet. i am staying with him in el cajon. so far we have a time at mission trails and are looking at balboa, coronado and another one he played called syucan(or something like that)....i'll check in to some of these other suggestions...
  9. i'll be in san diego the week of memorial. i am just a poor kid from the mountains. i cant afford the likes of torrey pines, unless i only want to play one round. but my goal is to play 4 rounds in the week im there. what are some affordable courses that arent full of trash, divots, brown grass or lumpy greens that i should look in to? i need help!!
  10. haha, what would you consider a "warm" night? i live in salt lake city. i play shorts and a short sleeve clima cool as soon as the snow melts.......we may have a differing opinion on warm...
  11. i'll be in SD for memorial day.....same rules apply, right? shorts, light shirts and a hat?
  12. interesting. thanks for the input fellas. the chances of me playing well at sea level or a mile high are slim anyway. im just curious what peoples opinions are about altitude and humidy effects.
  13. [quote name='mayes' timestamp='1366575903' post='6888693'] If playing on or close to the coast plan on being at least one club shorter in the am. About a half a club in the afternoon if the sun is out. Also plan on more spin. Back and sidespin. If your playing more inland towards the desert, no change in distance and spin. Please note: Humidity is actually a benefit for distance. water vapor is less dense and provides less resistance than other gases in the atmosphere. Ask any pilot. Even though water is heavier than air, water vapor is not water. It is a gas. If it wasn't then clouds wouldn't float. The difference from playing sea level is related to low vs high air pressure. Air pressure causes different atmospheric densities based on attitude. [/quote] so when i am playing at coronado there will be that much of a difference from when im playing up in el cajon? thats crazy that a few miles will make that much difference. and high humidity will increase distance? that just doesnt seem right to me. it does seem like it would increase my side spin troubles....im hoping not too much....
  14. [quote name='MB Dirtyy' timestamp='1366049547' post='6850179'] I live in San Diego and when I play in Las Vegas(2000 above), I'm roughly one club longer on average. [/quote] hmmm. thats interesting. i used to live in vegas and in SLC(anywhere from 4200-6500ft depending on where i play) i'm about the same as i was in vegas. i wonder how much humidity plays a part............vegas and SLC are about the 2 driest air places on earth....
  15. dang, ^^^^^sorry for the all caps. stupid work computer.....
  16. [quote name='Fourmyle of Ceres' timestamp='1366033181' post='6847627'] ...unless you're like me and always looking for an excuse to try a new ball you haven't played before! [/quote] OF COURSE IM ALWAYS LOOKING TO TRY SOMETHING NEW. WHO ISN'T? AND THIS EXCUSES IS A GOOD AS ANY.... [quote name='bcflyguy1' timestamp='1366036763' post='6848203'] FoC is correct. For a while it will seem like you're hitting the ball through Jell-o, but will soon get used to it and it will make playing back at home all the more fun when you return. You'll also find that the effect of sidespin is greater at sea level, so what might be a slight draw/fade in SLC is not so slight in San Diego. While on your trip, just remember to club up some and allow a little more room for wind and draws/fades. Embrace the challenge of the different condition instead of letting it frustrate you, and you'll have a great time. [/quote] THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I HAD PICTURED. EXAGGERATED FADES AND DRAWS AND HITTING IN SOUPY AIR. THANKS FOR INPUT....I BET WHEN I GET BACK HOME ITS GOING TO FEEL LIKE IM CRUSHING IT FOR A ROUND OR TWO.
  17. first off, this may be in the wrong forum and if so i apologize. i live in SLC, UT....high altitude. the air is thin and i can hit it a mile. my SS is around 105-108 and i generally prefer a softer ball like e6, wilson duo or 50 elite. i need a low spin ball cuz i spin it like crazy. lots off the driver and i can get e6 to stop pretty quick on greens. next month im spending a week in san diego to play a few places and i've never played in sea level air. what can i expect? how will my peformance change? i know i will lose some distance but does that thick air change friction and spin much on the ball???
  18. tried on a pair of lunar controls last night. they were ok. i liked how light they were but the arch area didnt feel right to me. same problem i've always had with nikes. i alson tried a few pairs of ecco's and did not like those at all. i need to find a true dealer and give those a try. if they cant trump my adidas love then i guess its back to the same. i do love adidas.
  19. i dunno, i look flat out amazing in my hats. i mean, i rock those hats hard. ladies flock to me, hat companies ask if i will wear their stuff just so they can take my pic in it.......BUT i still suck at golf. maybe i'm just an exception to the rule????
  20. [quote name='WalleyeDave' timestamp='1365019276' post='6753157'] [quote name='VNutz' timestamp='1365010430' post='6752007'] I just picked up a pair of Adidas Crossflexes and they're ridiculously comfortable. But they are a tad on the narrow side. I also have a pair of True Tours which are fantastic as well, but the "zero drop" takes some getting used to, feels like you're walking uphill all the time. [/quote] 10-4 on the Adidas Crossflex, been using them for two weeks- fan-frickin-tastic. [/quote] IVE BEEN WANTING TO TRY THESE ON.. JUST CANT FIND MY SIZE ANYWHERE. FOR SOME REASON 10S ARE A TOUGH ONE TO LOCATE.....
  21. i've never been a nike guy. for some reason i dont like their fit. its been 15 years since i tried on a pair though. i have read a lot of positive reviews on the trues. i dont think they are ugly either. may be worth a try on.
  22. i'm in the market for a new pair of golf shoes. i've ALWAYS worn adidas. in fact, i've been rockin the same pair of adidas university shoes for the last 6 years. they are the most comfortable golf shoes i've ever had on my feet. it seems like they have made all the new styles quite a bit more narrow now and not as pleasant on the dogs. so, i might be willing to look elsewhere. what have you guys found to be the most comfortable shoes....that arent hideosly ugly...
  23. this might help with some of those..... http://www.golfgalaxy.com/golf_ball_comparison_chart.aspx
  24. Well, it looks like they are probably the 12s. Still a decent buy though...
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