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  1. If you shorten your driver you must add weight back to the head for swing weight issues. Rubbish. I generally cut an inch off the butt end of my driver shafts and cannot tell a difference in swing weight. Maybe a tour pro could but most of us cannot.

  2. Here we have a sweet Goodwood 003 prototype putter. I purchased it here but I have since received my custom Goodwood that I designed and it's going in the bag. This plays @ 33", is made from carbon steel with a cerakote finish and a head weight of 350 grams. Has a pingman grip. I do not have a head cover but I can put a random one on it for shipping. It is more of a bronze color than it looks like in the pics. I can gladly send more taken in natural light if you would like. $245


    Mitsubishi Diamana S limited stiff shaft. Taylormade tip. $65


    Adams hybrids. 26 and 23 degree. The 26 has barely been played. The 23 has served me well. Both with stiff shafts. Will sell as a set only. SOLD













  3. The darks were a lot darker than the regular golf but just didn't have the pop that the golfs do. The field allows in lees light which is good for me because my eyes hate light but still seem to enhance color more than the darks did. overall I like the field so much that I wear them as my regular sunglasses and for golf. I only wear the Golf lens if it is really overcast or I'm playing super early or at twilight.

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  4. It has been torched(not by me) and plays @33" no dings or scrapes. I do not know the head weight but pretty sure it's 365 grams. It feels a bit too heavy for me. I like pets around 350 ish. I like cash a lot but I may trade for a flow neck or different (lighter) blade putter. $235 

    I will gladly send you more pics if you want.





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