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  1. jtj74

    Piretti question

    Wow, your putter is gorgeous! Thanks for the info on mine man. Appreciate the knowledge
  2. jtj74

    Piretti question

    I just took this on a trade. It's my first Piretti and it fells wonderful but I can't find much about it. I do not see any pics on the web that look just like it. Same face/sole stamping and clean bumpers. I know it's obviously a cortino 2 with a DIY torch job but that's it. Can anyone tell me anything about it? What do I have here?
  3. Just got this on a trade for a TM spider.
  4. 9.742(ish) out of 10 condition. It's a gem. So easy to line up and roll straight. I wish I could make a mallet work for my eye because I love everything about this putter but I just need to look at a blade. 33" with head cover and lamkin deep etched grip. $170 American dollars.
  5. When the stroke lab putters came out people said the shaft felt whippy. Whippy? What is your putter club head speed?
  6. What is the head weight on the Piretti?
  7. How about a mint spider mini copper slant neck plus cash for the Piretti?
  8. I am getting ready to jump in to my first boutique putter. I was leaning toward Piretti or Carbon but now I'm thinking true custom. I'm not ready to drop crazy amounts of cash as I'm just a poor fat guy from the mountains. I really love what I've seen from Goodwood abd Brandon Matthew and their prices are very reasonable. My intent is to eventuly own one of each but im interested to hear any feedback anybody has on either one.
  9. jtj74

    Piretti vs Carbon

    Im pretty intrigued by Goodwood. I have been chatting with them a bit about making me a putter. Tell me about your experience with them. You can PM me if you want.
  10. jtj74

    Piretti vs Carbon

    Ya, the Goodwood stuff looks fantastic.
  11. I normally roll Ping putters. I tend to rotate between my Redwood Anser, Anser milled and Vault 2.0 Dale. I've been thinking about grabbing a "boutique" putter because I'm bored. I don't feel like spending $500 or up so I'm kind of leaning towards Piretti or Carbon. I can't roll them obviously. I like 350 grams or less for head weight which both can do. Anyone rolled both and have a comparison of the two you'd like to share?
  12. I just sent them a message on their facebook page and they answered me within 30 minutes.
  13. Ping vault 2.0 copper B60. It's a fantastic stick but it never gets in the bag. Might as well move it to someone that will use it. Plays 33" and has original head cover. $160... But if you act now, $140 shipped to anywhere on earth as long as that place is within the CONUS. Don't include $5 east or west of anywhere. That's petty. Oakley targetline prizm golf dark sunglasses. These have never been worn. I bought a regular in a different frame and the dark pair in this frame. I like the other frame better so these have never even had the stickers removed. Has the white mirobag but I also have a Rayban hard case I can use to ship them in. SOLD. shipped through the entire universe(again, as long as your part of the universe in in the CONUS) Let me know if you have questions or want more pics.
  14. I don't have any old irons I bring out but my old Bio Cell+ driver makes some appearances in the bag occasionally.
  15. Good lookin out. I suck at thouroughly reading. I can't wait to roll the ZB.
  16. Pga superstore shows them as in stock. That seems wrong.
  17. So, uh.... I have a thing for pings. I DO have a couple non-pings I guess.
  18. Going in the way back machine. Got me a 1966 or 67(from what I can find per the zip code) ping anser. Cleaned it up just a little with a coke bath and put some Lead tape on it. Gonna toss it in the bag for a bit.
  19. All the shops around here do. PGA Superstore and our local affiliate for Worldwide.
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