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  1. my SS is down to the mid 90s(I'm 61, 4 hncp, quick tempo) and I have always used/liked the diamanas, first the whiteboard then the blueboard. I have the Kaili 80 stiff in my 3 wood that I hit really well. I have the Kaili 70 stiff in my driver(Epic) that works ok but I'm looking to update/upgrade, not crazy expensive. Going into a 10.5 ping 410+ and want mid launch, low-ish spin, LOVE more distance but dispersion is key. I was thinking of going a little shorter, 44.5 or so. Thoughts on any of this would be appreciated.
  2. I would go with what feels better. When I got fit, I hit the 790s with the DG 105 S300. My numbers were decent, but didn't feel great. Hit the i500 with the 120's and liked the extra weight. Went with the 790s with the DG 120 s300, only hit 6 balls in a dome when I picked them up, but felt really solid. Cant wait to get back to the dome this weekend. sweet looking.
  3. I'm in need more distance [quote name='HipCheck' timestamp='1326162589' post='4053659'] [attachment=977221:RBZ15.jpg] Get ready for this GolfWRXers... TaylorMade Golf is giving away 15 sets of its new RocketBallz Irons to WRX members BEFORE they're available to the general public! That's right: 15! It's an amazing opportunity for a a lot of members to get their hands on the latest iron offering from TaylorMade. You've heard about the distance gains with the RBZ 3-Wood, now get the opportunity to play the irons that go with it. [u][b]To Enter:[/b][/u] This giveaway is live for only 10 days, so enter below today. All you have to be is a GolfWRX member in good standing (US and Canada) at the time of this giveaway post, and you can enter by posting below! (I'm in! I want distance! etc.) Drawing will be held at random. Good luck! And a HUGE thanks to TaylorMade Golf for the HUGE giveaway. ONLY on GolfWRX! - Rob * Winners will have their choice of stock steel shafts in choice of flex or stock graphite in choice of flex. Sorry, no other modifications. Open to residents of the US and Canada only. [color="#1C2837"]---------------------- How winners are chosen... We randomize all the number of posts and the #1 number on the top is the winner. Say there is 1,000 replies from members. We will randomize 1 to 1,000 using a website that has a randomizer. It scrambles the numbers and the #1 is the first place and the #2 is the second etc. If the winner has duplicate entries we count the first. [url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/page/3-golfwrxcom-official-contest-rules/"]<<< Rules for the giveaway >>>[/url] [/color] [/quote]
  4. I just picked up a flowerband 83 stiff whiteboard ... looking for a good match in a driver head. Last 2 drivers were FT-3 with a 83 stiff x5ct blueboard and more recently a FT-5 with a 83 g4t xstiff. I'm looking at the FT tour but would consider something else. Thanks
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