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  1. Got a few items to get out of the golf stash. Would entertain some trades, x100’s, x flex modus, project x 6.5’s, x flex high end graphite shafts, old school scotties. Can throw cash on top for the right trade. First up is a set of KBS C taper lites, x flex, no grips. lengths as follows, SOLD. P: 34 1/8 9: 34 3/8 8: 34 11/16 7: 35 3/16 6: 35 5/8 5: 36 1/4 4: 36 7/8 Titliest 913D3 9.5 degree, HEAD ONLY. Scratched on the bottom but fully functional. Bought it for the shaft and never even hit it. $50 + shipping Last item is a Project X PXi, 6.0, brand new tour velvet 360 on it. Came in a
  2. I have a couple that i have heard over years. When i was a kid i used to play with my grandfathers group, i called them the old geezers, one of them smacked a drive straight down the middle one day and turned around to the group and said that was a blondie, a good crack right down the middle. Took me several years to realize what he meant, but i use that one all the time now. A couple years ago we were on a golf trip to pebble with some customers, bad golfers, we were playing spyglass and one of the guys blasts a shot right through the center of a healthy tree, it goes through without touching
  3. City and State (US Only): Austin, TX Handicap: 0 Current Wedges: Cobra Trusty Rusty 51, Vokey SM6 56 and Vokey SM5 60 Why do you want to try the Milled Grind 2 Wedges: The milled grind wedges look like a quality product and I would like to give them a shot If selected, do you agree to participate in a review thread? We would ask you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the wedges? Yes
  4. So after reading this thread it reminded me of something that happened to me back in high school at my local range, this place was run by a pro who i learned from a young age was a total moron. I would only go to this place like 3 times a year on random nice days in the spring when the local course was still closed for the winter. At the time i was a freshman in high school and i had gotten my driver reshafted with a Fujikura Vista Tour 70, the shiny one that looked like steel, it was my go to in those days. i needed to get in a bit of practice with it before our next match so i bit the bullet
  5. Also, played falconhead last weekend and it was also in very good shape and if you dont mind the heat you can get a killer deal playing after 10 or so.
  6. I played wolfdancer yesterday and like everyone has said, the greens had a lot of dead spots, if you stayed away from those they were OK just a little slow, it was very playable and a good layout, but not worth the asking price. I played Grey Rock last week in the state mid am qualifier and it was very good, i highly recommend it right now.
  7. I am a member here and most of what North Texas said is spot on, I will say the greens are usually excellent for bermuda and the course is in awesome shape right now, it seems like they are spending money to keep it in nice shape, they just redid all of the bunkers over the winter. When I joined they were doing a special with 500 buck initiation and i pay right at 300 bucks a month, I am 28 though so i am in on the young executive deal or whatever they call it, if you are over 40 it will be a little higher. It is a fun track but it is short and tight and can get frustrating as there are severa
  8. Got a set of 32's when I was in High School and played them all the way into college, had them shafted with the old satin project X, sold them to my cousin, worst decision I ever made. I have also had 2 sets of MP 37's, before and after the 32's LOVE those as well. Nothing can hold a candle to Mizuno irons in my opinion, had my eye on some JPX 900 tours lately....
  9. Guys, I have a set of nippon Modus Protos I need to unload, they are the C10 version. They have pretty much new GP NDMC grips on them. I have only seen one other set of these for sale and they were listed for $350. I am asking $300 for these, if this is unreasonable please feel free to make me an offer, please see the photos below. Thanks
  10. I am so surprised to see this on here. I am from western NC and a very good friend of both the Pro and Director of golf at Redtail. I just played over there last week and it was in fairly good shape. We have had a lot of rain this summer and some spots there dont deal well with water so its not in perfect shape but the greens are great and as long as the greens are good I can enjoy golf anywhere. On the topic of the financial status of the course, it was just purchased this past winter from the bank by some super rich guy. He is planning lots of changes and renovations to the course and its
  11. I hadnt tried that one but i have the one from golfworks thats about 70 bucks and it works really good.
  12. Hey guys once again its time to unload a few things I been holding onto. Everything is OBO. First up a Scotty Cameron Studio Design #1 it has a Yellow Iomic oversize grip and is approx. 34". It has some surface rust and finish wear from normal use but it has no big dings at all. It will come with the Black AOP headcover pictured. Im asking $165 shipped Second is a nice condition Titleist 909d3 it has a Fujikura Rombax 6z08 in Tour X in it. Its tipped a half inch I believe and plays at 44.5 ish. Its gripped with a tour velvet in good shape. There is one ding right around the hosel whe
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