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  1. There are plenty of golfers in my senior group that has 2 sets of bags on their private cart. From time to time I see some using clubs from both bags. Do I care? No......we're a bunch of geezers!
  2. Totally agree. I will only watch live golf from now on. Maybe some old Master's reruns but that's it.
  3. Perhaps it could open doors to more progressive firms. But with the more conservative ones......I doubt it. Of course she probably has no desire to work for those anyway. Would love for RDD to chime in on her situation with TGC but I doubt he wants to get in the middle of all this. Ha.
  4. Good luck finding a new job after her public airing of grievances with a high profile lawyer alongside.
  5. I use an ever so slight forward press to start my stroke. Helps to take away tension. Amazing how much better I putt since going to this.
  6. Hope he bounces back. I hadn't heard about his illness.
  7. I just looked again and still can't find it on Peacock. I don't think they know which end is up.
  8. Just a few minutes ago one of the announcers on Golf Central said that the 2nd round is on now streaming live on Peacock. I have the premium version and I don't see it. What am I missing?
  9. Yes...kind of sad. Hope the one's not continuing on will find a place that will make them happy.
  10. Best of luck to you and all the rest that are not going to CT. Hope we get to see you again......maybe as an on course reporter or analyst with a network in the future.
  11. Ten to 12 years ago I had a miracle round going. I was -7 after 13 holes. I was around a 8 HC at the time. Just one of those fluke rounds. On 14 I had a quadruple bogey and parred in from there shooting a 69. I've only shot in the 60's a handful of times in my 50+ years of playing golf so still a good day......but what could have been.
  12. I'm ready for a change. Didn't hate the old line up but like anything else the same old same old becomes stale after a while. Look forward to a new format.
  13. Will you continue on via zoom or whatever? How about the rest of the morning crew.....are they moving?
  14. There is a guy in my group that plays them every now and then. You can't follow them for $hat. I think he plays them just to be different. I play white and yellow but that's it.
  15. I love my Rogue woods and hybrids. I'm a senior golfer if that has anything to do with it. BUT.......just put a 47" shaft in my old TM M2(playing as 47.5") and it may be going in the bag soon. I've only had one range session and 9 holes of golf but the longer shaft definitely added yardage to my drives. Takes a little getting used to but not a hard adjustment really. Need another 9 holes before I put it in play against my buddies.
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