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  1. Hey Guys, was finally able to get the gf to attempt some golf. I picked up a set of women's taylormade burners 1.0 for her but the shafts are not long enough for her. I'm looking to install some senior flex shafts but I wasn't sure the hosel size for these irons. Would they be the same as the mens 1.0? Thanks
  2. [quote name='Thrillhouse' timestamp='1332265886' post='4543908'] Do [i]YOU [/i]come with the bobcat? [/quote] The exact same thing i was thinking about lol Tastes in the east are a whole lot different than the west....
  3. [quote name='PaulFitz' timestamp='1318804811' post='3680387'] The only issue I would think would be the differences in offset.... [/quote] +1 it takes some getting use to..
  4. The link to the rules doesn't seem to work but hopefully your friends up north are eligible!
  5. Thanks for the review...never really thought about vibrams on the golf course
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