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  1. 1. Titleist T100 5-PW heads only. Heads are excellent, although note some of the "foil" on the back is bubbling (see pic). $old 2. Nippon NS Pro 950gh reg flex shafts. 5-PW. $old
  2. Title says it. Looking for 33-34"
  3. Looking for head only or with XStiff shaft
  4. Title says it. Let me know what you have and price. Thanks. would consider 5-PW
  5. Cobra Speedzone Big Tour 13.5* with Atmost Black Tour Spec 7x. This won out over the Sim Ti Rocket for me last year, but I'm just a ho with 3 woods. Some chips on top line that are hard to notice at address, can definitely see up close. $159 shipped
  6. Title says it. Let me know what you have and price. Thanks.
  7. Title says it. Would like to play 45", would consider shorter/longer playing lengths
  8. Srixon Z765 4-PW heads only. 9 and 7 show most wear, longer irons faces are excellent. Like all Srixon irons, these show some chatter. if you want some more pics just let me know. $355 shipped
  9. Sold mine and now regret it. Let me know what you have and price. Thanks!!
  10. yeahs that's complete BS then
  11. Refunding a payment also refunds the fee, or at least used to. So if he refunded you $4,050 from your og payment the fee is returned from that. If he sent you a net new payment then he would have incurred 3% if using goods and services.
  12. I sold Tesla to invest in used golf clubs
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