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  1. Looking to kick the tires on a radspeed. Let me know what you have and price. Casey
  2. Looking for a new/used Stroke Lab grip, one that is tapered/pistol-ish. I have the more round grip now but like the other style better. thanks.
  3. Looking for a few dozen or so if someone has some laying around. Casey
  4. Vokey SM6 50.12 F grind $70 head only $75 I'll include stock shaft Vokey SM8 54.12 D grind $95 shipped
  5. Srixon Z585 3 iron head only. Very good condition. $85 shipped obo
  6. Srixon Z565 4 and 5 iron heads only. Only selling as I just bought a combo ZX5/7 set. Tbh I can't tell much difference between the 565 and ZX5, very similar iron heads. $75 shipped ea or $130 shipped for both
  7. 1. Diamana DF 80 TX. Measures 42 3/8" tip to end of grip. Tipped 1" to my knowledge. $155 shipped obo 2. Project X LZ 6.5 4-PW, should play +1/2" or so. No grips $165 shipped obo 3 Project X LZ wedge shafts. 3 shafts total. No grips $75 shipped obo
  8. 1. Srixon ZX7 4-PW iron heads only. 4-6 are new in plastic. 7-PW have seen a handful of rounds. $old 2. KBS Tour 120 stiff 4-PW with like new NDMC. Shafts should play around +1/2" $140 Shipped obo.
  9. Good way for oem's to judge the market and raise their prices on items over time. They should be encouraging this.
  10. Just got these from another member as I was wanting to go to something more forgiving from my z785 which I sold, but bought some ZX7 today as I love numb fingers and hitting line drives. Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal Pros 5-PW with Modus 120 stiff. Play +1/2". $649 shipped obo would do heads only as well
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