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  1. Looking for No 2 but would consider a No 1. Not concerned about condition too much.
  2. Anyone know if you can "legally" play TP5x and TP5x pix in same round?
  3. 1. Srixon Z585/Z785 combo. 5-PW shafted with PX LZ 6.5, Std L/L/L. Excellent condition. 5 iron is Z585 6-PW are Z785. will include matching GW shaft 3 iron sold separately. $565 shipped obo 2. 2 dozen Bridgestone Tour B X. Brand new $old
  4. 1. Srixon Z585 Z785 Combo 5-PW, Project X LZ 6.0. Z585 5 and 6 irons, Z785 7-PW. 5 iron measures just over 38" to end of grip. 9 iron measures 36.25" to end of grip. Note, 5 and PW have short extensions in butt of club. Think prior owner cut the shafts short on accident or something. Not noticeable when playing but wanted to point it out. Also lead tape on back of irons to bring swing weight up, grips are midsize NDMC in very good condition $375 shipped obo 2. KBS $-taper 125 S+ Shaft Wedge Set (3 Shafts). Pulled from 50,54,58 set of Taylormade M
  5. sucks man. If a manufacturer allows custom orders you'd think it'd behoove them to let the person know placing the order how they measure.
  6. 1. Bloomington, IN 2. 8 3. Yes, can even use some Mevo testing with them as well as in course 4. Srixon Z785 w/ PX LZ 6.0 5. Look over ball with a bit of forgiveness. 6. Yes coming from years of playing Amp Forged and Fly Z+ extremely excited for these
  7. not sure how cobra measures, but normally on irons how I measure matches theirs perfect but woods are always .25" short to what they state. wonder if that is starting to show up in irons now too
  8. Wonder how much different these are from Forged Tour/Fly Z+/Amp Forged. Always felt that line was the perfect blend of size/looks/forgiveness/performance.
  9. Scott Cameron Special Select Newport 35", in like new condition. Has seen a few putts in the house, other than that it's new. Bought to replace my ol trusty Spider Tour. Of course the day this gets delivered I go lights out on the course with the Spider Tour rekindling what I thought was a 4-5 year old dying love, one that went through many counseling sessions that ended with a thought of formally documenting our unreconcilable differences. But going to give the Spider Tour one more chance at my love with a new fresh start. $345 shipped obo
  10. never found any direct comparisons but all my searching pretty landed on same feel/performance between the two with HT being more tip heavy to help with heavier swing weights. I ended up moving to the Project X LZ to get heavier swing weights so never tried the HT
  11. Combo set of Srixon irons here. Z585 5 iron and Z785 6-PW. Have an extra shaft that was pulled from a gap wedge that I'll include. Grips are standard MCC Plus 4. Irons have only seen a handful of rounds (4-5), 5 iron was bought separate from rest of set and has seen 3-4 balls. All irons are in excellent condition. $550 shipped obo
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