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  1. I'm 66. I've been playing hybrids down to my 7 iron for a few years. The longest iron is an 8 iron in my bag. Guys are always looking at me funny when I hit a 6 hybrid, which is the same loft as my 7 iron, from 155 yards. I still play the regular men's tees with enough length off the tee. The hybrids are so easy to hit compared to any long or mid iron.
  2. Shoot, I played a place that cleaned my clubs twice. On the range a guy ran up and cleaned every club as I put it back in my bag. When the round was over they did it again!! Yep, I tip them all, as well as leaving a tip when I use a cart. (They delivered a cart to your car before you could even put your car in park. Even put the clubs in the cart for you. Then after the round, loaded them in your trunk after they cleaned them)
  3. Not the opening hole, but the ending hole is just as bad. Tee shot is straight at the clubhouse and the parking lot just to the right of that. 175 uphill from the middle tee. Can't see the green at all. If you leave it left and short it's in a trap, with a nice skulled shot out of that trap that will hit the clubhouse. Ask me how I know!! I hate that hole.
  4. 60 and in 56* 60 to 80 52* 80 to 90 48* 90 to 100 44* These are not stock full shots. I never hit a full shot inside 140. I always club up at least 1 and sometimes 2 clubs. If the wind is in my face I could even go more. A shorter smoother swing is MUCH more accurate with scoring clubs.
  5. I wear the Prism for both golf and cycling. Never leave home on my bike without them.
  6. Another way for the PGA to pay more millions to millionaires. They should donate that money to charities not to millionaires.
  7. As stated above, there are many ways to hit a sand shot. When I practice sand shots I use a lot of different techniques. This teaches me which are easiest, longer, shorter, higher, spinnier, flatter, and on and on. My easiest is by far the weirdest. From our hard sand, opening a face is death. You'll skip into a skull all day long. Our Pro showed me how to close the face 30* and then hit a normal sand shot. The toe digs, squaring the face, and the ball pops right out. IF I get looser sand I"ll square the face, square the stance and hit a normal sand shot. Neither of thes
  8. 2 years ago my wife and I bought a 27ft motorhome. We left home April 1st from Florida. Took us 8 weeks to get to Seattle, WA. We stayed at a few places with golf on site or near by. We had no plan and just drove to where ever when we felt like it. It was a real experience and we enjoyed it. However, my right hip went bad and there was no way I we could drive another 8 weeks back home. So we sold the RV in Seattle. Shipped our stuff back home. Stayed in Victoria, BC for a week, Took a 7 day cruise to Alaska. Then flew home.
  9. The claw was the only way I could actually hit the ball putting after a reaction to a medication. Using a regular grip 3 years ago after the med reaction I could actually fully miss the ball with a putting stroke. At the time I was averaging under 30 putts per round. I HAD to switch to a claw and starting averaging right around 30 again. I hate the claw grip. It works, but I still hate it. After 3 years of a lot of practice I can now hit 3-5 foot putts with a normal putting grip. I've also started to hit putts left handed, I'm a righty, with a normal left hand putter grip. I can putt li
  10. Our muni rates are up a tad this year. Even being closed for 5 weeks in 2020 we still saw close to 70,000 rounds. 2021 will see many more then that. We see as much as 350 rounds a day.
  11. Retired, but here's a list of my jobs over the years: Security (1 year, during college) Paper Mill mechanic (2 years) Hospital Security (1 year) Police Officer (10 years) Hospital Administrator (2 years) (worked P/T as a local cop on the weekends, too) Chief of Police (10 years) I was also a volunteer fireman, dive rescue, EMT, and worked National Ski Patrol for 4 of those years too) Bike Cop and Police MTB Instructor (3 years) High School Criminal Justice Teacher (3 years) Owned my own business buying and flipping bed and breakfasts with my
  12. The local pro once showed me how to hit from hard sand or a buried lie. Just close the club face down about 30*. Yes, you read that... Close it down! Hit it like a regular bunker shot with no face manipulation. The toe digs in first, naturally squares as you go through the sand under the ball and the ball pops right out. Only need to learn how hard to hit the ball for the distance. This works great and I'm pretty darn good from the sand.
  13. A few years ago I had a reaction to a prescribed medication. It effected my right hand to the point that I could miss the ball when putting. I've spent the last 3 years recovering from that and had to switch to the claw grip. Though it works and I can putt very well, I hate it!! I've been putting a lot at home over the past 6 months. I can now putt inside 6 feet with a regular grip. About a week ago I tried putting left handed and it works awesome. I've ordered a left handed putter and will start using it to practice next week. I can use a regular grip and have zero effects on th
  14. I'm 66, single digit cap, and use down to a 20* 3 hybrid. This replaced my 5/7 woods. Not as long as the 5 but slightly longer then my 7 wood, which is the same as my 4 iron. This whole question is pretty darn individual and also based on what clubs you are using.
  15. You really need to hit them and see what gaps you get. My 3, 4 5 6 hybrids replace my 4, 5 6 and 7 irons. Different lofts and different shaft lengths cause different distances thus different gaps. My hybrids are older lofted then my more recent mizuno irons.
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