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  1. 1925 for the original 18. Sometime after that they added 11 holes and closed 2, to make 27. The routing of the 3 9s all cross at one point and people get lost a lot!!
  2. If you ever get a chance to get a follow cart you'll never use any other cart. Its like having a caddy. It's a leisurely stroll for 18 holes. I got a Stewart X9 about a year ago after I had my second hip replaced. It's an awesome cart and is a lot of fun to use.
  3. When I leave putts short it's because I followed the ball as it leaves the putter face. I'm looking up! Which is a bad thing. Pick a piece of grass right behind the ball and don't look away until the ball is 3 to 5 feet away. I average less then 30 putts per round. I pick my line, align the putter, align my body and then forget about it. At this point it's all about distance. I don't even think about the stroke. I imagine the distance to the hole and that's it. I don't even see the ball at this point. By imagining the distance with no other thoughts, your body knows how ha
  4. That's a 38" custom Ricky Johnson putter. Putts a gorgeous roll on the ball.
  5. I didn't start golf until I was 54 years old. I've lost about 20 yards in the last 11 years. I'm averaging about 230 with a driver. Last year I was at about 220, so I've gained 10 yards this year. I'll chalk the gain up to 3 things. 1. I had my second hip replaced last year. That made a huge difference in my swing. My hips feel as though they are super loose. Lots more flexibility. 2. I've sped up my backswing which in turn smooths out my transition. Huge difference. 3. When I had my second hip replaced I started cycling again after a 7 year l
  6. 596

    3/5/7 wood

    I play either 16.5* 4 wood and 20.5* 7 wood OR 16* 3 wood, 19* 5 wood and 23* 7 wood. In either case my next sticks are 4 , 5, 6 hybrids. They are older models of ping so they replace my 5, 6, and 7 irons. I'm a single digits cap.
  7. I'm a good putter. On putts short of 5 feet I pick a target about 12-18" in front of the ball. I know how hard to hit the short putt, I just make sure the ball rolls over my short target. My regular group comments a lot that I nearly never miss a short putt. Also, some find that instead of a short target "spot" , you pick a set of spots an inch or 2 apart and roll the ball between them. For some this feels easier.
  8. I've had FedEx and UPS state on the tracking that the item was delivered to my door. However it did not actually get delivered until the next day. If they are running very late, they won't deliver but they will register it as delivered in their system. It'll show up at the door the next day.
  9. I'm no instructor but you have no hip turn on the backswing. As a drill....try starting the swing with your hips and hitting the ball with your hips. Your left hip should work down and toward the ball as the right hip works up and away from the ball. The hips don't turn flat because your spine is tipped forward and you are supposed to turn around the tilted angle of the spine. On the way down the left hip works back up and the right hip back down. This will get your hips moving in the backswing. You can't hit the ball with your hips if they don't turn in the backswing.
  10. Lots and lots of new golfers out right now due to the virus. Got stuck right behind 3somes on the front and back yesterday. They played the tips and most of the time were hitting 2 from the ladies tees when they could find their balls. Waited on every shot on every hole and never once offered us to play through. They were young, in their 20s, but walked to and from their shots and on and off the greens as though they were 90 (no offense to fellow old guys) I swear it looked like they were going to fall over as they walked so slow.
  11. My bags a mess.... Ping Max driver Tour Exotics 4 wood Ping g400 7 wood Ping K15 hybrids 4, 5, 6 Mizuno jpx 800 8 to G Callaway md4 52 and 56 TM 60 Ricky Johnson putter Lots of head covers too ?
  12. TheCityGame ------ Just remember that this refers to the "teeing area" not the "tee box". Its the area between the markers and 2 club lengths backwards. I've never seen this happen as most people tee the ball right at the forward most portion of the "teeing area". Even if they move the ball 6" forward with their stroke, it would, in most cases, be outside the "teeing area" and the above would not apply.
  13. Racing bike 12,000 New used bike 1500 New wheels 500 Tacx neo trainer 1300 Computer for trainer 800 58" tv for trainer 800 Parts for old bike 500 BT Helmet 130 And the there's lots more for cycling. Golf ain't close
  14. I'll disagree with most everyone here. I'll buy my drinks at the pro shop or from the cart girl. I won't bring drinks in. I'll pay their price, it won't break me. I'll support the course and the staff. We all hear about integrity in golf ad nauseum on WRX, yet most people here have no problem violating the rules the course sets so the course is protected from liability and can turn a profit. What happened to the old what you do on the golf course is a reflection of your life? Which btw I think is a stupid statement.
  15. I lived in Sedona for 7 years. Sedona Golf Resort is very nice with great views. I lived a few miles from Seven Canyons. Not sure if it is still public allowed. Every single hole is a post card view. Some quirky holes but that is only because it is surrounded on all 4 sides by red rock mountains. You'll never play any course like this one again, unless you only live a few miles away!!? My managers husband was the golf pro when I lived there. I lived right on the other side of that big mountain in the pics. That's Thunder Mountain in Sedona.
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