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  1. I'm 66 and recently went to regular shafts and it's great! I also like to tinker, not so much with my clubs but with my swing. I'm a high single digit cap and change my swing about every 2 to 3 weeks just for fun. I've been playing golf for about 12 years. I was fitted at Ping about 11 years ago. I've not changed the fit numbers since then. When I was fitted it was more of a "your fit numbers are between here and here. Anything in there is fine".
  2. Played my new 7 way bag this morning. It was great. Much easier to use. Clubs dont rub. In and out was so much easier!
  3. I just went from a 14 way to a 7 way bag. I bought a Callaway ORG 7. The 7 pockets as well as the carry strap and handle face the same way. They all face up while on a push cart and toward you when on a riding cart. The carry strap slides into a pocket while on a cart so its not in the way. The bag also has 2 velcro straps facing the push cart that can be used to secure the bag to the push cart instead of using the push cart elastic cords that can have a tendency to squish the bag and can allow the bag to ride off center. The velcro straps keeps the bag centered on a push cart. Has a cellphone pocket separate from a valuables pocket. Has enough pockets without being too many. Once you get too many pockets the bag is full of stuff you'll probably never need and adds unneeded weight. The 7 way top is nicer then a 14 way for getting clubs in and out. The top is flatter and not as sloped, if you know what I mean. The plastic handles on the top of the bag don't protude higher then the top and don't get in the way of shorter clubs in the bag. I ride once a week on Fridays in a 4some. I walk at my club 2 to 3 other days a week using a Stewart X9 Follow. The ORG7 bag is the best one I've had. The X9 calls for a medium to large bag for best operation. This bag is a medium size and is very light for its size.
  4. Let me understand... I'm a single , can't post a score apparently, I walk up behind your group with open holes ahead, you ask me if I'm gonna post my score, I say no, so you don't let me through, since I'm "only" practicing?
  5. I'm also moving away from the 14 way bag. I walk a lot and 14 slots is a pain in the a**. I just ordered a Callaway ORG 7. It has the strap on the front along with all the pockets. Top is relatively flat and not angled too much, with 7 slots, one being a putter slot. Also does not have huge plastic handles above the level of the top of the bag. Those plastic handles get in the way when using a remote cart.
  6. I play a lot of hard sand bunkers. I had a tough day with them about a year ago while playing 18 with our Pro. He taught me how to hit a regular sand shot out of them. Don't argue unless you have tried this technique. I works every single time from hard sand and buried lies in bunkers. Set up exactly as you would a regular sand shot. Now close the face of the wedge as much as 30*. Hit a normal sand shot. The toe will hit first and naturally dig in and open the face without any manipulation. The ball comes put high and will stop. I play this shot all the time from long bunker shots and short sided shots. You just have to get used to the weird look of the closed face and how hard to hit it. I have to hit the ball harder then I think. Looking at that closed face can be scary.
  7. 596

    Sunday set make up.

    My Sunday bag : 12* driver 7 wood 6, 8, PW, 52* Putter 2 club gaps. Easily handled with 1/2 or 3/4 swings. I can always hit the 12* driver from the fairway if needed. My scores don't change that much from a full 14 club bag.
  8. When I walk carrying, I use a small Sunday bag with 8 clubs and nearly no extra stuff in the bag. It's light and easy. Normally when walking I use a remote follow cart. There is nothing better. I will not use a push/pull cart. I find it harder then carrying a small bag. It hurts my back and my hips.
  9. Ping K15 hybrids in 4,5, and 6 Mizuno JPX800 Pros in 8,9 and PW Callaway MD4 in 48*, 52* and 56* Taylormade TP in 60* Add in PXG 0811XF driver Tour Exotics 4 wood
  10. First come first serve at the Ping factory in Glendale. It's north of Tucson, west side Phoenix. They do free fittings. Can't buy clubs there but you'll get all your fit numbers. I had a driver and iron fitting done there years ago. This is IF they are still doing this during COVID-19.
  11. PXG Gen 2 driver 0811XF at 45.75 or Ping Max at 45.75 I'm 66yo and 6' 3". The longer shafts work well for me. The PXG is slightly longer due to a tad more roll. The PXG is more workable. The MAX just goes straight, straight or straight.
  12. The price of the X9 or X10 has not changed in 2 years. I bought mine 2 years ago at that price.
  13. I don't have either of those carts, but I use a Stewart X9 Follow. Electric carts are the best way to walk and golf. As far as the drink holder. I took mine off the cart. I use the drink holder that is part of the club bag. Its actually more convenient than the holder hanging from the cart. The on cart holder swings a lot and bounces everywhere. The mesh drink holder on my bag is stable and very handy. Don't decide on a cart based on a drink holder.
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