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  1. 1 pair of long pants and a wind breaker! . I have those just in case. Gotta love Florida! Golf season is just starting.
  2. I played the G400 Max for a few years and recently switched to the PXG 0811XF. I like it a bit better. Seems a tad longer by 5-10 yards. I can move the ball left or right with the PXG more then I could with the Max. The Max just wanted to go straight. Seemed it took much more effort/change to move the Max either way. The PXG seems just as forgiving as the Max. I never played Titleist so can't help there. G400 Max with stock Alta CB 10.5* PXG 0811 with Tensei CK 9*
  3. I've never played "tournament" golf, except a member quest with my son and a few scrambles here and there. I play golf all alone. I enjoy the journey of the golf swing. Fixing things when it goes bad. Walking outside with nature and critters. It's a competition with myself. I don't need to compare my game or score to anyone else. I find that a single well struck shot is just as enjoyable as a full 18 round. I do play in a small $$ game every Friday with 3 friends and we've been doing it for years. Its aa good time. But I'd rather play all alone and enjoy the silence.
  4. I'd have a tough time with that question. I have 6 brands in my bag. PXG, Ping, Mizuno, Callaway, Cobra, and Ricky Johnson. Sometimes I add a Tour Edge to that to make it 7.
  5. 9 holes in 40 minutes. Shot 33. 2 under. Running!! I ran with a full 14 club stand bag. One group let me through on the par 5 4th hole. Saw no one else.
  6. This all depends on the unit you buy. The Stewart uses Bluetooth technology while most others use radio frequency. The radio frequency is really one directional. You have to be in a certain location to the cart for it to follow. Any quick turns and you'll step out of the signal and the cart will stop. You need to stand in front of those carts for them to work. With BT it is 360 degrees. You can be anywhere in relation to the cart, it'll turn toward you and start to follow. Mine will stop following sometimes if I walk too fast through long grass/rough/steep uphill and the cart won't keep up and goes out of the BT range. Once a round or so it'll stop because it hits a big bump and seems to lose signal. No big deal, you just use the remote to bring the cart to you and begin the follow mode again, which is a push off 1 button. I walk 18 2 to 3 times each week with mine and it works great!
  7. The Stewart X9 Follow does both. Can be used with a remote, or used in a follow mode. In follow mode the remote is either in your pocket or on your belt so the car will follow the BT signal wherever you go Some carts are remote control only. Some carts have no remote but use buttons on the handle that you control the cart with. All depends on what you want out of the cart and how much money you wish to spend.
  8. I bought the Stewart X9 Follow about 2 years ago. Best money I've ever spent on golf. Worth every penny to have that cart just follow along behind you. Stops when you do, starts when you do. It's a fun way to walk and play. I use the follow mode nearly 75 percent of the time. The other times are around greens or bridges, etc and then I use remote mode. It'll take about 36 holes to get used to it. After that you don't even have to think about it. Just walk and play golf. Push carts are a literal pain. I'm 66 and didn't like them. I have 2 titanium hips, but I'm in very good shape as I walk 36 holes a week and also cycle 40 miles a week. I also considered the electric cart without a remote. No thanks. I don't want to direct it everywhere. I want to walk and have the cart right behind me when I need it.
  9. I spent many years cutting cups. Green speed and slope were the 2 big factors on placement. Also no hole closer then a flag stick length to the edge of the green. No old holes close by, no bad spots close by. If the hole was short I would place the hole more difficult. A longer more difficult hole has an easier hole placement. This has variables but was a good rule of thumb. A few times when I arrived later in the morning I went out and changed a few bad placements from that morning. Cup placements are recommendations only. In fact the cup doesn't technically have to be on the green. In the sand, on the fringe, or on the approach would not have been received well, but technically not wrong. And yes, when I was having a bad day for whatever reason, I took it out on the golfers that day!! But only on 1 or 2 holes.
  10. I bought a camera mount that clicks to an alignment stick. Stick the stick in the ground wherever you need it, click on the mount, put the camera in the mount and film away. No need to carry anything more then the alignment stick and the small mount in your golf bag. My Note 10 will film in Slow Motion.
  11. K15, G, G30 sft, G400 Max, PXG 0311XF. The only one not better then the former was the G. Loved the Max. Just sold it as the PXG is a bit longer for me. It's also more workable. The 400 just wanted to go straight, straight or straight. I can move the PXG depending on the hole, wind, etc.
  12. I sold my lectronic caddy to a friend of mine. I bought the Stewart X9. First round we played together he walked away from his trolley to the green. After putting out we turn around and it's gone. No where to be seen. We found it just before the next tee box in a pond. It lasted a few more months and then died. He bought a new caddytek. I had used the lectronic caddy for years without a problem. Great carts!
  13. I always play best when I "call my shots". Even if its just a slight whisper. Does not have to be directed toward someone else. But it works best if you can hear it yourself. This takes your mind away from everything else and lets you totally concentrate at the task at hand. IE... Whispering and seeing he ball go in your mind.... I'll start this approach at the left sand trap and hit a high fade to the pin. or I'll tee this low, aim at the large tree beyond the fairway, and hit a low draw under the wind toward the dogleg. You'll be amazed how this takes your mind to thinking only about the shot at hand and nothing else. And how often it actually works!! BTW - this also takes your mind off mechanics of the swing and to a point that you are playing the game of golf, not swing.
  14. Callaway ORG 7. 7 spots for ease of use instead of 14. I hated the 14 spots when using a push/pull cart. Good pockets. It's actually made for push/pull cart due to the pocket locations, strap and handle facing the same way as the pockets. Strap folds into a pocket when on the cart. Top is flat with no handles above the top so clubs fit anywhere in the bag.
  15. I bought a Callaway ORG 7. It replaced a 14 way top. I didn't like the 14 spots. I much rather have the 7 way for ease of use. All the pockets face front as well as the carry strap and handle. The top is nearly flat with no handles above the top line of the bag so all clubs fit no matter where you put them. The carry strap folds into a small pocket when on the cart. It also has 2 velcro straps facing the cart that will attach to the cart so the bag does not go off center. As far as carts are concerned I splurged and bought a Stewart X9 Follow. It makes walking a lot of fun. It goes up and down hills with no problems. It crosses streets without a hitch. It'll follow you nearly anywhere you can walk. It'll go 36 holes between charges. Though I charge after each use. It's like having a caddie following you everywhere. You stop it stops right behind you. You turn and go and it follows you. Best golf purchase I ever made.
  16. Redbull and Tylenol!! Somewhere after that a Snickers bar.
  17. We have the boys litter box outside on an enclosed back porch. The porch is about 8 feet off the ground over looking the lake. They have access to it 24/7 through a cat door. They absolutely love sitting outside and watching all the critters passing by. Here's their view.
  18. That's about the same as I stated earlier but 36 x your average 5 iron distance. The numbers come out about the same.
  19. I'm going to assume that you have to tee the ball high to have it level with your feet? I may have to try this.
  20. I've heard that you multiply your average 5 iron by 36. That gives you the yardage course you should be playing. As noted in this thread the distances the same age guys plays can vary greatly. Some 65 guys hit a 5 iron from 150, while some 69 year old, like a playing buddy of mine, can hit his from 190. At his age he drives the ball over 270 all the time. I hate him!! My club has 6 sets of tees. I play at 6000 and it's the 4th set from the back. I'm 66 years old.
  21. Being able to walk 18, shooting in the 70s, after 2 total hip replacements. Titanium hips added 20 yards! Being able to ride my bike 40 miles a week on those same hips!
  22. Remember, replacing today's 5 iron is like someone replacing a 3 or 4 iron in loft. My 6 hybrid replaced my Mizuno JPX Pro 7 iron at 32* loft. 8 iron is the longest iron in the bag. I'm a 9 cap. Hybrids are easy to hit, fly high and stop on a dime.
  23. Can't forget Max!
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