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  1. Thank so much for your kindness and openness in such a difficult matter. This is not her first go around with rehab but I’d support her regardless. She wants to go, and I have no choice. If she wanted to come tomorrow, I’d let her. God bless brother and good luck with your addictions. It’s no joke.
  2. Well boys, this is it for me. Never thought I’d be to this point but I am. Starting the long road of what’s going to be a messy divorce. 10 years married with a 6 and 3 year old and the wife deserted us for a dude she met in rehab. Thanks. Anyways, I’m not trying to get rich off these goods, I’m not moving my bag just yet. Merely trying to square up the PayPal account with some of the extras as my two boys come first. Prices include shipping USPS and PayPal G&S. WRX, the pleasure has been all mine. Thank you. First, Ping G410 LST 9 degree with a HZRDUS Green Small Batch 6.5 75
  3. Good day WRX’ers. I have two Ping items for your consideration today. Pricing includes PayPal (G&S) and shipping via UPS. Please PM me with questions, PayPal info, additional photos. Willing to make a deal on both the G425 and the Tensei. Thank you GolfWRX! First, Ping G425 Max 14.5 degree 3 wood. I decided to skip the 12 week lead time from Ping and buy this one new from DSG. Comes with stock Alta CB 65 gram stiff shaft and Arccos grip. Stock headcover also included. Comes with two weights, OEM 10 gram weight and a Billy Bob’s Golf 14 gram weight. Has lead tape on it at the mo
  4. What a deal right there...someone’s going to be happy.
  5. Good day WRX’ers. It’s an ugly, rainy day in the northeast and like most of you, I’m thinning the herd to try a few more things before the season officially kicks off. All prices include UPS shipping and PayPal G&S. Not looking for trades at the moment. All prices OBRO, thanks for looking and thank you GolfWRX. First, a cult classic, a tour issue Titleist 915F head only. Seems to have some hot melt as the swingweight is D3 with the green weight. Crown and paint are in great condition for its age. No headcover. Tour issue 915F’s are starting at $179 on the bay. Keeping for now...
  6. Oh boy, I started playing golf 10 years ago with a set of these...what a great set of irons. GLWS!!
  7. Good day WRX’ers. The opening round of 2021 in Pennsylvania is happening tomorrow and I’m excited to present two awesome TM clubs that just missed the off-season cut. Pricing includes shipping via UPS (as the post office is completely useless these days) and PayPal G&S. PM me with questions, PayPal information, additional pictures, etc. First, Taylormade SIM 10.5 with a Tensei Pro White 70 TX. Plays at 45 inches, shaft length is 44 inches and is tipped 1/2 inch. Grip is a GolfPride MCC Plus 4 gray. Headcover included. Comes with four weights (2 track weights and 2 rear weights, 15
  8. If everything sells today, I’ll get him something real nice!
  9. Good day WRX’ers, I have three items today and several more to come as the testing period comes to an end. Pricing includes PayPal and shipping via UPS, as the post office is completely unusable at this point. Any questions, additional photos or offer please PM me. Prices are OBRO. Only trade interest would be: Taylormade SIM or Ventus Black. First, Taylormade Tour Issue M1 440 with Handcrafted HZRDUS Black 6.5 75 gram shaft. Comes with a Golfpride MCC +4 grip and an additional a OEM weight. Current swing weight is D4, the with the alternate weight, the swing weight is D2. This combo
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