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  1. Sorry but when you add pictures to show the "tour demarkations" you should make sure it's the same club. Maybe the most sketchy add I've ever seen... The M4 3 wood in the first picture with the face dot and hotmelt port is CLEARY not the same head as the following pictures. The other two pictures are a retail head. Some explaining to do for sure here. There are enough neurotic club builders on here like myself that a ferrule is the first thing noticed and judged. Also haven't seen the tour department use retail ferrules on an iron set either, but I'm not 100% on that one.
  2. I would give Fourteen DJ-11/22 line a look. Also the Cleveland wedge years ago was the 588 RTX i think. Side note, think it would be valuable to learn to flight the bladed style wedge and control the spin. Knock down shots with CB wedges is more difficult and your gapping might end up weird. Just a thought though...
  3. Heey good deal! C2! that's wild, PW should be in the 272 neighborhood in that case maybe even lighter seeing the over length shafts. I'll be interested to see if that pin sets the shaft depth. Maybe the hosel is drilled out to save the weight.
  4. i'll take a wild guess at this... I don't know if it applied to JDM equipment at all, but, I have heard of companies in the 80's making super light swing weight clubs. Finished SW was C7-9 maybe? So if they are from the right time period it might be "light weight". Like i said, wild guess that kinda fits the bill. If you end up taking them apart report back on head weights, PW should be somewhere in the 282-285 range i would think if they are light weight models. they do have a nice shape to them
  5. Here’s one that most of you will be in shock by. Bet you never thought you’d see this in your life, figure the Nike thread would be the best place to drop it. Imagine if this showed up on the course a couple years ago what craziness would’ve come of it.
  6. Built sets for clients, husband and wife as follows His bag driver- PXG TPHDE-6S 3 wood- PXG TPHDE-7S 5 wood- PXG TPHDE-7S 3 hybrid- PXG Oban revenge 4 hybrid- PXG Oban revenge 5-G- PXG darkness - Accra Prototype graphite 56° & 60°-PXG milled wedges Putter- PXG gunboat Hers Driver-3wood-5wood— PXG- aftermarket shafts forget type. 4/5/6hybrid- PXG Oban revenge 6-G- PXG-Accra 50 custom candy apple red paint Wedges- PXG- matching shafts as irons. Putter- Scotty Cameron Amazing part being they got TWO SETS EACH one for Home, one for there vacation house. Also went ahead and got bag
  7. Imagine that: Forged to shape, and then milled to finish. Unnecessary from a playing perspective, but as a marketing/crafting tool/exercise that’d be a pretty interesting thing to watch, call it peak boutique. #PeakBoutique No need to imagine it. You can buy it right now https://www.tourspec...-cb-irons.html/ "SEVEN's new flagship cavity back for 2017 is completely 360NC milled from a solid block of forged steel. 3D-CG programming ensures the center of gravity locations are at the optimal positioning for the best performance possible. A new Pure Tempered head treatment anneals the
  8. I'm thinking they will release a fully milled set of blades. This could be way off, but $5-8k set of blades to match the wedges.
  9. 5 wood play a shade over 43"? Or 42"? All silver weights and 43" would make that thing play like E0?
  10. 99.9% chance there is NO structural damage. It's obviously not the prettiest work, but everything is just fine with it. Grip it and get after it with no worries.
  11. cell-parts is the best place I know of. Most everyone uses them.
  12. Just happen to have both in the shop. Did a satin finish on the 716 and the BB's have ye raw finish for what it's worth. 716 have a tiny tiny bit smaller top line. Blade length on the Miura is obvioulsy shorter. Sole's are close as well, little thinner on the 716 it looks like. Hope these help, phone camera and not being a photographer makes it tough...
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