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  1. Scotty always releases the circle T line first before releasing the general release putters. If you looked back at all of the prior releases, there was a circle T release first, then a nearly identical general release that followed. I could be wrong, but I bet I'm not. Here is the 2020 Scotty Cameron pics from the American Express. What followed shortly after? The special select line. https://www.scottycameron.com/tour-gallery/2020-pga-tour-the-american-express/ Here is the 2018 Sony Open putters. What followed? https://www.golfwrx.com/484892/scotty-cameron-the-return-of-the-laguna-putter/
  2. I could definitely see the Newport button back being the next standard release. In fact, I would almost bet on it.
  3. 5 for me and shot 75. I have only broken part once and it was during my 9 hole league where I shot -2. I recently had a round where I had 3 birdies and an eagle and still shot 81. I can make birdies, but I can also make plenty of doubles!
  4. Lots of guys taking shots at Jimmy Walker, a guy that has accomplished more than all of us combined could dream of.
  5. It’s their custom option. Necks, finishes, sight lines, paint full etc.
  6. Not earth shattering changes but I like the split weight opposed to the plate. Deep milling should soften the feel as well. Looking forward to giving them a try. https://www.odysseygolf.com/toulon-design/
  7. I bought these from another forum member and decided to stick with my T100 irons. These were originally +1/2" over TaylorMade standard and I cut them down to +1/4". 1 degree upright. D3 swing weight. Grips are standard Tour Velvet Cord w/ 2 extra wraps. SOLD
  8. JStang

    PXG sucks

    Your +3 handicap might have something to do with that.
  9. ZX7 all day. Of course, the sole is the wild card.
  10. I'm fairly confident that what I will play in 2022 is in my garage but not certain of which set of irons I will end up playing. I also just picked up a Sim2 to see if it can compete with the TSi3 I've been happily gaming.
  11. My GG had them but I know it's hit or miss. My GG was one of the last to get the T100.
  12. Nice pickup but shouldn't you have swing weighted them prior to putting the shafts in? Unless you are not a tip weight guy.
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