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  1. Looking for a P-770 or P-7MC 5 iron. Shaft doesn't matter and can be head only. Need this to complete my set. Thanks!
  2. Are you sure it isn't the first responders shaft? I would bet on that.
  3. I bought a set of P-7MC's in 6-PW and am now just looking for a P-770 4 and 5 irons. Really looking forward to bagging these.
  4. Let me know if you have a 4 and/or 5 iron. I will consider P770 or P7MC.
  5. T-MB 3 iron (20 degree) and if I square it up I carry 220 +/- a few yards.
  6. I thought I would bring in some backups for my Wednesday 9 hole league tomorrow. I always enjoy the Nike VR Pro Combo’s and the 2016 M1 is as long as anything I’ve hit. Driver: TaylorMade M1 9.5 with Aldila Rogue Silver 70X 3 Wood: Callaway Rogue 15 degree with Kuro Kage Dual Core 80TX Hybrid: 915H 18 degree with Diamana Whiteboard 105X 3 Iron: Titleist 718 T-MB with Aldila RIP Alpha 105X 4-PW: Nike VR Pro Combo w/ x100 Gap Wedge - SM6 52 Vokey w/ S400 Lob Wedge - SM7 58 Vokey w/ S400 Putter - Byron Morgan DH89 Long Neck
  7. I have a nice set of MP-64’s for sale. The set is 4-PW, shafts are Dynamic Gold S300, grips are the original Mizuno M-31 with the exception of the 8 iron which is a tour velvet. Standard Loft, Length and Lie. I just had loft and lies adjusted back to standard. $350 shipped
  8. I have read through pages of people complaining about delivery dates. For those of you that received them, how are you liking the 770's?
  9. I just bought this and realized that it is inevitable that I will buy the TSi3 when it comes out so I am going to let this go. 9 degree head 200g head weight Original Head cover included SOLD
  10. I actually kind of like the TSi on the crown now that I see it next to the old triangle.
  11. I'm in Florida and I really like the Tour Velvet cords in the summer. My only issue with them is if you practice a lot you will develop some nice blisters if you have soft hands. I'm past that now though.
  12. I just saw this article and love that this is coming to retail but hate all of the JT branding all over the putter. Just release it in it's stock form!
  13. It’s not often you hear someone talk about how good the 917 D3 is but I agree. I hit that driver extremely well.
  14. I’m glad the TSi2 looks more rounded and less triangular than the TS2.
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