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  1. Awesome. Good traction and the perfect size without me having to add extra wraps. They are the stock grip on the new P-7 series irons from TM.
  2. Everything you read tells you that forgiveness comes from weight placed low and back in the head. if this is the case, why aren't all top lines all really thin to allow for more weight to be distributed low? If you are missing high on the face, you are either leaning the shaft super excessively or hitting it fat so I don't see the need for forgiveness high in the head of an iron.
  3. Currently Tour Velvet's but I have a set of the rubber Z-Grip Plus2 waiting for my next build. I really like these.
  4. Let me know what you've got. Thanks!
  5. I found one of these on the course this weekend. I had never heard of them but it looked like a premium ball. Congrats to the winners.
  6. I picked up a set of these and put them into a set of P-790's +1/4" which came out at D6 swing weight. I decided to pull them and install in a combo set of 716 CB/MB + 1/4"and they are swing weighting at D3-D5 which is my target swing weight. I have reshafted several sets of Titleist irons in the past and have almost always had to add 4-8g tip weights to achieve a D3/D4 swing weight. My question is, are these heavy tip compared to other shafts (example X100) or are they just heavy compared to the original $ taper shaft? Maybe I just got some heavier heads from Titleist this time a
  7. 1. City and State? St Petersburg, FL 2. Handicap? 10 3. What ZX iron set do you want to test? ZX7 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes. My CC is open for business and I am a 2 minute walk from the course. I can put these to work immediately after receiving them. 4. Current Iron setup? Ping iBlade w/ Dynamic Gold X100 shafts 5. What is the most exciting thing about the ZX irons? I have read a few reviews about how forgiving these are for an iron of this size. I know that the Z785's felt outstanding and as a player who put
  8. Looking for a new or like new 716 CB 4 iron. I prefer head only but will consider anything at the right price.
  9. Sure. Nike did a poor job portraying the actual color.
  10. I got my infrared 270’s in and the red is definitely infrared where it looks like regular red in the photos. Absolutely love these.
  11. I used to be all in on Adidas but the brand just seems to be really stale. They have made very minimal visual tweaks to the Tour 360 over the last 10+ years. Although, I will say that the Boost technology is the real deal.
  12. Just picked up a pair of these from NDC. Was going to get the "Infrared 90's" but I wear those enough off the course so I'm switching it up. Love this color way.
  13. I have a few fairway shafts that need to go. If you need any measurements to determine tipping let me know. 1) Diamana ZF 70 TX w / Titleist Adapter No tipping 44 1/8” tip to grip (played 45” in my TSi3) $250 shipped 2) Diamana LTD 60 TX White board w/ Callaway Adapter (Tiger and Koepka’s shaft) Tipping unknown (1/2” if I recall correctly) 43 3/4” tip to grip SOLD 3) Kuro Kage Silver Series Dual Core 80 TX Tipping Unknown (removed from your issue Rogue fairway wood) 41 3/8
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