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  1. Time to move some of the extras. If you are interested in the TS3 head and one of the shafts we can work something out on price. 1) Mitsubishi Diamana 70 TX Shaft Titleist Driver Adapter 44 1/8” Tip to Grip No tipping that I recall $250 shipped 2) Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw White 85 X Shaft Titleist Fairway Adapter 42 3/8” Tip to Grip Standard Titleist Tipping $150 shipped 3) Project X Even Flow White T-1100 75 6.5 X Flex Shaft Titleist Fairway Adapter 41 7/8” Tip
  2. Great set. I have a set in my back up bag.
  3. I also owned the P-7MC for a bit. They were awesome but my swing wasn’t in a very good spot at the time so I bailed on them as well. The best player at my club who’s a +2/3 games them.
  4. Everything is in play when I buy a golf club. Performance, feel, looks all have their part in the process. It isn’t the main thing but it’s certainly something I consider.
  5. Exactly. The T100 was a bit busy in the cavity IMO. These are a much simpler design.
  6. No, it is not a fully hollow club. Only the lower portion of the head is hollow and there is still a visible cavity. To me, they remind me of the early AP2's where the head was hollow but filled with an elastomer. From the one photo I have seen, it isn't a radicle departure from previous versions.
  7. I used to buy about 3 of these at a time back when I kept cracking Callaway FT-9 heads. Arguably the best bang for buck shaft of all time if you like a shaft that doesn't have much action.
  8. Nippon Modus 125X and Tour Velvet Plus4
  9. Not a direct comparison here but pretty close. I came from CB-1008 to ZX7. I can get shallow at times due to my early extension but take good divots at times as well. Skinny shots with the ZX7 perform pretty well IMO. Everything you read tells you you can't play ZX7's if you are shallow but they aren't that bad. Of course, if you lean the shaft and hit down on it a few degrees, you definitely get the benefits of the V sole and the head does get in and out of the turf very nice. The ZX7's are softer than the Miura's were as well. From a build perspective, The Miura heads were heavi
  10. I have zero issues with my ZX7's but these are very attractive.
  11. I owned a set and they were great irons but they don't outperform anything else that I've played. I have heard about this amazing feel and while they were solid, when I think of amazing feel I think of soft and my Srixon ZX7's are a softer feeling club. They are kind of a novelty club IMO similar to PXG.
  12. Just a quick update, I am now gaming Srixon ZX7 irons and they give me the soft feel I have been searching for. No complaints with the Miura's as I could easily still game them but they just didn't give me the feel I was after.
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