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  1. Does anyone no the actual genuine Titleist driver shaft adapter depth ..like how much of the shaft goes below into the adapter not including the ferule
  2. So I recently purchased a Titleist TSI3 driver and I would like to play my shaft at 44” not quite sure what the total playing length would be on that though ... it’s an ALDILA phenom Rip red eye 70 gram stiff 3.2 torque shaft does anyone know what weight I would need to get it to a D2 swing weight at that length ..I believe they come stock length with a 8 or 9 gram weight and I noticed you can now purchase extra weights online ...
  3. so I purchased the Taylormade Sim driver last year and I added the US T Proforce V2 bright yellow Shaft in the 66 g stiff flex without never hitting that shaft before it turns out it was one of the best chefs I’ve ever had in a driver today but I no longer have that driver I recently purchased the new Titleist TSI3 and saw that there was a new UST proforce V2 in black so I went with the same exact profile the 66 gram Stiff flex both shafts are 3.0 torque 66 grams I was assuming they are both the same exact shaft just in different colors I ordered directly from Taylormade without any instructi
  4. So i wear 10.5 in the Roshe but sometimes different Nike’s run bigger do u no if that’s the case with Jordan’s ...I’d love to have these
  5. Ok just wondering if there’s a reason there’s no serial on my 8 iron ...is your etched or and very visible..another member said sometimes they don’t put serial numbers on irons
  6. Thanks for the info really appreciate it
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