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  1. Thanks for the advice guys, my quest for some decent 5 and 6 z545 heads will begin today. If anyone is looking to unload some z545s PM me. @TigerInTheWoods Because the z545 series is lower in spin did you find that you got more fliers out of these or was the low spin more characteristic of the z545 design and consistent?
  2. I'm currently playing z745 irons 5-P, with s300 shafts. While I really like the irons, I'm not getting what I need out of the 5 and 6. With the 6 the shot is lower but still very playable and my 180 yard carry club at high altitude (Utah). The 5 is much more worthless and results vary from 190-195 flushed (rare) to the common low bullets (worthless in to a green). I know the swing needs some work, but I'm recovering from a back injury and can't practice due to wear and tear. After 5 iron I go into a 23* 4 hybrid with good results. I have messed with a 5 hybrid (26*) but I found the
  3. Any idea who is playing the i25 irons with cbx wedges? I find this set up so intriguing
  4. Thanks guys for the validation. From my research this seemed like the best unit. @Howard_Jones the flat shelf strategy is a great idea for consistency and ease of use.
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