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  1. @grm24 so far all we can confirm is he's playing a shirt that has a TEE logo lol... He resonates with me and I am below that age group. I really enjoy his philosophy of club selection where each club is a tool with specific jobs. This paradigm has helped me with shaft and club selection, too think more about the shots and yardages I want to hit.
  2. I spent some time looking around for Tour Edge era Bernhard Langer WITB with little luck. Does any one have any idea what he's currently playing? I'm very curious because he probably has the most eclectic bag in the game and I have a hard time believing he will play a full set of TEE irons. All I've been able to find is that he signed a 13 club deal and that the new TEE driver is a limp thumbs up.
  3. Creating a youtube page describing the deeper aspects of club making would be pretty cool. I'm surprised youtube has so little useful information on the subject. Howard, sorry to hear about this grift. You're a legend and incredibly helpful to diy guys like myself.
  4. I just priced out some Maltby TS-1 Forged. 4-P, with Modus 105 and z-grips were ~$690. Making them about $100/club built buy Golf Works. The new Srixon zx7 irons are $163/club and they have many custom shaft option upgrades at no additional cost and can build to spec. Ping i210 4-P with TT dynamic gold 120 are $875 or $125/club on TGW right now. I never found the cost savings to amount to enough to justify component clubs. The real cost savings comes in if you use generic/cheap grips and shafts with the component heads. I can attest to the low resale value though. My f
  5. The main reason I haven't used component clubs is that 0.370" bore is rather common. I much prefer 0.355 and don't want to shim my brand new irons. Probably a silly reason lol. Also, used OEM clubs can be rather cheap and good condition if you're willing to look around.
  6. Thanks, I'll take a look at that review. Sounds like an interesting design
  7. Is the Odyssey Laguna style, a full shaft of offset or is it less?
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