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  1. Fleetwood is dressed like he is retired and ready tee off for his Thursday night Men's League.
  2. Luke is wearing custom versions of the Jordan ADG 3. The retail version is spikeless but his have spikes.
  3. Take a look at Shelta. They are designed to withstand the wind without flapping or flying off and they also breathe really well.
  4. So many cool things they could do and this was the best colorway? I'm hoping there is a typo and these are for the LPGA Championship. Im struggling seeing Perez and Varner in these.
  5. I love them too but I have never understood why they (Footjoy specifically) make them like a box. I would love one that was a little more tapered fit. I have an older Nike short sleeve rain jacket that fits perfect and I love.
  6. Making a prototype vs retailing it is vastly different. Even if the patent was still active, they could make all the prototypes they want. They just cannot sell them.
  7. Best news I have heard in a long time. I no longer carry a driver thanks to the Original One 11.5*. I'll be first in line for the new one.
  8. That Coronado Craftsman is filthy. I have a Circa 62 No 1 that I have sworn will never leave the bag. This may be the one that would make me rethink that statement.
  9. Same size here. Couldn't agree more!
  10. Looks like Phil is no longer wearing G/Fore and is now in TM Cuaters. Maybe it is old news but is news to me.
  11. Or if you take Odyssey's concept, you can use that indention to allow the white alignment line underneath to be visible. This would mean you are directly over the center of the putter. It could also be shoddy workmanship and a complete accident........
  12. I cant get a cell phone to operate well for more than 24 months. Why would someone pay that kind of money for a smartwatch when the technology is outdated in a blink? I'm sure that 20 years from now, no one will be giving it to their kids to use. A nice automatic is a different story.
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