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  1. So I understand that with sponsors, they want their logo plastered as large as possible on the side of the bag so the larger staff bags make sense. However, if you do not have a sponsor, why is the world would you want a giant staff bag for your caddie to lug around? Never understood that.
  2. It is amazing how good TM is at designing clothes and how bad their shoes are. They essentially put their top athlete is a pair of overpriced Keds.
  3. The concept is not about age/class as much as it is ability. Everyone should have goal of playing on Varsity. The Varsity team should be made up of the top 6 players in the school based on ability. That may be a Freshman or a Senior. The JV team should be made up of the next 6 players based on ability. At the end of the day, the 12 best golfers (in this case) should make up the golf team. If you are not in the Top 12, try harder. If #11 is a senior, why should he not play JV when he is better than #13 who is a Freshman?
  4. Nothing new. Some simple MyJoys it appears.
  5. From a pro's perspective, I had the privilege of playing a ProAm round with KJ Choi (one of the coolest humans you will ever meet!) a few weeks ago. He just started playing graphite shafts this year and I was talking to him about them. He said it took some time to get used to the feel and timing but he loves them. He said it was a little harder to work the ball because they just wanted to fly straight (a problem I would love to have) . However, he said he was now used to them and doesn't plan to go back. Granted, he is not swinging at the same speed as he used to but for his age and size, he absolutely kills the ball. Easily the most fun I have ever had playing golf.
  6. I just went on their Custom Shop to order some Hi Toe wedges. I got all the way to the end and it says they have an expected ship date of 1.26.2022. WTH? Why even show them if lead times are that far out?
  7. You could either annoy the group behind you or potentially kill someone in the group in front of you. The first option is cheaper.
  8. Fleetwood is dressed like he is retired and ready tee off for his Thursday night Men's League.
  9. Luke is wearing custom versions of the Jordan ADG 3. The retail version is spikeless but his have spikes.
  10. Take a look at Shelta. They are designed to withstand the wind without flapping or flying off and they also breathe really well.
  11. So many cool things they could do and this was the best colorway? I'm hoping there is a typo and these are for the LPGA Championship. Im struggling seeing Perez and Varner in these.
  12. I love them too but I have never understood why they (Footjoy specifically) make them like a box. I would love one that was a little more tapered fit. I have an older Nike short sleeve rain jacket that fits perfect and I love.
  13. Making a prototype vs retailing it is vastly different. Even if the patent was still active, they could make all the prototypes they want. They just cannot sell them.
  14. Best news I have heard in a long time. I no longer carry a driver thanks to the Original One 11.5*. I'll be first in line for the new one.
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