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  1. Im not a fan of the big tongue and heel on the Harpers. I am strongly considering these, especially since they are on sale for $63 on NDC.
  2. HMBs and Forged are night and day difference in terms of ball speed. Hit them first and adjust from there. Don't get hung up in a spec sheet. There's a decent chance you may weaken them more to get them same distance as the forged with the same club. Adjust them to get a distance, not a loft.
  3. 5-7 Years? On WRX? People on here swap clubs after 5-7 rounds more often than 5-7 years.
  4. Well as much excitement as I had for the Premiers, Footjoy is totally sh*tting the bed on the launch of these. They were slated for Feb 15, then March 1, and now March 15. Why even publicize a date if you cannot hit it? I have been holding out for some MyJoys but with spring essentially here, I am tempted to take a different route.
  5. He "was" a Nike guy. He's wearing FJ shoes but clothing doesnt have a distinct brand. He has a decent amount of sponsor logos though. He's probably making more doing that than flying solo with Nike. I like KM a lot. He was great on the SubPar podcast.
  6. I did not like to prior ADG's. I was considering trying to get the IV's but now that I see these, I am definitely going with the ADG 3.
  7. We have enough going against golf fashion, this just makes it worst. First off, it looks terrible. Secondly, imagine the tan lines?
  8. Random question here....... You see a lot of pro's playing practice rounds and ProAms with lightweight stand bags and then tournament rounds with the big staff bags. Do they truly drag around multiple bags to every tournament or so they leave them on the tour trucks? Seems like a lot to drag around. Also, I guess if you are flying private, its a non-issue.
  9. I know the new Premiers release on 2/15. Anyone know if the MyJoys will release at the same time? I love the look and would prefer to do the MyJoy option. However, I do not want to wait too long if not.
  10. The minute these hit MyJoy, I will be throwing down my credit card!
  11. I love the look but they are brand new and already full of creasing. Interested to see what they look like after 6 months.
  12. Just watched Faxon do a 3:30 review on Instagram. He said he started testing them in the fall and then spent the next 3 minutes raving about the new box and the arrow. If that is the most exciting part, looks like I will stock up on last-gen balls.
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