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  1. The minute these hit MyJoy, I will be throwing down my credit card!
  2. I love the look but they are brand new and already full of creasing. Interested to see what they look like after 6 months.
  3. Just watched Faxon do a 3:30 review on Instagram. He said he started testing them in the fall and then spent the next 3 minutes raving about the new box and the arrow. If that is the most exciting part, looks like I will stock up on last-gen balls.
  4. I wonder if the UK is on edge about requesting cigarettes on the golf course now?
  5. Why is an apology for saying something under your breath @ YOURSELF no longer good enough? It now requires a press conference, front page news around the world, charitable donations, probation, and must get a rainbow tattoo? Give me a break! Actually I think there has been a lot of good already come from this. Unlike a lot of people, he was a man, owned it and apologized. Teach your kids that it is OK to make mistakes as long as you own it and learn from it. That is all anyone needs to hear! Move forward.
  6. Well, whatever your description of "average" or "skinny-fat" means, he's earned $40M on the course (not including endorsements) with it. My guess is that is slightly more than you have earned. He'll be fine.
  7. Apparently being in shape and not having a gut hanging out is considered shapeless and therefore, does not move clothing? I guess Tim Herron and Laura Davies must be printing money for their clothing sponsors.
  8. Somewhere in Jupiter, there was a giant RL bond fire over the weekend. No chance you see a horse on him the rest of his career. If I were him, I wouldn't want any part of RL now or in the future. He gets enough screen time and is likeable enough (minus is college affiliation as I am an Auburn Tiger ) that he will have plenty of options. I hope he tears it up this year and somewhere at RL headquarters, there is an accountant keeping track of how financially stupid of a move it was for them to release him. Not only the loss of screen time but overall sales declines. My days of buy
  9. Im 6'9" and play +2" and 5* upright. Most Ping clubs have weights in them that allow them to adjust swing weights at the factory. I have never had an issue getting them straight from Ping. If you already have clubs, you can send them in for adjustment if needed.
  10. I wish they would retail the Jumbo Deep Etched grips they make for Bettinardi but without the Betti logo. I love those grips but they look odd on non-Betti putters.
  11. They said on the telecast that he had this built as a training putter a while back. Not sure what they were working on. He just decided to go with it this week in a tournament.
  12. I have the Ultimate Garment Bag and the Traveler. Both bags are phenomenal. I use them for flying a lot and have nothing but awesome things to say.
  13. I am lost without my rangefinder for several reasons. I am confident in the number so I am not second-guessing front pin vs back pin. For me, this speeds up my round I shoot more objects that are not the flag than I do the actual flag in a normal round. Whether it is bunkers and water hazards for carry, lay up yardages, or stuff like trees to carry a corner. I have slope enabled which takes a lot of the guess work out of the shot. I use mine on the driving range a lot. Whether shooting actual flags or an area to work on specific yardage shots.
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